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International Travel Insurance

Is Canada calling you for that fascinating camping vacation in Ruckle Park? Or has that lush and slender stretch of The Garden Route in South Africa caught your fancy?

Whatsoever you decide on; you must fool-proof your trip with a smart International Travel Insurance Policy that will stand by you regardless of the time difference and climatic conditions

Why International Travel Insurance?

International Travel Insurance is a must because

  • It guarantees a stress-free international trip.

  • It is your savior in medical, financial and other exigencies .

  • It has you covered for personal accident and third-party losses .

  • It is mandatory for the visa application for few countries such as Schengen .

What Are The Plans On Offer?

  • Single Trip: Appropriate for those traveling for a fixed duration not exceeding 180 days such as a short family visit.

  • Multi Trip: Tailor-made for all frequent travelers to avoid buying a new policy each time of travel.

  • Family Travel Insurance: Advisable for those planning a trip with the entire family. It offers maximum coverage to you, your spouse and children ensuring complete value for money.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Useful for senior citizens between the age of 61 to 70 years. Most fitting for elderly parents visiting their children abroad.

Benefits of International Travel Insurance

Before you freeze on the plan to buy, you must evaluate its benefits. A well-intentioned travel insurance policy must offer you below benefits.

Medical Benefits

  • Medically necessitated OPD treatments
  • Coverage of hospitalization expenses for the emergency medical condition
  • Medical evacuation & repatriation
  • Financial compensation in the event of death or disability

Travel Benefits

Compensation for

  • Loss & delay of checked-in baggage
  • Delay or cancellation of trip
  • Missed connection

Additional Benefits

  • Third party loss & liability
  • In the event of flight hijack
  • Emergency cash advance in case of theft
  • Expenses for obtaining a new or duplicate passport if you lose the original
  • Hospitalization expenses sought in India for any illness contracted during its term

Exclusions: What’s Not Covered?

Now that you’ve selected the plan and assessed its benefits, you must know what’s not covered in any travel insurance.

Travel against medical advice. Travel to seek the medical treatment abroad. Pre-existing medical conditions and its complications. Any injury due to sports or any other hazardous activities. Hospitalization or expenses related to cosmetic/plastic surgery. Expenses due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage and abortions. Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self-inflicted injury or illness. Any treatment that can be put on hold until you return back to India or any preventive care. Still not able to make your mind up about the most fitting international travel insurance policy? Coverfox can help you to Research, Compare and Choose!

Select single trip or multi-trip policy on the basis of your travel frequency. Go for adequate coverage depending on the country of visit & related healthcare costs. Never hide or alter facts, especially related to your medical history. Pay attention to what’s covered and what’s not in the policy for trouble-free claim. Keep an eye on insurer reviews and value added services like prompt claim assistance.

FAQ's of International Travel Insurance

How much does international travel insurance cost?

A number of factors have a bearing on the premium rates of a travel insurance policy. They include pre-existing medical conditions, age of insured travellers, travel duration, destination, type of coverage, sum insured, etc. The higher the risk involved, greater will be the premiums rates. Users can compare premium rates of different travel insurance plans on and accordingly choose one that fits their needs and budget.