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Bike Insurance – Claims

We all know how much you love your bike, which is why it becomes necessary to get the right insurance policy. It’s like the icing on the cake, only a very delicious one.

Although the claims process can be slightly tricky at time, knowing your policy can help you a long way. It’s always best to have some pre-acquired knowledge. That way – you can have your cake, and eat it too!

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Let’s start by learning about the two types of claim.

Cashless Claim Settlement
  • The whole process is cashless, and you won’t have to pay anything except for the deductible you have agreed.
  • Your insurance company has a vast list of authorized service centres readily available for you!
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Reimbursement of Claim:
  • You inform the insurance company, have your two-wheeler repaired, pay for the expenses and then raise a claim.
  • After some verification, the insurance company disburses your claim amount minus the deductible.
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Steps for filing a two-wheeler insurance claim

Nervous about making a claim? Following these simple steps will ensure a faster, speedier and easier process:

1. Contact your two-wheeler insurance company

Get in touch with your insurance company at your earliest to register the claim. Not doing so can lead to complications in the claim process!

2. Lodge an FIR

If your two-wheeler has been stolen or been in a major accident, you should lodge or file an FIR at the police station – it speeds up your claim approval!

3. Damage evaluation

In the case of an accident or accidental damage, you should also have the damage evaluated immediately by an authorized representative.

4. Settling claim via Reimbursement

Pay the service centre to initiate the claim process - fill the forms and submit the required set of documents to ensure a favorable claim settlement!

Documents for filing a two-wheeler insurance claim

A comprehensive cover is one where your two-wheeler, as well as other damages, are covered (including fire, theft and natural calamities). Since it is so ideal, it is only practical that it requires the following documents to fasten the claims process:

  • Duly signed claim form
  • Copy of valid vehicle Registration Certificate (R.C.)
  • Copy of valid Driving License (D.L)
  • Copy of first two pages of policy document
  • FIR for accidental damage.
  • Original repair bill, cash receipt, and proof of release.
Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Is it important that I inform my insurance company before I get my two-wheeler repaired?

ALWAYS. Especially to ensure transparency about the replaced parts and repair charges. Plus, it significantly fastens the claims process!

For second-hand two-wheelers, do I need to transfer the existing policy to my name?

Yes, you need to have your name mentioned in the policy copy to avoid rejection of both, the policy as well as any claims raised.

Will Coverfox help me with a third-party two-wheeler policy?

Coverfox does not provide a solely third party insurance for two wheelers - and we do not recommend it either.

Why should I opt for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy?

Buying a comprehensive policy for two-wheelers covers your bike against loss, theft, and total damage. Is that reason enough?

Show your ride the love that it deserves. Buy it the right insurance plan.

Two Wheeler Insurance Claims