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The Pathway to a Winning Claim on Your Travel Insurance

Whether you are flying for a quiet vacation or closing a major business deal, international travel insurance ensures complete peace of mind. However, sometimes things can go insane despite planning for a full-proof trip.

How would you deal with a delayed flight or loss of your passport? Ever considered hospitalization abroad? What if you become a victim of a robbery? All of this mean just one thing – it is time to claim on your International Travel Insurance policy!

To ensure a smooth claim settlement, follow the below steps

  • Intimation to the Insurance Company: During any crisis, the first thing you must do is to intimate the insurance company to enable them to assist you appropriately. That is why you must make a note of all contact numbers for the insurance company in your country of stay.

  • Preserve all Records: Insurance companies require the entire set of documents for processing your claim. Even the doctor's tiniest prescription will go a long way in securing a favorable payout. Maintain a file of all the available records such as medical reports or any documents issued by the local authorities or airlines.

  • When and How to Claim? You will have to initiate the process either on your return to India or through the scanned documents via email. The claim form is available on the website of the insurance company, and you must fill it completely to submit along with all the records.

  • Time Zone Difference: You might ask how an insurance company based in India will assist you to deal with a misplaced passport in Sidney at 19:00 hrs, considering the time variation. Well, that is why insurance companies are in tie-ups with the service providers in multiple time zones to help you concerning your insurance.

In Absence Of Proper Documentation, How Will Your Ship Sail?

Few documents are noted below for your reference, and a complete list is available in your policy wordings.

  • Medical Claim: Investigative reports, prescriptions, medical bills, and doctor notes

  • Travel Claim: Property Irregularity Report (PIR) of the airline, luggage tags, and boarding passes

  • Theft Claim: Report by the local police

  • Filled Claim form, your tickets, and copy of a canceled cheque

Still Puzzled About the Essentials of Travel Claim?

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International Travel Insurance Does Not Cover It All

Your international travel insurance will not include any expenses resulting due to following conditions.

  • Travel against medical advice

  • Travel to seek the medical treatment abroad

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and its complications

  • Any injury due to sports or any other hazardous activities

  • Hospitalization or expenses related to cosmetic/plastic surgery

  • Costs due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and abortions

  • Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self-inflicted injury or illness

  • Any treatment that be put on hold until you return to India or any preventive care

  • Many insurance companies have a clause about the compulsory deductible in the policy. This means that you will have to bear the part of the claim before the insurance company pays off its share.

Hints for Favorable Claim

  • Go through the policy document carefully

  • Seek clarifications

  • Keep an eye on what your travel insurance does not cover

  • Report the incident to respective authorities at earliest with signed acknowledgment

  • Share your policy information with your emergency contact person

  • Retain all the receipts, records, reports carefully

  • File the claim promptly, avoiding any delay

  • If the insurance company declines your claim, demand reasons. The initial denial is not necessarily the final verdict.

With a well-planned trip at hand, the last thing you wish to do is fret over a claim. In the worst case, if you have to raise a claim on your travel insurance, with this helpful information, you will sail through smoothly.

Planning your dream vacation overseas? With Coverfox expert guidance, turn it into an incredible experience.

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