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Travel Insurance for the US

Travel insurance reduces the risk of travelling to a considerable level and this is why it always suggested that one must take travel insurance, especially when travelling abroad. Whether it is about illness or accidents, lost bags or theft, missing flights or tour cancellation, emergencies like terrorism, evacuation or travel supporting company’s bankruptcy, and in the worst case getting your dead body back to your country, a travel insurance helps in every respect.

USA is a country where different cultures live and is a major tourist attraction. This makes it one of the most visited countries where many travelers reach with their bucket lists of American dreams. Thus, for anyone who wants to visit or is visiting overseas, to take care of any unforeseen events and emergencies, a travel insurance for USA is very important. It leaves you with no worries and lets you explore the country without any fear. Whether you are on a vacation or a business trip having travel insurance for USA is always the best way to go.

Features & Benefits of USA Travel Insurance

Travelling these days is an important part of life and risks are uncertain. Thus, a travel insurance always helps in tackling the unforeseen situations that may cross your path when you travel. Being in a different country than yours is altogether a different experience and if you are faced with something unexpected, it might ruin your whole experience. A travel insurance will not only safeguard the traveler in a foreign land, but also helps in handling emergencies like theft, attacks, terrorism, and many others. A travel insurance helps the traveler in commuting through unknown places with ease and without any fear.

Some of the most important features of travel insurance are

  • Accidental coverage during traveling
  • Coverage in case of canceled or delayed trips
  • Coverage for missed connecting flights
  • Coverage for loss or delay of baggage during travelling
  • Coverage related to passport loss during traveling

Benefits of Travel Insurance for USA

When one travels abroad, there is a lot of money involved in every hour of the traveling. Thus, one can never overlook the benefits that travel insurance plans bring with it.

  • Compensating for delays

Foreign tours might require flight hoping to catch the connecting flights. A delay at one place will disturb the complete schedule, costing a lot in terms of money. A travel insurance plan works as a savior in such cases as it covers the loss incurred due to unexpected delay in the travel plan due to poor weather, technical issue or any other factor that causes the delay in the travel. You may sometimes also receive a certain amount as compensation per day for delay caused due to airlines.

  • Arrangements during trip cancellation

In case of any medical crises in the middle of the trip, a travel insurance policy comes handy in such cases and covers for the unexpected return journey.

  • Documentation and luggage

Travel insurance also helps in securing important documents and luggage. The insurance company pays for the checked-in luggage as well. It also covers baggage theft with an amount pre-decided by the company.

  • Hotel Accommodation and Hospital Charges

An emergency might require you to extend your stay which will be covered by the travel insurance company. In case of a medical emergency, the insurance company supports the traveler by helping in cashless transactions for hospital charges.

  • Traveler centric plans

Travel insurance is designed specifically for travelers keeping in mind their need and requirements. For example, travel insurance plans are different for senior citizens, for students and frequently traveling clients. Another important benefit that one gets from a travel insurance plan is that certain companies allow insurance coverage plans without any medical examination and can be bought even online.

  • Safeguarding home

Certain insurance plans also protect your house when you are traveling. These specific plans provide coverage against fire and theft, along with value-added services and other assistance like a concierge in case of a medical emergency.

  • All-round assistance 24x7

Travel companies provide all-round assistance to their clients ensuring that they are connected with the company in case of any doubts or problems. They also ensure a quick and fair settlement of the claims.

Types of USA Travel Insurance Plans

Student travel cover

Travel insurance cover for students is very important and sometimes mandatory in some countries to ensure the medical and financial safety of the students. USA demands international students to enroll in any travel insurance plan as it saves the students from the heavy costs of medical services. In fact, this also assures the hospitals to trust the students for payment of medical costs and provide medical assistance as soon as possible. This is because travel insurance takes care of everything like hospital costs, loss of passport, etc.

Student travel insurance covers:

  • Accidental death
  • Mental health
  • Loss of baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Medical expenses
  • Dental treatment in emergency
  • Study interruption
  • Bail Bond
  • Psychological coverage
  • Cancer screening and examinations
  • Maternity and Childcare benefits, etc.

Individual/ Family travel cover

Family travel insurance works as a safety net for your entire family to make sure that the entire family enjoys the vacation or the travel. A single policy takes care of theft, loss of baggage, loss of passport, medical emergencies, delays and cancellations for the entire family. The insurance is divided among all the family members equally. Different policies have different coverage and thus, it is important to carefully choose the insurance policy in case of family travel insurance.

What is Covered in USA Travel Insurance?

Whenever a travel insurance plan for USA is considered, the following coverage should be included in the plan.

  • Coverage for medical treatments and emergencies
  • Hospital stays and emergency flights back
  • Coverage for luggage theft
  • Coverage for trip cancellation or delays
  • Coverage for loss of passport and other important documents
  • Coverage for loss of checked-in baggage

The mentioned points are the basic coverage that a travel insurance plan should provide. You can also choose the homeowner policy to get coverage of any loss at home when you are traveling.

What is Not covered in a USA Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance plan does not include primarily the following, though the exclusions may vary from company to company or policy to policy. For example, in the case of students, claims resulting out of drug intake is not covered under any policy.

  • Regular dental care not covered, only emergency dental care is covered under the policy
  • Travel for medical treatment
  • In case of natural disaster that occurs before purchasing an insurance policy
  • In case of a mishap during risky adventure activities and sports
  • Last minutes travel changes (except emergency)
  • Lack of documentation during the claim, etc.

Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance for USA

If you are a traveler, then these reasons are good enough for you to buy travel insurance for USA:

Your savior in disguise

There’s always something that might go wrong. Whether it is any health issue that comes up or something unexpected, your trip may get ruined. If you have a travel insurance plan, it serves you as a savior in disguise by taking care of your problems and saving your money.

Friend at a strange place

Travel insurance company serves its customers 24x7 through its executives and different channels. The services are available globally as they assist the travelers as soon as possible.

Taking care of your liability in a foreign land

Travel insurance also takes care of personal liabilities arising out of situations when the third party is injured or their property is damaged. The insurance covers the legal expenses under the personal liability clause.


The travel insurance plan covers medical and non-medical emergencies as well as the loss of possessions like baggage, passport and important documents. It also covers delays and cancellations of flights. It helps in a situation when unexpected events or situations put you in a bad state or ruin your travel experience.

How to Claim Travel Insurance for USA?

Now that we know how important travel insurance for USA is, let us learn a little about how to claim travel insurance.

Though the claim procedure depends on the insurance provider, the general procedure that is needed to be followed is:

  • Contact insurers ASAP: There is a time limit up to which you have to make your claim. It is usually 30 days, but you are advised to contact the insurer at the earliest possible.

  • Choose the right form and fill travel claim: Choose the right form and fill it properly to leave no scope for rejection of the claim. In case of claims for illness or death, you may need a specialist for filling specific sections to prove that you were unaware of the illness before traveling.

  • Get the right documents: This is one of the biggest causes of rejection of claims. Ensure that you have all the required documents. For stolen items, original receipt, police report, etc. are also demanded to access the fact and the actual amount of loss.

  • Online submission: Most companies have online submission of forms available, but you can also do it personally as well. It generally takes one week to one month for processing.

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A travel insurance, thus, is one of the important things to have before leaving the country. The idea is simple- to reduce the risks involved while traveling and have a pleasant travelling experience. Travel insurance allows you to travel tension free and also assists you in case of emergencies in a foreign land.

Frequently Asked Questions On Travel Insurance for the US

What are some of the Best USA Travel Insurance Plans?

Some of the best USA travel insurance comes from companies like SBI, Religare, TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA, Future Generali, HDFC ERGO and more.

Which USA travel insurance is best for Indians?

Tata AIG travel insurance, Apollo Munich, Reliance Travel insurance, Bajaj Allianz and HDFC ERGO travel insurance are some of the best travel insurances for an Indian.

What are the factors to Choose Travel Insurance for the USA?

The factors that one should keep in mind before choosing travel insurance are:

  • Traveling frequency
  • Length of the trip
  • Medical reports