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IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is opted by people in order to cover themselves against travel related inconveniences that could lead to an unpleasant experience and memory, along with huge financial losses. You can purchase an insurance for a single trip or multiple trips. It is a common misconception that when you are on a trip, nothing terrible will happen to you. Thus, most of us opt out of buying an insurance policy. You can never anticipate that you will not miss your flight or you may just not be able to travel further or come back due to some serious family emergency. It is not advisable to take that kind of a risk, especially when travelling abroad. People also opt out of buying a travel insurance policy because they just find it tedious to go out and get an insurance plan. However, in this generation, where technology is booming, you can easily purchase a travel insurance online from the comfort of your home. This method of insuring oneself is also becoming very popular as it is convenient and potentially hassle free.

Features of IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

  • The travel insurance plan offered by IFFCO Tokio is among the most popular ones in the market, due to multiple reasons:
    • The plan is very comprehensive with competitive rates
    • There is a large span of coverage offered by the company
    • The company is very customer friendly and thus has a great customer support team
  • It has been rated as one of the best customer value services in the industry and has created a goodwill for the same. In fact, they have a 24*7 helpline number for anytime assistance.
  • Since the claims processing TAT is very strongly followed in IFFCO Tokio, the claims for travel insurance are one of the smoothest in the industry
  • Even the policy issuance department functions seamlessly and offers instant policy bonds with digital signature which can be obtained online or offline from any of their Point-of-sale centre.
  • The documentation for travel insurance is very simple and hassle-free.

Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage and that is what sets the company apart from its peers. The kind of wide variety of coverage they provide makes IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Plan, one of the most desired travel insurance policies out in the market.

IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plan is a very popular plan because of the simple and yet comprehensive coverage that is offered under the plan with complete honesty and integrity. They also prove to be great at customer service.

The quote for your travel insurance can be generated online from the company’s official website which gives you an idea of the cost benefit analysis with a detail of the coverage features and benefits.

The various benefits of purchasing IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plan are listed below:

Comprehensive Protection

All the travel plans of IFFCO Tokio provide comprehensive and total coverage against any kind of catastrophic events that may occur during your trip. You will be helped out accordingly in case any unfortunate event might happen as IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plan will make sure you get help on priority basis. IFFCO Tokio travel insurance has received great reviews because of their extraordinary services.

Total Loss/Misplacement of Baggage

This is not an uncommon event and there are hundreds of travellers who go through this, including influential people of society. It is very disheartening when you lose your baggage during transit. That is where IFFCO Tokio travel insurance comes in. They will provide you with a comprehensive travel insurance plan that will handle your concern effectively. IFFCO Tokio travel insurance is always on their toes to help their customers. There might be certain situations wherein the baggage is not lost, but only delayed due to miscommunication from the airport authority department. Even such issues and miscommunications are covered in this plan.

Personal Accident

Such an unfortunate incident could occur when you are travelling abroad and don’t know anything about the place. We could be in a situation where we would require urgent help due to an accident. IFFCO Tokio travel insurance plans is what will come handy in case you happen to injure yourself or fall prey to a catastrophe.

Hijack Distress Aid

This could be one of the worst situations that you may have to go through and all we can do is be prepared for the same with IFFCO Tokio travel insurance. In the case there is a terrorist attack or the plane is hijacked, IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy will provide aid for the distress that has been caused.

Misplaced passport

  • Losing your passport in an international trip is one of the worst nightmares that can ever happen. Not only will that stress you out and spoil the trip, but also stop you from travelling elsewhere or even back to your own country. Hence, a passport is the MOST important document while travelling abroad which should be kept with utmost care.

  • However, in the unfortunate event of a loss of passport, IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance policy would cover for the financial loss occurred. You would be required to follow the necessary procedure, etc. but the costs for the same would be covered by the insurance policy.

  • More often than not, you might be issued with a “temporary pass”, which will allows you to go through the immigration and enter your country of origin without any hassle. You would then be required to file a police complaint and apply for a fresh issuance of your passport.

  • However, these costs that will be involved for the procedures will be covered by IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy. This will ensure that you go on your trip with a mind that is stress free and you be able to focus on the destination you are heading towards without any potential worries.

Monetary Emergencies

Financial urgency could occur at anytime, anywhere and we cannot always anticipate this. Hence, it is required for you to be prepared for the worst if you’re not willing to undergo any kind of inconveniences; therefore, you need to cover yourself. Often, travellers can lose their wallets which consists of all the monetary aids like credit cards, debit cards and ofcourse cash. It will become very tedious to arrange immediate monetary aid if we lose our wallet during the trip. That is the exact reason why IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy provides coverage for any kind of financial contingencies that you may happen to face during your trip.

Health Coverage

For the people who travel short distances and not that frequently, it is easy to pay less attention on the importance of travel health insurance. As human beings, we like to keep our thoughts positive and try to avoid thinking about the worst. But there are many things that may or may not be in our control and we may run into an extreme distress that you do not anticipate about before. At this point, you can place your trust on IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy as they will provide you with total health coverage at an affordable rate. IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy is very reliable at the time of crisis.

Treatment of dental ailments

Dental ailment is different from health coverage as most health policies do not cover dental issues and treatment. However, there may be a case when you face a dental issue on your trip because of extreme temperature and/or freezing in a sub-zero climate.

Dental procedures at a foreign country could cost you a fortune which will disrupt the budget you have set for your trip and could affect your financial position. The IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy will take care of all these inconveniences by providing a dental health cover that includes dental examinations, dental filling if necessary, crowns, extraction and or surgeries. This excludes cosmetic surgery as well as implants, if it is not life-saving.

How to Apply IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Plan?

You can apply for the IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy online or offline. Due to the boom in technology, most people prefer buying the insurance online as it is considered to be more convenient. Purchasing anything online is more comfortable than going out of your house. When you want to apply for IFFCO Tokio travel insurance, you will need KYC documents and travel safe membership card that will be provided by the insurance company itself.

How Can I Renew IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy?

It is most essential for you to renew your travel insurance and if you are a frequent traveller, it is even more important to get it renewed. Renewal of your insurance policy can be done in a jiffy, but by following this simple procedure. You need to just enter your passport details along with your policy number and pay the stipulated amount and keep a soft copy handy that you could get printed if required in the future.

Documents Required to Buy IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

As mentioned earlier, applying for an IFFCO Tokio insurance is not tedious at all. The documents that you will require to provide are KYC i.e. Know Your Customer documents, passport and details of travel. Once done, a travel safe membership card will be given to you by your insurance provider.

What are Exclusions of IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy?

Travelling to an unfamiliar place fills us with excitement and at the same time, we do not expect anything bad happening to us. Hence, IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy provides the best plans possible to keep their customers satisfied. But there are certain understandable exclusions that also have to be taken into consideration before buying the plan so that you don't feel that your expectations were not met from the insurance provider's side.

Following are certain exclusions of IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy.

  • Mishaps that have occurred before you commence your journey cannot be claimed as you will not come under the policy coverage.
  • In case where the customer has caused a deliberate injury to himself i.e. Self-harm, then the claim for insurance benefits cannot be made.
  • If the customer has travelled against doctor's advice, the insurance cannot be claimed.
  • The person suffering from a pre-existing ailment will not be able to claim the insurance benefit for such diseases.
  • Accidents or incidents caused under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not come under the coverage of the insurance.

These were some of the main exclusions that have been listed which will prevent your claim from getting rejected. There are more exclusions for which you will require to read the policy documents carefully.

What is the Claim Process of IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy?

The IFFCO Tokio travel insurance claim process is easy and is not at all tedious. The claim procedure is customer friendly and the settlement process will begin in just a few easy steps. All the required original documents, along with a fully filled claim form, needs to be submitted to the insurance company. You need to note that if any documents are missing, then the claim process may not move ahead.


The IFFCO Tokio travel insurance policy can be deemed as one of the most trusted and reliable policy that you could purchase. Of course, there are certain exceptions that are made by the company itself because no one could insure you for acts that are done with an ulterior motive. Apart from that, IFFCO Tokio insurance policy is one that is here for the benefit of their customers, provided that the customer and the company has a proper understanding between themselves.

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