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Two Wheeler Insurance

A good bike insurance plan helps you ensure a safe ride every single time. Is two wheeler insurance your priority? You've come to the right place! Coverfox gives you the best insurance policies at the lowest premiums. Our expertise in online two wheeler insurance will help YOU get a policy in 5 minutes or less. Choose between 40 different insurers for your perfect policy. Don't gamble on the safety of your bike or loved ones - compare policies with most necessary insurance add-ons. What’s more? We have a 95% Claims Assistance Ratio - Our advisors are ready to help you in every step of your bike insurance journey. In search of YOUR best insurance policy? Coverfox is the place to be!
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Why Compare Two Wheeler Insurance policies online?

Things You Should Consider While Comparing Two Wheeler Insurance/Bike Insurance Policies

  • Compare type of Coverage (Third Party Liability or Comprehensive)
  • Compare Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Compare Premium
  • Compare Add-on Covers
  • Compare cashless network garage list

How to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Plan Online?

With so many insurance companies in India offering the best two wheeler insurance policies, it is difficult to buy the right type of insurance policy. This is where Coverfox comes into the picture.

Coverfox provides a smooth and easy to use comparison platform. All you have to do is just enter your two wheeler details such as make, model, variant, RTO location, and the year of purchase. Once all these details are entered and you click Get Quotes, you can see the insurance policies offered by the top insurers. You can easily compare all the features, details, and the premium quoted. With Coverfox, two wheeler insurance comparison is instant and simple.

Steps to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Policies Online

  1. Enter your two wheeler details - Vehicle number. (If you don't know the number then enter the model, make, and variant of your two wheeler)
  2. Enter the registration details of your two wheeler - RTO Location
  3. Declare if your previous two wheeler insurance policy has expired or not
  4. Finally, click on Get Quotes

Why Choose Two-wheeler Insurance by Coverfox?

With Coverfox, individuals can choose from a wide range of policy options that differ on the basis of premiums, sum insured levels, features, benefits, etc. Applicants can simply enter their insurance requirements with regards to their vehicles and get a complete list of the best-fit policies. The entire process of finding the right two-wheeler insurance policy will hardly take a few minutes, and can be done in just a few clicks. In case of any doubts or queries, users can get in touch with a Coverfox agent by dialling toll-free number 1800 209 9930.

Unique Benefits of Comparing Bike Insurance Policies Online
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
    Save Money

    Compare two wheeler insurance from top insurers to save money

  • Engine Protection
    Best Plan

    Compare to get the best plan for your two wheeler

  • NCB Protection
    Insured Declared Value

    Compare Insured Declared Value offered

  • Invoice Cover
    Add-on Covers

    Compare add-on covers offered by various insurers

Top Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in India

Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Allianz offers two kinds of two wheeler insurance plans, namely comprehensive two wheeler insurance and third-party insurance.

Features3-Year Long-Term Package Policy1-Year Package Policy
Renewal frequencyEvery three yearsEvery year
Coverage period3 years1 year
Premium hikesNo impact on third-party premium during the policy termTP premium rises each year
Mid-term cancellation refundProvision of proportional refund even after claim during the policy periodNo refund in case of any claim
NCB benefitAdditional benefit during the time of renewalAs per tariff
NCB benefit after a claimNCB is reduced, but does not become zeroNCB becomes zero after a claim

Bajaj Allianz - Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

The add-ons that can be taken with the two wheeler insurance cover are:

  • 24x7 Spot Assistance
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Rider

Claim Settlement:

  • Following the completion of repairs at a network garage, the insurer will directly pay the garage.
  • The policyholder has to pay the excess, as stated in the policy, and the depreciation value, salvage etc., as mentioned by the surveyor.
  • For reimbursement claims, the policyholder needs to submit the relevant documents to the insurer after the repair of the vehicle.

Source:Official website of Bajaj Allianz

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

Bharti AXA offers two kinds of bike insurance policies, and a range of add-on covers.

  • For New Bike: It is 5-year TP, 1-year OD + 5-year TP, and 5-year OD + 5-year TP.
  • For Old Bike: 1-year TP, 1-year OD + TP, 2-year OD, 2-year OD + 2-year TP, and 3-year TP + 3-year OD.

Both kinds of insurance plans also include the compulsory personal accident cover for owner-driver with a premium of particular amount, for which the owner-driver is liable to receive an amount of Rs. 15 lakhs in case of:

Type of InjuryCompensation Level
Loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye.100%
Loss of one limb or sight of one eye50%
Permanent total disablement from injuries other than named above.100%

Bharti AXA - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-On

  • Depreciation Cover

Claim Settlement:

On the receipt of all the necessary claim documents, original repair invoice, satisfaction voucher/discharge voucher and NEFT details, the company would initiate the claim settlement process. A bike insurance claim needs to be reported right away, after the incident/accident. In case of total theft claims, the intimation to police and insurer should be given within 24 hours.

Source:Official website of Bharti AXA

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC ERGO offers the following options under two-wheeler insurance - Single Year Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance, Standalone Motor Own Damage Cover - Two-wheeler, Long Term Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance and Two-Wheeler Liability Only Insurance.

HDFC ERGO - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Emergency Assistance Cover

Claim Settlement:

  • Cashless Network Garages Claim Process -

    • Take the vehicle to the nearest network garage.
    • The surveyor will survey and assess all damages/losses.
    • Complete the claim form and provide the related documents.
    • The policyholder will be updated through SMS/Emails at each stage of the claim.
    • After the two-wheeler is ready, pay the share of the claim consisting of compulsory deductible, depreciation etc. to the garage and drive off. The insurer will settle the balance directly with the network garage
  • Reimbursement / Non-Network Garages Claim Process

    • After claim intimation, all damages/losses would be surveyed and assessed by a surveyor.
    • Submit the claim form with the documents mentioned in the form.
    • Following receipt of complete documents, the claim shall be processed.
    • Claim payment would be made via NEFT (if opted) or cheque.

Source:Official website of HDFC ERGO

Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

Reliance General Insurance offers third-party liability cover and comprehensive insurance cover. There is also the option of availing two-wheeler own damage insurance

Reliance - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Nil Depreciation
  • Daily Allowance Benefit
  • EMI Protection
  • Helmet Cover

Claim Settlement:

The claim settlement process of Reliance General Insurance is as under:

  • Step 1- Lodge a claim with the insurer and submit claims documents
  • Step 2- Vehicle inspection
  • Step 3- Liability Confirmation
  • Step 4- Vehicle DeliverySource:Official website of Reliance General Insurance

Liberty General Two Wheeler Insurance

Liberty General Two Wheeler Insurance

Liberty General Insurance offers two types of two-wheeler insurance, namely Package Policy and Third-Party Liability Policy. The former covers loss of or damage to the vehicle insured, liability to third parties, liability to third parties and personal accident cover for owner-driver.

LGI - Two-wheeler Package Policy Add-ons

  • Depreciation Cover
  • Consumable
  • GAP value cover
  • Roadside Assistance cover
  • Engine safe cover

Claim Settlement:

The claim settlement process of Liberty General Insurance is as under:

  • Step 1- Claim registration
  • Step 2- The insurer will organize a survey inside city limits within 24 hours and outside city limits within 48 hours.
  • Step 3- After the vehicle is moved to a garage, the policyholder has to submit necessary documents at the garage for the surveyors to verify.

Source:Official website of Liberty General Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance

IFFCO Tokio offers two kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies - third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive insurance plan protects the vehicle from damage and loss caused due to minor or major accidents, protects the vehicle from theft, protects from the damage incurred upon the vehicle from manmade activities etc.

IFFCO Tokio - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Personal Medical Cover
  • Zero Depreciation

Claim Settlement:

  • In the event of an accident, a claim should be registered immediately.
  • For total theft claims, the policyholder must intimate both the police and the insurer within 24 hours of the incident.

Source:Official website of IFFCO Tokio

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance

ICICI Lombard offers two kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies - third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive insurance policy covers loss or damage to own vehicle, damage caused by natural and man-made calamities, etc.

ICICI Lombard -Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Electrical/non-electrical accessories
  • The policyholder can also cover the bi-fuel system, such as CNG.

Claim Settlement:

  • For a motor insurance claim, one can avail cashless facility for the repair of the two-wheeler in any of the company’s network garages.
  • In case the vehicle is serviced in a garage outside the purview of the company’s network, then the policyholder can claim reimbursement of expenses.

Source:Official website of ICICI Lombard

Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

Universal Sompo offers two kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies - third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive policy covers loss of or damage to the vehicle insured, liability to third-parties and personal accident cover for owner-driver.

Universal Sompo -Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Engine Protector Motor OD
  • NCB Protector Motor OD
  • Depreciation Waiver/Nil Depreciation
  • Return to Invoice
  • Daily Cash Allowances Benefit
  • Insurance at manufacturing selling price
  • Loss of Driving License/ Registration Certification
  • Additional Accidental Injury Compensation for Owner driver

(For a complete list of add-ons, individuals are advised to visit the website of the insurance company.)

Claim Settlement:

If the vehicle meets with an accident or injures a third-party or damages third-party property, the insurance company must be notified right away. The insurer’s claims executive shall get in touch with the policyholder and guide him or her on the procedures and documents necessary to process the claim.

Source:Official website of Universal Sompo

United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India Insurance offers two types of motor insurance policies - package policy and liability only policy. The package policy has two sections, namely (Own Damage - OD) of Package Policy and (Liability) of Package Policy.

Claim Settlement:

The claim settlement process is as under:

  • Get in touch with the policy issuing office of the insurer immediately.
  • For major accidents including fire/riot losses, policyholders are advised to keep the vehicle at the accident spot/ site till the spot surveyor comes to the area of accident for inspection.
  • In case there are any third-party injuries/deaths, the individual needs to notify the same to a nearby police station and provide complete details to the insurer of injuries/ deaths or damage to any third-party property, as the case may be.
  • After completion of all the formalities, the policyholder can move/tow the vehicle to an authorized workshop and obtain an estimate from them. The same may be submitted to the insurer with the completed claim form.
  • It must be ensured that no repair work is commenced until the final surveyor verifies the damage and gives the green signal to go ahead with the repairs.
  • Once the repairs are carried out for partial loss claims, the policyholder needs to submit the cash bills for spare parts and labour and seek reimbursement if the claim is admissible.Source:Official website of United India Insurance

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

Oriental Insurance offers two types of motor insurance policies - package policy and third-party liability only policy. The package policy covers accidental loss of or damage to the vehicle, liability to third parties, personal accident cover to owner-driver and various add ons on additional premium.

Claim Settlement:

The documents required for processing claims would differ depending on the kind of incident leading to the claim. For filing a damage claims, some of the documents required would be - duly-filled claim form, driving license original with xerox copy, bills & cash memo of repairs, etc.

Source:Official website of Oriental Insurance

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance

The New India Assurance offers two types of covers - liability only policy and package policy. The latter covers loss or damage to the vehicle insured along with third party liability for bodily injury and/or death and property damage. There is personal accident cover for the owner-driver under both.

The New India Assurance - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Loss or damage to accessories fitted in the two-wheeler
  • Personal accident cover under private car policies for:
    • passengers
    • paid driver
  • Legal liability to employees
  • Legal liability to non-fare paying passengers in commercial vehicles

Claim Settlement:

The claim process differs, on the basis of the event leading to the claim. In case of accidental damage to the vehicle, the policyholder needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Submit duly-filled claim form, copy of registration certificate and driving license of the vehicle's driver at the time of accident to the insurer.
  • The two-wheeler will be surveyed by a surveyor, who will submit his/her report to the company.
  • Final bills/cash memos need to be submitted, duly-signed by the insured.
  • Salvage of the damaged parts may have to be deposited with the insurer following approval of the claim.

Source:Official website of The New India Assurance

National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance

National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance

National Insurance offers two kinds of two-wheeler insurance policies, namely Liability Only cover and Package cover. The latter covers all liabilities, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, and damages caused to one’s own vehicle.

National Insurance - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

The policyholder can avail additional cover for loss of accessories, legal liability to paid driver, personal accident to the occupants and increased legal liability to third-party property damage for up to Rs 7.5 lakhs. The insurer provides the provision of No Claims bonus for claims-free experience.

Claim Settlement

The steps that a policyholder would need to follow for lodging a claim with the insurer are as under:

  • Submit duly-filled claim form to the policy issuing office along with documents required/asked for.
  • The company would appoint a surveyor for inspection.
  • Claim is settled by the insurer and payment is made to the policyholder as a full and final settlement of claim.

Source:Official website of National Insurance

Magma HDI Two Wheeler Insurance

Magma HDI Two Wheeler Insurance

Magma HDI offers the following options under its two-wheeler insurance category - Third-Part Long Term Two-Wheeler Motor Insurance Policy and Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Package.

Magma HDI - Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

  • Depreciation Reimbursement
  • Return to Invoice
  • Protection of NCB
  • Basic Roadside Assistance

Claim Settlement:

In the event of a claim, policyholders are required to approach MHDI through phone, email or letter/fax. They would need to submit a duly-completed claim form at one of the company's branch offices. Once the insurer receives the claim form and supporting documents, the company will initiate the claim settlement process.

Source:Official website of Magma HDI

Renewal of Two Wheeler Insurance Online in India

Benefits of Renewing Bike Insurance Online

Having a bike insurance plan is a great way of taking care of the expenses you could suffer in case of damages incurred to or by your bike, which you would otherwise pay from your pocket.

Renew your Two Wheeler Insurance Online and Get the Following Benefit:

  • No Inspection of your Bike is needed to renew policy
  • Requires No Paperwork
  • Never lose your insurance policy, a soft copy of your insurance policy is always in your inbox
  • Get complete support at the time of claims
  • Get easy access to the nearest garage by knowing instantly the list of Cashless Claim Garage Network of your insurance company

How to Renew Bike Insurance Online

If your policy is active or expired,

  1. Check Insured Declared Value Offered: As you enter your two wheeler details, quotes from different insurers will be displayed. Before renewal, ensure you compare Insure Declared Value (IDV) offered by various insurers.
  2. Evaluate your cover: Renewing also lets you evaluate the cover you’ve been offered v/s the other plans in the market. Browse through and pick one that matches your needs!
  3. Know your add-ons: Select add-ons that are best suited to your needs and include them in your policy. They might seem as an added expense, but they enhance the policy benefits!
  4. Check all the information: Before paying the premium, it is advisable to ensure all the vehicle details and about the vehicle owner are entered correctly.

Coverfox advantage,

  1. No inspection: Without inspection and documentation, Coverfox helps you to renew your two-wheeler expired policy.
  2. No extra or hidden costs: No extra or hidden charges. It comes at the same cost as it costs to renew a regular two-wheeler insurance policy.
  3. Instant: You will receive the policy within minutes.
  4. Best part: As mentioned earlier, no documentation is involved. You don't have to provide previous policy details if the policy has expired for more than 90 days.

Buy Multi Year Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

A multi-year two-wheeler insurance policy allows two-wheelers to be insured up to three years consecutively at one time. You don't have to renew the insurance each year. This is because you receive a single policy that is valid for three years.

Benefits of Multi Year Two Wheeler Insurance Plan:

Two Wheeler Insurance Premium
Save up to 20–40% upfront on premium

IRDAI hikes the third-party liability portion of the premium by up to 20% each year. Multiyear insurance saves you against the hike of third-party premium and service tax.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Renewing your policy once for three continuous years is stress-free as compared to renewing your two wheeler insurance policy annually.

Two Wheeler Insurance long term protection
Protection for long-term

Ride safely and happily by enjoying the long-term financial protection of your vehicle for three years. Also, you receive one policy document that is valid for three years.

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

In case of multiyear policy, if the policyholder makes a cancellation in the first year, he can get refund of second and third year premiums.

Two Wheeler Insurance Discount

At times, insurance companies offer upfront discounts on multi-year two-wheeler insurance policies. This helps you save on your premiums.

No Claim Bonus

If you are eligible for 25% NCB, it's applied on the premium of all 3 years.

New Bike Owners Have to Buy Long-term Cover for Five Years

As per the directive by the Supreme Court, passed in July 2018, five-year upfront cover has become compulsory on two wheeler insurance policies. This new regulation has been implemented since 1st September 2018 and is applicable for all two wheeler purchased on and after 1st September. This implies that every new two wheeler owner would have to shell out a lump sum towards their bike insurance policy on the purchase of a vehicle. However, one benefit of this regulation is that it saves two wheeler owners from the burden of annual renewals.

The primary reason behind this move is to improve the penetration of third party liability only covers for two wheelers that have been on the roads for a few years. It has been observed that once a two wheeler ages and it has been a few years since its purchase, owners often tend to skip renewing their two wheeler insurance annually, or buy one that is not sufficient to cover risks. This new regulation will not only ensure that newly purchased two wheelers in India are sufficiently covered against risks, but also safeguard third party vehicles and pedestrians from injuries and accidental death caused by new two wheelers.

Own-Damage Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Own Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance helps you stay covered against damage caused to your own bike and not the third party who was involved in the accident. In case of an accident, Own Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance cover compensates you for the expenses incurred to repair or replace parts of your two wheeler damaged in the accident.

A bike insurance policy can be of three kinds.

  • Third Party Cover:This is a mandatory cover. It is compulsory by law (Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988) as Third Party Insurance provides cover against damage to a person or property by your insured vehicle. However, TP Insurance does not cover expenses and hospitalization bills borne by you.

  • Own Damage Cover:Own Damage cover reimburses the expenses in case your bike is damaged due to any natural events such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, etc. or due to an accident or man-made disasters.

  • Comprehensive Cover:This is like a 360 degree plan as it provides complete cover for damages against your vehicle, third party vehicle and third person and property.

In addition to the various types mentioned above, there are rider options or add-ons available. Rider options are additional features which enhance the advantages of a two wheeler insurance plan. You can add a rider to a policy at the cost of additional premium. You can add multiple riders. Each rider will either enhance an existing feature of your current policy, or bring an additional feature.

Two Wheeler Insurance FAQ's

Top Two Wheeler Insurance FAQs

Q.1) Why two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India?

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicles plying on the Indian roads must have a third party liability cover. The liability bike insurance policy is mandatory to ensure that in case of a road accident, the person being injured or property being damaged by your vehicle is compensated.

Q.2) How two wheeler insurance premium is calculated?

The premium of liability insurance cover is calculated on the vehicle's engine capacity (cc). The premium of comprehensive cover is calculated on the vehicle’s make, model, variant, RTO location, and the age of your vehicle.

Q.3) Who decides the two wheeler insurance premium?

The third party liability insurance cover premium for your two wheeler is decided by the IRDAI. The premium for liability cover changes every year. Whereas, the premium for comprehensive two wheeler insurance is decided by the insurance company from whom you are purchasing the insurance policy.

Q.4) How to save money on bike insurance premium?

You can save a lot of money on premium by buying and renewing insurance on time. Apart from that, the following would help you to save money on insurance premium:

  • Comparing premium rates of plans offered by different insurance companies
  • Buying only necessary add-on covers
  • Utilizing accumulated No-Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Installing anti-theft device
  • Opting for Voluntary Deductibles
  • Buying Multi-year/Long-term two wheeler insurance policy

Q.5) What is the difference between the third party liability cover and comprehensive insurance policy?

The third party liability cover does not cover vehicle's own damage either by natural or man-made perils and vehicle theft. A comprehensive insurance policy provides financial protection against both third party liability cover and own damages incurred on the two wheeler due to natural or man-made perils and bike theft.

Q.6) I stay in Mumbai, does two wheeler insurance cover damages due to floods?

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy covers damages incurred due to all natural and man-made perils including floods. However, damages to the vehicle's engine or engine parts is not covered under a comprehensive policy. The same can be covered by an engine protection add-on cover.

Q.7) What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

A No Claim Bonus is a discount on the own damage premium under the comprehensive policy given by the insurance company on renewal if there were no claims lodged in the previous year by the policyholder. For instance, this is the second year from the date of your bike purchase and you renew your two wheeler comprehensive policy. If you have not lodged any claims in the first/previous year, you get a 20% of discount on your own damage premium as a reward for riding safely.

Q.8) How to increase NCB?

A No Claim Bonus increases with every claim-free year. NCB is cumulative in nature, so it means you can increase the percentage of discount for every claim-free year.

The below table shows the increase in the percentage of discount:

No. Of Claim free YearsDiscount
One claim free year20%
Two consecutive claim free years25%
Three consecutive claim free years35%
Four consecutive claim free years45%
Five consecutive claim free years50%

To gain the maximum benefit of NCB, it is advisable not to claim for minor damages or dents.

Q.9) Is No Claim Bonus transferable?

Yes, as the NCB belongs to the rider and is not attached to the vehicle, No Claim Bonus is transferable on the name of the owner of the vehicle even after the buying a new or old two wheeler and even if you change to a new insurance provider. So, on renewal, if there’s an accumulated NCB, the owner can avail the discounts.

Q.10) How to transfer No Claim Bonus?

First, you need to ensure the old insurance policy is cancelled. When you cancel the old insurance policy, you will receive an NCB retention letter. To avail the bonus on the insurance policy, you need to submit the NCB retention letter to the new two wheeler insurer.

Q.11) Is there a personal accident cover in bike insurance?

When you buy a liability cover, a personal accident cover is provided for the rider-owner on a premium amount of Rs.50 for a sum insured of Rs.1 lakh. There are many insurance companies that provide optional personal accident cover of higher sum insured on paying an additional premium. Moreover, there’s an optional pillion rider personal accident cover, which can be opted by paying an extra premium.

Q.12) What is a personal accident cover in a two wheeler insurance policy?

When you buy a mandatory third-party two wheeler insurance, you get a personal accident cover of up to Rs.1 lakh for a premium of Rs.50. A pillion rider/passenger accident cover is optional and can be opted by paying an additional premium.

In case of an accident and unfortunate events the coverage is payable by the insurance company in the following ways:

Accidental Event% of Sum Insured
Dismemberment of both limbs or loss of sight of both eyes or one limb and one eye100%
Dismemberment of one limb or loss of sight of one eye50%
Permanent and Total Disability100%

Q.13) What happens if I ride without a two wheeler insurance?

A third party liability cover is mandatory as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Acts, 1988 for all the vehicles plying on the Indian roads. If you are riding a bike without two wheeler insurance you would be charged a fine of Rs.2000, and/or be imprisoned for 3 months. It is therefore suggested not to ride your vehicle without an insurance policy.

Q.14) How to buy second-hand bike?

It is easy to buy a second-hand bike with the right kind of knowledge. To know how to buy second-hand bike read –Buying Second-hand Two Wheeler.

Q.15) What is cashless two wheeler insurance policy?

At the time of claims with a cashless two wheeler insurance policy, you can opt for cashless garage service through any of the authorised network garage of your insurer where you can get your two wheeler repaired without paying any cash.

Q.16) How to buy a long-term insurance policy online?

You can simply check the list of the companies offering long-term two wheeler insurance using Coverfox’s insurance premium calculator. Once the list of the insurance companies is displayed, from the drop down menu below each company, you can select the number of years for which you want insurance policy. You can select 1, 2, or 3 years and accordingly the premium amount will be charged.

Q.17) What is the effect of GST on bike insurance?

Prior to the implementation of GST, service tax and cess was 15% tax on the two wheeler insurance, but after GST, you will have to pay 18% tax on the two wheeler insurance policy purchase.

Q.18) How to renew a 2 wheeler insurance policy for a vehicle that does not belong to you?

If you are buying a 2 wheeler insurance for someone else, all you need to do is to enter the bike details to get quotes online, once you finalize the insurance company, while filling the policy document, kindly enter the details of the bike owner so to ensure the policy is in the name of the vehicle owner.

Q.19) What is Total Constructive Loss (TCL)?

When the vehicle has suffered damage that is beyond repair (more than 75% of the IDV) is called Total Constructive Loss.

Q.20) What happens in case bike theft or TCL?

In case of bike theft, the insurance company pays full IDV to the policyholder. The policyholder needs to submit the original and duplicate keys with “No Trace Report” from police.

In case of TCL, the insurance company pays the IDV less salvage value to the policyholder.

Q.21) What happens to your two wheeler insurance policy if you change your job or residence to another city?

On relocating to another city, the policyholder will need to communicate the new address to the insurance provider. After the individual has obtained a local registration number for the two-wheeler, the same will need to be informed to the insurer so that his or her records can be updated. The premiums may or may not be affected depending on cities.

For instance, Mr. Ajay moved from Mumbai to Kolhapur, his two wheeler insurance was still valid, however, his renewal premium decreased since Kolhapur was classified as a lower-risk city than Mumbai.

Q.22) What to do if you lose your two wheeler insurance?

If you have purchased online, you can simply login to the account and download a copy to take a print of it. Or check your registered email id. If you haven’t purchased online, request your insurance provider with your bike details and engine chassis number to reissue the policy.

Q.23) How to apply for a driving license to ride a two wheeler?

You need to visit the nearest RTO in your city and give a test. After passing the test you will receive the driving license.

Q.24) How the RTO location or vehicle registration does effects the two wheeler insurance premium?

Depending on the registration zone (RTO location) of the bike, the premium varies. In India, RTO zones are categorised as Zone A and Zone B.

Zone A:Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad

Zone B:Rest of India

Depending on whether the two wheeler is registered under the Zone A and Zone B, the premium varies for the same bike model and variant. The two wheeler insurance for a bike registered under Zone A will be charged more than the same bike registered under Zone B.

Q.25) What is zero depreciation add-on cover in two wheeler insurance?

A zero depreciation is an add-on cover, which you can attach to your comprehensive insurance policy. If you lodge a claim in case of an accident under a comprehensive two wheeler insurance, the repair cost associated to the repair or replacement of the bike’s depreciable parts are not covered. The costs of repairing or replacing depreciable parts must be borne by the owner of the vehicle (policyholder). But, if you have a zero depreciation add-on cover, these costs are covered and paid by the insurance company.

Q.26) What is not covered in bike insurance?

Under the third party liability cover bike’s own damage is not covered.

Under the comprehensive liability cover and own damage cover, but following things are not covered:

  • Any claim lodged when the policy is not active or expired
  • Any kind of mechanical wear and tear due to aging
  • Any kind of mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • The policyholder riding bike without legal and valid license
  • The policyholder riding bike under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicants
  • Using your private bike for commercial purposes

Keep such exclusions in your mind to ensure your claims are legit and approved without any hassle.

Q.27) How to renew two-wheeler insurance?

You can easily compare and renew your two-wheeler insurance policy online. You have to enter your two wheeler’s detail to check the premium quotes. Enter your make, model, variant, RTO location or just enter the number of your vehicle, once the premium quotes from the top insurers are fetched you can choose the best policy for your vehicle.

Q.28) How to renew expired two-wheeler insurance policy?

You can now renew your expired two-wheeler insurance policy without any hassle. No need of inspection or any paper work, just enter your two wheeler’s details as you would have done it with your active policy.

Q.29) Is inspection two wheeler compulsory to renew two wheeler insurance?

No, you can renew your two wheeler insurance policy without any inspection also.

Q.30) Is my old bike insurance valid for my new bike?

No, your old bike insurance is not valid for your new bike as the engine capacity, engine chassis number, age of the vehicle varies. You need to buy new two wheeler insurance policy for your new bike with the details of your new bike.

Q.31) Why should I renew two wheeler insurance?

Without a valid insurance policy, you would be charged a fine of Rs.2000, and/or be imprisoned for 3 months. Besides, without a valid policy, any unfortunate incident that would cause damages to or by your bike would be borne by you.

Q.32) Can I change my current two wheeler insurance provider?

Yes, you can change your current two wheeler insurance provider and buy a policy from another insurance company.

Q.33) What is pillion rider cover?

Any person sitting behind the rider on the bike can be covered under pillion rider cover. This cover provides financial protection to the pillion passenger.

Q.34) What is voluntary deductible in two wheeler insurance?

Voluntary Deductible, in a two wheeler insurance, is the volunteered amount that a bike owner agrees to pay at the time of claim repairs and against this gets a discount on the own damage premium. You agree to pay only in case you lodge claim, however, you get a discount based on the amount you agree to pay.

The below table shows the percentage of discount you get on own damage premium

Voluntary Deductible (Rs.)Discount
5005% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 50/-
75010% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 75/-
100015% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 125/-
150020% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 200/-

Q.35) What is compulsory deductible in two wheeler insurance?

The compulsory deductible amount is the mandatory amount the policyholder pays on the approval of claim. This is not dependent on the garage repair bill. It is dependent on the engine capacity (cc).

Compulsory Deductible in two wheeler insurance:

  • For two wheelers with engine capacity less than 350cc: Rs. 50/-
  • For two wheelers with engine capacity above 350cc: Rs. 100/-

Q.36) What if you have purchased a wrong two-wheeler insurance policy?

If you have purchased a wrong two-wheeler insurance policy, for instance, the vehicle model is not the same as you own, then you need to cancel the policy.

If you cancel after the start of the risk date – policy start date, the refund would be on pro rata basis. It is advisable to cancel the policy before the policy start date.

Q.37) How much is the coverage for the property loss in case of the third party liability?

In case of the third party property loss, the insurance company will cover up to Rs.7.5 lakh.

Q.38) How to check for cashless network facility?

You can trace the authorised cashless garage network facility in the location you would prefer with the help of information posted on the insurers’ website. Or check the list of network garages listed by the insurance company you wish to buy insurance from.

Q.39) What are the penalty charges for riding bike without a valid bike insurance policy?

You would be charged a fine of Rs.2000, and/or be imprisoned for 3 months. It is advisable not to ride your bike without an insurance policy.

Q.40) How to buy two wheeler insurance for a second hand bike?

Buying a second hand two wheeler insurance can be a tricky thing. However, we have written an article so that you can avoid all the possible mistakes. Read -Buying Bike Insurance: Mistakes you Will Never Make Again

Q.41) How do I claim insurance for my bike or two-wheeler?

To file a claim with a two-wheeler insurance company, first get in touch with Insurer’s claim team representatives via call or email. The representative will inform you about the various documents that need to be submitted to get the claim process moving. The kinds of documents required along with the filled-up claim form will differ depending on the type of claim filed. A FIR will have to be filed in case of damage or loss of vehicle. A surveyor will be appointed to come and inspect the vehicle. If the claim filed is genuine, the insurance company will make the necessary claim payment.

Q.42) How much time does it take for my insurance policy copy to arrive?

Policy copies are generally emailed across to the policyholder on the day of purchase. A copy of the same is also sent by post to the residential address of the vehicle owner.

Q.43) Can I transfer ownership of my policy to someone else? What is the procedure?

Yes, you can. To transfer two-wheeler insurance, it is necessary that the ownership of the vehicle is successfully transferred to the new owner. Once the transfer is complete, the entity can initiate the process to transfer two-wheeler insurance. The insurance company will begin the policy transfer after the necessary documents and forms are submitted and appropriate fee is paid.

Q.44) What happens if my two-wheeler insurance expires and I want to make a claim?

If your two-wheeler insurance has lapsed, then there is no way to file a claim. To ensure this does not happen, always make sure to renew your two-wheeler insurance on time.

Q.45) Can I pay two-wheeler insurance premium in instalments?

No, the full premium of the two-wheeler insurance policy has to be paid before the policy coverage can commence.

Q.46) What is Insured Declared Value or IDV in two-wheeler insurance and why is it important?

IDV, or Insured Declared Value, is the maximum sum assured that an insurance company would offer against a two-wheeler in the event of theft or major damage, or total loss of the insured vehicle due to an accident. This sum assured is usually equivalent to the prevailing market value of the two-wheeler, at the time of its purchase.

It is advisable that you bargain for a sum assured that is closest to the current market value of your two-wheeler. This will enable him/her to claim a fair amount of compensation in the event of theft or severe damages. At times, insurance companies may offer to lower the IDV by about 5% to 10%, as per the discretion of the applicant, when the applicant wishes to pay a lower premium amount and vice versa. When a policyholder files a claim, insurance companies usually consider the age of the insured two-wheeler.

Q.47) Is it possible to renew bike insurance online?

Yes, most leading insurance companies offer their policyholders the convenience of renewing their two-wheeler insurance policy online. You can renew your bike insurance online through either of the following options:

Your existing insurer’s official website:You can visit the official website of your insurance company and follow the online insurance renewal procedure. Remember that you must mention the required details accurately. These details include your two-wheeler registration number, your existing policy details, your contact number and email id, etc. Next, you can proceed to the online payment method. The accepted online payment options usually are debit/credit card and net banking.

Third-party websites:If you want to change your existing insurance company, you can compare the premium rates being offered on two-wheeler insurance policies from other insurers. After you have made your choice, you can fill up the online form of your chosen insurer with accurate details, and then pay online.

Q.48) What is first, second and third party insurance?

In an insurance policy, the insured or the policyholder is referred to as the first party. The first party is eligible to receive the pre-determined sum assured from his/her insurance company, which is known as the second party, in the case of a loss, injury or accident that may be caused by you to any another entity is known as the third party.

Q.50) How many years of third party insurance is compulsory for new bike owners?

According to the July 2018 directive by the Supreme Court, five-year upfront third-party liability cover has been made mandatory on all two wheeler insurance policies. This regulation is applicable for all newly purchased two wheelers bought on and after 1st September 2018.

Q.51) What are the documents required for a Two wheeler Insurance claim?

While they are mentioned in your policy document, some of the common ones that you would require are:

  • Duly filled in claim form
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • Original estimates of loss
  • Repair invoice and payment receipt

Q.52)What about making claims in case my two wheeler is stolen?

In case of theft, you need to first file an FIR with the police (apart from having the other documents mentioned above). Submit a copy of the same to your insurance company along with a non-traceable certificate and the keys of your bike. That’s all!

Q.53) What determines the premium in case of new bike?

Like always, there are multiple factors that determine the premium for your new bike.

  • The IDV (Insured Declared Value)
  • Age of Bike
  • Zone of Registration
  • Cubic capacity (in case of a third-party insurance)

Q.54) What determines the premium in case my bike insurance policy has expired?

Generally, your premium won’t be affected majorly. But, if you have a No Claim Bonus that has not yet been availed 90 days before the expiry of policy, you could still lose the benefit. Also, you would have to have your bike inspected by the survey team all over again!

Q.55) What is policy period in a two wheeler insurance policy?

Right from the day your policy starts to the day it expires, this entire duration is called as policy period. So always make sure you renew your two wheeler insurance policy before the due date; because even a day’s lapse can change everything!

Q.56) Can I cancel my bike’s insurance anytime?

Yes, you can. But then, claims should not be raised subject to 30 days prior to the expiry date of the policy. Then, even a refund cannot be raised. In fact, a nominal cancellation fee might also be charged in such a case. So always take care!

Q.57) Will the premium for my two-wheeler increase after a claim?

Once you make a claim for your two-wheeler, you lose out on NCB (No Claim Bonus). Hadn’t you raised a claim, you could have availed NCB, thus reducing your premium in the next policy year. But if you did, sadly, the premium automatically increases the following year.

Q.58) Do insurance companies pay for drunk driving accidents?

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense in India. If you are responsible for a drunk driving accident then under the bike insurance policy, the insurance provider is not legally bound to meet your own damage claims since the damage was the result of an illegal action.

Many two-wheeler insurance companies reject the own damage claims outright. Some may be willing to consider making payment if the driver’s blood alcohol content was not high enough to regard the individual as drunk. The payout result will differ, depending on the situation of the accident and the extent of damage.

Q.59) Can I get bike insurance details from the registration number?

Yes, you can visit the official website of the Government of India – Ministry of Road Transport and Highways ( Enter your registration number; you will be able to verify the status of your bike insurance policy. It shows till when the insurance is valid. It also gives all the details of your bike like engine number, makes and model, year of registration, registration city, etc.

The web portal of Insurance Information Bureau (created by IRDAI) has comprehensive data of all the insurance policies linked to every registered vehicle in our country. Go to the website (, under the head “Vehicle Insurance Status Search” you will get the detailed information regarding your two-wheeler insurance policy by your registration number.Note:The above answer has been compiled by gathering inputs from Royal Sundaram General Insurance official website (

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