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Compare Term Insurance

Wish to financially cover your life? A term plan becomes your calling card! When progression in technology allows you to purchase insurance online, Comparison is a necessity!

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Advantages of Comparing Term Insurance Online

When you can shop for clothes, electronics, furniture, groceries, and various other things online, why should insurance be left behind? Get rid of pesky insurance agents trying to stalk you. Get rid of laidback customer service.

What Are the Plus Points of Comparing Term Plans Online?

  • Gain access to term insurance plans from multiple insurers online
  • No wasting time and efforts in visiting their office
  • Look for reviews and comments posted by others
  • Know the pros and cons of policies and pick the one that suits you best

That’s why online insurance shopping has become a hit with the tech-savvy generation.

10 Steps to Compare Term Insurance Online

  1. Add mobile number and select gender, annual income, and whether you smoke or not
  2. Enter sum assured amount (It can be modified but cannot exceed 20 times your salary)
  3. Mention the age up to which you wish to be insured
  4. Compare tenure, free features and paid features of the quotes displayed
  5. Check details of the plans along with percentage of claims settled
  6. Find out what are the exclusions of the policy
  7. See if the policy is offering any riders
  8. Read the quick details mentioned about the insurance company
  9. Evaluate the weightage of the premium with the types of features offered
  10. Shortlist the insurance policies and finally choose one If you are still perplexed, speak to our Coverfox advisory team for unbiased guidance

How to Choose the Best Term Insurance Plan?

Keep certain parameters in mind while choosing the best term insurance plan

  • Outstanding debts

    • Do you have loans and debts that need to be paid off even after you are gone? Car, house, business loans? Checking insurance quotes will give you a fair idea of how much money your family would need to pay off your loans, in the event of your death.
  • Income to be replaced

    • If you are the bread-winner of your family, and due to misfortunate event, you are no longer around to support your family, how will they survive? They need money that can replace your income. When choosing an insurance quote, you get better idea of how money sum assured would be needed to help your family maintain their lifestyle even once you are gone.
  • Allocation for final expenses

    • Once you expire, your funeral expenses can burn a hole in the pocket of your family. Keep in mind funeral, medical, burial, and other related final expenses that your family would have to bear.
  • Estate taxes

    • This is the tax that is imposed on your heir’s inherited portion of the real estate. If everything left to your spouse, you assets will be transferred to spouse estate tax free. Compare insurance quotes and choose the right one that does not cause any burden to your loved ones who have to bear the taxes.
  • Keep a track of inflation

    • An amount that you feel may be sufficient for your family after your death, may not be adequately sufficient after your death. If you have young children, the proceeds may take ages. Review your coverage regularly by comparing term insurance plans.

Factors That Help You Choose the Mode of Policy

Monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual? Which mode of paying premium should you choose?

It entirely depends on the type of policy chosen and payment options that are offered by the policy. In most cases, the mode of payment is structurally built into the policy.

If you opt for annual premium and later decide to terminate your policy before the end of the year, your insurer wouldn’t refund any portion of the premium paid.

The more frequent premium mode chosen, the higher is your cost.

Compare different premium modes and learn the costs associated with it at

Compare Term Insurance With Us

We bring convenience at your disposal. How?

  • No more frantically browsing around the web to research and compare prices
  • No more calling up insurance companies to make inquiries
  • No more hunting of reliable sources to give your factual information

Key Takeaways of Buying Term Plans From Coverfox:

  • Compare a wide number of plans under one roof
  • User-friendly shopping interface
  • Get unbiased quotes from numerous insurers
  • Compare Claim Settlement ratio of all plans
  • Quick assessment of set parameters across all plans
  • Analyze quotes that suit your profile (based on the inputs provided by you)
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