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HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

It is a known fact that nothing can beat the monotony of day-to-day life than a refreshing vacation. You can pamper yourself as much as you can explore the world.

Enjoy 24*7 International travel assistance support offered by HDFC ERGO.

Truly, vacations are meant for building memories and cherishing them for a lifetime. But a vacation also comes with a set of unanticipated risks and uncertain situations. Therefore, HDFC ERGO provides comprehensive travel insurance coverage to safeguard you from uncertainties arising while you visit another country for a vacation or for business.

Features of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

  • No medical check-ups
  • Maximum coverage at a lower cost
  • 24*7 International travel assistance provided
  • Ease of purchasing the travel policy online
  • Coverage for individuals up to 70 years of age
  • Offers cashless treatments
  • Flexibility to choose the sum insured

Types of Coverages

  • Medical expenses - if you are away from your home, you would be covered for any surgical or emergency medical treatment.
  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption - if you are unable to take your flight or cancel your entire trip due to any medical emergency, then trip cancellation would be covered.
  • Personal liability cover - if you are found liable for any bodily injuries to someone due to an accident or damage someone’s property, then personal liability cover would take care of such expenses.
  • Loss of passport - if you lose your passport while you travel abroad, then the entire expenses to get a duplicate passport would be covered here.
  • Terrorism - if you need any medical assistance during any act of terrorism, then the same would be offered here.
  • Repatriation of remains - offers coverage for expenses to take the insured’s mortals or human remains back to the home country.

Types of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

Individual Travel Insurance

HDFC ERGO brings to you a standard travel insurance policy ensuring you to provide maximum coverage for any uncertainties arising while you are overseas. You may even fall prey to losing your baggage, your passport or may need an emergency medical evacuation. HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance plan ensures you everything you may need while your trip abroad. While your visit to the foreign country may be for vacation or business, HDFC ERGO would suit your requirements perfectly

Features and benefits

  • Offers instant policy issuance online, wherein, the consumer can review the insurance policies on sale and buy instantly online
  • Offers coverage for medical emergencies and medical evacuation. The insured would be covered up to the sum insured chosen by him/her
  • Offers coverage for the funeral expenses or repatriation of the human remains on death of the insured
  • Offers dental treatment
  • Offers daily cash allowance if the insured is hospitalized if meets with an accident or falls sick
  • Offers personal accident compensation, if the insured becomes a victim of permanent disability or death due to an accident.
  • Offers a financial compensation if the insured’s flight gets delayed by more than 12 hours.
  • Offers compensation to incur the losses for replacing a lost passport or any important documents.
  • Offers personal liabilities cover if the insured causes any damage to a third party. The damage can be death or injury to the third party.

Student Suraksha

The HDFC ERGO Student Suraksha plan is basically for students aiming to stay abroad for higher studies. Students, these days stay and travel overseas for pursuing higher education. Every child needs a support system in a foreign country that assures care. HDFC ERGO offers customized travel plans for students ensuring a financial security during uncertainties or emergencies. This travel plan helps the students to go for higher studies overseas, without any worries.

Features and benefits

  • Offers coverage for a bailable offense, if the student is found guilty in the country where he is pursuing his higher studies.
  • Offers coverage for the students if study is interrupted due to some reason
  • Offers coverage to pay the students tuition fees on the accidental death of the students sponsor
  • Offers coverage to the family members if any compassionate visit is made to meet the student abroad
  • Offers coverage for treatment for nervous breakdown, drug addiction, mental disorder etc. abroad
  • Offers medical help to the student if meets with an accident or sudden illness. The insured's family also receives compensation on the death or permanent disablement of the student.
  • Offers funeral expenses or repatriation of human remains on death of the insured
  • Offers a financial compensation if the insured's flight gets delayed by more than 12 hours.
  • Offers compensation to incur the losses for replacing a lost passport or any important documents.
  • Offers coverage for dental treatment

Family Travel Insurance

A trip overseas with your family always gives you a chance to spend those extra moments which has now become a daunting task due to work commitments. To make those extra moments even more exciting and adventurous, HDFC ERGO brings to you a travel insurance plan customized as per your family’s requirement.

Features and benefits

  • Low premium with a maximum coverage
  • Plans can be bought online and are customized as per your requirement
  • 24*7 access to customer support
  • Hassle-free process to explain the online purchase procedure

Deductibles/ Sub-limits

Loss of checked baggageMax/Bag - 50%, per item - 10% of SI for all plans
Delay of checked baggage12 hours, $10 per 8 hours for all plans
Loss of personal documents$30 for all plans, $20 for Family Floater
Trip delay6 Hours for all plans
Personal liability$200 for all plans
Hijack distressAllowance: 1 day
Hospital cashGold - 1 day, $15 per day/Max150 Platinum - 3 days, $15 per day/Max150 Silver and Bronze - 4 days, $15 per day/Max150
Emergency medical expenses$100 for all plans and $ 50 for Single Trip Asia

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Treatment of mental or nervous problems
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Foreign or any civil war
  • Terrorism
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injury
  • Travelling without the medical advice
  • Participation in any criminal act
  • Issues caused because of consumption of alcohol or drugs

HDFC ERGO Claims process

You can simply get in touch with the insurance companies phone number to intimate a claim. You can simply call on +800 08250825 which is an International toll free number. If you calling from India, you can contact on 01204507250. You will be well guided by the Service Representative of the insurer. A chargeable phone number in India and a toll-free number abroad is provided by every insurance company.

The insurer will mail you the claim form via email, fax etc.

You need to mention the correct details on the claim settlement form. Explain the nature of loss. For example, a medical emergency or a loss of passport, etc. You can directly get in touch with the hospital and get a direct billing done.

Below mentioned information should be provided while registering a claim with the company’s claim team:

  • Insured’s name, contact details and policy details.
  • Nature of incident
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Location of the incident

Documents required for Claims:

  • Travel insurance claim form completely filled correctly
  • All relevant original medical bills and invoices
  • Copy of the insured’s passport
  • Relevant treatment file issued by the treating doctor
  • Receipt mentioning the amount paid to the hospital
  • Postmortem or Coroner’s report, death certificate, final police investigation report in case of accidental death
  • Copy of cancelled cheque
  • Proof of travel and accommodation costs paid for the trip in case of trip cancellation
  • Hotels advanced booking and details of refundable amount from the airlines in case of trip interruption.


HDFC ERGO travel insurance is the most deliberate insurance to cover flight delays, trip cancellations, medical expenses etc. while travelling. The plan strives hard to fulfill the needs of the family and students. This company ensures the loss of finances and a budget planning for a safe and happy journey.


What's not included in your HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Cover?

  • Having travel insurance can help you travel stress-free. But there are certain circumstances where the insurance might not be of any help:
  • Travelling against medical advice.
  • Travelling outside home country for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery.
  • Going for extreme, high-risk sports, like scuba diving and bungee jumping.
  • Losses when you were under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

How do you compare plans before choosing one?

  • Whether you are a frequent traveler or insuring your dream vacation to an exotic destination, choose your travel insurance plan wisely. Compare on the basis of:
  • Coverage: Evaluate the coverage offered against the premium you would pay to strike the perfect balance.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Keep an eye on the reputation of the insurance company in disposing of claims and the speed of settlement.
  • Customer Service: Has to be quick and competent to handle travel emergencies arising in a different geographical location and time zone.
  • Exclusions and Deductibles: Know what's not covered in the policy. Remember that most insurers set a deductible amount, to be paid by the traveler during an emergency.

How can you seek assistance on your Travel Insurance in a foreign land?

  • Every insurance company offering Travel Insurance has a network of international assistance companies or partners who offer assistance in case you need any help in a foreign land. The contact numbers are usually mentioned in your policy documents. Did you know that these companies could do the following things for you?
  • Provide round-the-clock assistance.
  • Register a claim.
  • Coordinate with local service providers.
  • Arrange for medical assistance.
  • Organize for repatriation & evacuation services.
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