A couple of years ago, in the very same galaxy we live in, not so far away...

A couple of years ago, in the very same galaxy we live in, not so far away...

It was a period of insurance mis-selling.

Phone numbers were mandatory across all insurance websites. Insurance Agents called their customers 20 times a day, and recited their scripts in the voice of death.

A few good men, decided it was time for a change.

They created a platform where it is as easy to compare, buy, and manage insurance, as it is for Michael Bay to lose a plot. I mean, seriously… He killed the Transformers franchise - Twice.

Thusly, Coverfox.com was formed with a clear goal of making insurance quick and simple.

What two guys started from an apartment, has now grown into a 200 people company. We are proud to have gathered some of the best talents from all over India, who share our passion. It’s a young team, with big ideas, and bigger dreams.

We will make waves. That much we are sure of. Keep an eye out for us, for our story is just beginning…

Get Cover. Get Going.

At Coverfox, we believe buying insurance is not about avoiding risk, it's about outfoxing it. So you can do bigger things in life and get more interesting.

Meet the Founders

Varun (MBA, MICA) worked at Tata AIG where he experienced first hand, the problems faced by consumers while buying insurance. He had strong opinions about the sorry state of things, and grand ideas about how to solve them. He didn’t however have the means to implement these opinions.

Devendra (BTech + MTech, IITB) was a poster child for tech geekiness. Lived and breathed code. Dreamt of changing the world with technology, but struggled to find that one great problem that he would be passionate about fixing.

They met via a common friend and Varun thought they could help each other. Boy, was he right!

Once they were sold on a shared dream, they became inseparable. Like peas in a pod. Like vada to a pav. Like pani to a puri. Like… aherm… you get the drift.

They started Coverfox a couple of years later, with hopes to create the most simple to use and transparent platform to buy and manage insurance.

Life @ Coverfox

We Believe

Insurance should be easy

We exist because buying insurance is currently confusing and painful. It should be easy to understand what is covered in your policy. It should be easy to compare features and pick the right policy. And it should be really easy to buy a policy online. We are here to make it happen.

We are the smartest way to get Insured

We shy away from spam, false promises, pushy sales practices. Instead, we invest in Simplified design, kick-ass technology, and a helpful advisory team. We make buying from Coverfox simpler, faster, and the smartest way to get insured.

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