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7 Things to Know Before Claiming International Travel Insurance

Over the past few years, international travel insurance plans have become seemingly popular among frequent flyers. An international travel insurance plan offers protection against damages arising out of baggage loss, trip cancellation/delay, loss of passport, medical emergency in a foreign land. There are often instances when a claim is rejected. Such a situation is undesirable for any policyholder. Here is a list of things you should consider before making an international travel claim.

International Travel Documents - It is advisable to carry all the relevant travel documents while travelling abroad. If you have purchased an international travel insurance policy, it is important to carry the original policy document while travelling abroad. If you have purchased an online travel insurance plan, the policy documents are sent to your inbox via email.

Complete Information - Ensure that you submit all the relevant information correctly while sending a proposal form. Declare all your pre-existing diseases, exact date of travel and purpose of visit. Any incorrect information submitted will increase the chances of claim rejection.

Local Communication - The insurer often provides a local point of contact when you purchase an international travel insurance plan. The policy document contains the details of the local point of contact. Apart from the local point of contact, in case of an accident, also contact the insurance provider immediately. It is advisable to keep local emergency contacts on speed dial.

Local Law Authority - In case of an accidental or medical emergency, it is advisable to contact the local law authority i.e. police as soon as possible. Contact the local police station and register a complaint and report. You are required to submit a copy of the police complaint report while making an international travel claim.

Contact the Insurer - It is absolutely important to inform your insurer immediately in case of an accident. If you are heavily injured, it is advisable to let a representative intimate a claim on your behalf. A delay from your end can make the claims process more complicated. In case of delay, explain to the insurer the cause of delay with evidence.

Online Claim - The objective of purchasing an international travel insurance plan is to get immediate assistance in case of an emergency in a foreign land. Many insurers provide the facility of filing a claim online. If you have all the relevant documents, simply upload them on the claim portal and also email them to the respective department to intimate a claim. The online process is fast, convenient and hassle free. The online process ensures that the claim is settled timely.

Evidence - Keep all relevant evidence related documents ready as you will be required to submit the same at the time of filing your travel insurance claim. Evidence related documents are:

Policy Details
  • Policy number
  • Name of insured person
  • Your current contact number
  • Permanent contact number & email id (mandatory)
  • Diagnosis in case of medical cases
  • Place and country of loss
  • Provider name
  • Contact details and the name of the caller (in case the person intimating the claim is not the insured)
  • Date & time of accident
  • Brief description of loss
  • Medical Accident & Sickness Expenses
  • Claim Form
  • Doctor's report
  • Original admission/discharge card
  • Original bills/receipts/prescription
  • Original X-ray reports/ Pathological/ Investigative reports
  • Copy of passport/Visa with entry & exit stamp
  • Loss of Baggage
  • Claim Form
  • Copies of Baggage Tags
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities/Others about loss of checked baggage
  • Property Irregularity Report (obtained from Airline)
  • Details of compensation received from Airlines/Other authorities, if any
  • Delay of Baggage
  • Claim Form
  • Copies of baggage tags
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities certifying the delay
  • Property Irregularity Report (obtained from Airline)
  • Original bills/receipts/invoices pertaining to expenses incurred/purchases made during the delay period
  • Trip Delay/ Cancellation/ interruption/ missed connection
  • Claim Form
  • Confirmation from the airlines, clearly mentioning the scheduled arrival time and the actual arrival time
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities certifying the delay
  • Medical reports and doctors statement, if trip is cancelled or interrupted due to medical reasons
  • Termination letter from the airline company, if trip is cancelled or interrupted due to employment reason
  • Original tickets of the insured and the traveling companion indicating travel to the same destination for the same dates, in case the cancellation or interruption is owing to the sickness, injury or death of a traveling companion
  • All the bills / receipts of reasonable additional expenses incurred and / or proof of cancellation charges levied by the carriers
  • Loss of Passport
  • Copy of new passport
  • Copy of previous passport (if available)
  • Original bills/invoices of expenses incurred for obtaining a new passport
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Report
  • Personal Liability
  • Full statement of the facts in writing
  • Witness statements
  • Any other documents relevant to the incident, including Summons, legal notice etc.
  • Any other information you would like to share with us
  • Hijack
  • Claim Form
  • Full statement of the events in writing
  • Airline correspondence (copy of Passenger List etc.)
  • Copy of ticket/ Boarding Pass
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Claim Form
  • Original Death Certificate
  • Copy of FIR/Police Inquest Report/Coroner’s Report
  • Copy of Post Mortem report
  • Dismemberment Case: Copy of treatment papers along with documents 1 &3 above
  • Financial Emergency Assistance
  • Date of loss
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Inquest Report
  • Bail Bond
  • Court order stipulating the required amount as bail bond
  • Police Inquest Report
  • Sponsor Protection
  • Medical reports, doctor's statement giving the details of the sponsor and cause of death certificate of the sponsor
  • Medical statements from relations / spouse will not be accepted
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Medical reports and Certificate from the doctor confirming hospitalization of the insured, reason & duration of hospitalisation
  • Doctor's statement specifically stating the need for an attendant
  • Study Interruption
  • Medical reports, statement from the treating doctor or death certificate as a proof of the reason of study interruption
  • Medical statements from relations or spouse will not be accepted
  • Receipts of the university fees paid
  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, it is advisable to purchase an international travel insurance plan if you are a frequent flyer. Claims have to be made in accordance with the procedure laid down by the insurance company for quick and hassle-free claim settlement experience.