Travel plans that are so cheap, you'd not think twice before making a trip.

The Need to Compare Travel Insurance

You may have wished for a happy and trouble-free journey, but luck may not favor you all the time. Lost luggage, flight accident, trip cancellation, medical expenses – anything can happen – ANYTHING!

Why take the risk when you can insure your domestic or overseas trips?

That’s why you need travel insurance. But, don’t just pick any plan for the sake of it.

What Makes Comparison of Travel Insurance Important?

Travel insurance plans offer coverage from all possible emergency crisis during transit. Different insurers form their plans on certain parameters. Those parameters could vary from one plan to another.

A quick comparison would help you understand if the features and benefit of your plan align well enough with your requirements and preferences.

You would be looking for a plan that is pocket-friendly at the same time provides adequate coverage for loss of baggage, trip delays, or even personal accident.

It is good to have several quotations in front of eyes, their advantages, terms and conditions. It can help you compare, shortlist and nail down the perfect policy that is suitable for you.

Key Things to Consider Before Comparing

Make sure your chosen travel insurance policy gives you the ultimate care-free journey

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Check the terms that each insurance provider has about pre-existing conditions. It is ideal to opt for the insurer who accepts your condition more than anyone else. Those who don’t demand medical certificate or any documents until the time of claim can help you fasten your decision- making process.

Limits on Trip Duration

If you are travelling abroad, for how many consecutive days would you be covered? That’s one of the questions you need to ask yourself when comparing plans. If you exceed the pre-determined limit be even a single day, it could invalidate your insurance plan.

Levels of Cover

Figure out what your needs are and how much cover would serve the purpose of purchasing a travel insurance. Ensure all your priorities are covered in the policy. This makes it easier in the comparison and selection process.

Sports and Action-packed Holiday

If you are an adrenaline-junkie and engaging in risky sports or activities during your trip is on your mind, get covered for that as well. Keep an eye out for limits on chosen activities such as river rafting and scuba diving. While choosing your policy consider which policy or upgrade can get you the most for you sporty side.

Personal Belongings

If you are negligent, your insurer could refuse to compensate upfront. Most policies only cover theft or accidental loss of cash if you were pick-pocketed or it was sneaked from your safe deposit locker in your room. If cash was lying in your hotel or on the beach while you went for a swim, you can’t make any claim.

Flight Cancellations

You are all set to fly on a dream journey but due to illness your trip is cancelled. Your travel insurance can cover your cancellation expenses. Make sure you read the clauses mentioned in the policy document before opting for it.

Missed Flight

Your battle with traffic congestion can be never-ending. While you are stuck in the cab or delayed train on your way to the airport, you’d end up drowning in your own frantic and perspiration. It may not be your fault if you miss a flight but ensure your insurer covers you for a new flight. Learn what is the procedure and evidences required if you have to raise a claim in such scenarios.

Alcohol and Drugs

If you are involved in an accident while you were under the influence of alcohol and non-descriptions drugs, your insurer may not cover you. So read your policy thoroughly.


Sometimes certain destinations could be excluded from your policy. Compare policies to check if they cover destinations that you would most likely be your weekend getaway. Reviewing product disclosure statements and exclusions does help.

Additional Benefits

Make your travel insurance policy more appealing by adding extra benefits such as free support, easy approval, hassle-free claim process, free cover for children.

Speak to our Coverfox advisory team to understand your options before settling for one.

Choosing the Best Policy That Suits You

Domestic Travel Insurance

  • For those traveling within the country
  • Provides comprehensive coverage for hijack, lost baggage, medical expenses overseas, loss of documents, repatriations, etc.

International Travel insurance

  • For overseas travelers
  • Provides financial coverage from a number of contingencies including the ones mentioned in domestic travel insurance.

Corporate Travel Insurance

  • For employees of an organization who make domestic and international trips
  • This type of policy is covered under corporate travel insurance India

Student Travel Insurance

  • For students traveling abroad on student visa to pursue higher studies including both academic and professional courses.
  • Medical treatment, passport loss, and study interruptions are covered.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

  • For those belonging to age group of 61-70
  • Senior citizens can happily enjoy coverage for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization along with usual benefits of the plan.

Family Travel Insurance

  • For the entire family of the insured.
  • Covers travel-related emergencies and incidental expenses. Claim settlement is easy with minimal paperwork involved.

Individual Travel Insurance

  • For single individuals
  • Covers cancellation of trip, home burglary, trip curtailment, and other travel related contingencies

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • For frequent fliers who fly multiple trips
  • Offers extended coverage for a year so you don’t have to apply insurance each time you travel

Single Trip Insurance

  • For those traveling once in a while – a single trip
  • Covers medical and non-medical emergencies that occur while they travel

Benefits of Comparing Plans from Different Insurers

Save Money

Make a wise choice and you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Comparing plans offered by different insurers gives you ample of scope to choose as per your budget. Thus, saving money.

Better Coverage as Per Requirement

An insurance company offers you 10 features in a plan. Though the coverage is high, most features are irrelevant. Comparing, instead, will assist you in buying a plan that has the apt coverage beneficial for you.

Quick Claim Settlement Process

How would you know if the insurer is reliable when it comes to paying claims? Comparison of claim settlement ratios of different insurance companies helps you in picking the right insurer.

How to Compare Travel Insurance Online?

  • Assess your requirements

  • Research a little about the background of the insurance company

  • Understand which type of policy would be suitable for you

  • Compare features and benefits of all plans using the parameters mentioned above

  • Figure out your ideal travel insurance plan

How Coverfox Can Help You Find the Best Insurance?

Need unbiased opinions? Opinions that are not subjective to any particular insurer?

We help you compare by quickly providing factual details into every plan offered by numerous insurance companies.

Based on start and end date of your trip, number of travelers and their age, we fetch the best quotes from multiple insurers. You can see details of every plan and also do a side-to-side comparison.

Get travel insurance quotes as per your requirements.