Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance policy offers security against the financial obligation, that is likely to be borne by you in the case of theft, damage or third party damage/death caused by your two wheeler.

What is Two wheeler Insurance?

A perfect way to stay financially protected.

A two wheeler insurance provides financial aid in case of an unforeseen incidents that may cause damages to your bike. Without a two wheeler insurance policy, you have to bear all the financial burden due to any loss or damages that may incur to your bike, and even the loss that may come with the bike theft.

Two wheeler insurance provides financial protection against unfortunate accident that may cause damage to the vehicle or bodily injury to the rider, pillion, pedestrians or damages to the third-party property.

Take charge, stay financially protected and insure your bike now.

Why is Two Wheeler Insurance Required?

No financial stress!

It offers you a financial shield in case of theft or any damages caused by or to your two wheeler!


A photocopy of the two wheeler insurance policy must be in your possession at all times.


Two wheeler policy holder is covered with sum insured up-to Rs. 1 lakh in case of accidental death or total permanent disability.


In the worst-case scenario, you are not obligated to spend tremendously on the repairs of your bike.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Insuring your bike with the right coverage is essential.

Your search to make the right decision for the right type of bike insurance policy ends here. Now, cover your bike garage repair bills with the comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy.

Your search to make the right decision for the right type of bike insurance policy ends here.

There are two types of two wheeler insurance policy:

  1. Third Party Liability Insurance
  2. Comprehensive Policy

Third-Party Liability Insurance

Third party liability insurance is mandatory in India as per the law. This policy covers only the damages or loss incurred by the insured bike. It also provides personal accident cover for the bike owner. However, none of the insurers will cover for any loss, damages incurred or theft of the insured bike.

Comprehensive Two Wheeler Policy

Comprehensive bike insurance policy covers own damages as well as the third-party liability. It also covers your bike in case of theft. A two wheeler comprehensive policy provides a complete protection package against any natural calamities (Like Earthquake, Floods, Lightning, etc.) and man-made calamities (Like Riots, Strikes, Terrorism, etc.).

Difference Between Comprehensive and Third-Party Liability Policy

Now, that you know there are two types of two wheeler insurance policies, so why not opt for the right and the best plan.

Here's the comparison table to help you to decide the right cover you need to opt for your bike:

CoverageComprehensive PolicyThird Party Policy
Third Party LiabilityCoveredCovered
Third Party Property DamageCoveredCovered
Personal Accident CoverCoveredCovered
Own DamageCoveredNot Covered
Bike TheftCoveredNot Covered

You can further widen up the scope of the comprehensive policy with the help of add-on covers.

Don't just cover third-party, cover your bike too.

Features of Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Stay Protected: Stay covered, stay protected against any loss or damage happen to the insured bike.
  • Covers Third-party: Policyholder is financially covered against the third-party liability.
  • Protection against theft: You are covered in case of theft of your beloved two wheeler.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Offers sum insured of Rs.1 lakh for the owner-rider in case of accident and optional pillion rider cover.
  • Increase the benefits: Various optional add-on covers are available with the comprehensive two wheeler policy to widen up the coverage.

Benefits of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Completely Paperless: Paperless process of buying and renewing the bike insurance policy.
  • Instant Policy: In just 4 minutes you receive the policy directly in your inbox.
  • Long-term policy: Single policy that covers your two wheeler for 3 years.
  • Cashless Garage Network: Access Cashless Garage Network across India in minutes.
  • Worry-free Ride: No worries about the loss of policy. Soft copy is always accessible.
  • Renew expired policy: Renew your expired policy without inspection.

Bike Insurance: Inclusions and Exclusions

What’s IncludedWhat’s Excluded
Damages that might happen to your bike in an accident.Damages caused if you were caught riding under the influence of alcohol.
Personal Accident Cover - if you (the owner-driver) are injured in a bike accident, the insurer compensates you.Loss and damages that may be caused because of a war or a nuclear strike.
Financial protection to your bike from natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, etc.Accident-related damages caused while you were using your two wheeler for illegal activities.
In case your two wheeler gets stolen, your insurer will pay an amount equal to your bike’s IDV.Damages caused or losses incurred to your two wheeler while you were riding without valid license.
Coverage for damages caused during a man-made disaster. This includes riots, strikes, fire, and terrorism are covered.Regular mechanical expenses due to consistent wear and tear.
Why Coverfox?

Want to know what makes us so special when it comes to your insurance needs? Here’s a list of some of our superpowers:

Customer Care that cares.

A dedicated team of Service Managers to manage your bike insurance policy for you, right from start to finish – every way, any way. We call them our superheroes.

Unbiased expert advice

Our experts guide you to choose quotes based on your personal needs, and not the company – so unbiased, we could be your favourite professor.

No draggy paperwork

No long forms and wasting endless rolls of paper. At Coverfox, we are secret environmentalists. Everything is online, which means everything is that instant.

Expert claims assistance

We don’t stop at just helping you buy the most suitable insurance policy for your bike. We guide you through your entire claims process too. Because that’s how help should work!

Buy Confidently

With 25 insurers and 100+ products to choose from, Coverfox works actively to find a plan that is ideal for you. We mean, the best one. From providing you with all the right information to offering unbiased comparisons, we do it all. Hey, you don't even need to engage with the insurer yourself.

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One Stop Solution for All Your Two Wheeler Insurance Needs

Coverfox offers a simple and instant process to buy and renew two wheeler insurance online.

Choose the Right Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • Compare: Compare policies offered by different insurers on one platform.
  • Best Quotes: Compare to get the best quotes from various insurance companies.
  • Completely online: Right from comparing to buying the two wheeler insurance policy, everything is entirely online.
  • Secure Payment: When you buy a policy, you directly pay to the insurer through a completely secured payment gateway.

Here's How to Save Money on your Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Automobile Association of India: If you’re a member of the Automobile Association of India, approved by IRDAI, you are eligible for a discount of up to 2.5% on own-damage premium.

  • Anti Theft Device: If you install an anti-theft device on your bike, as approved by IRDAI, you get an additional 2.5% discount.

  • Voluntary Deductible Discount: If you decide to pay the minimum amount of money at the time of claim, the insurer offers a discount on the own-damage premium. The advantage is that if there’s no claim, you pay no extra cost and still save money by opting voluntary discount.

Voluntary Deductible (Rs.)Discount
5005% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 50/-
75010% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 75/-
100015% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 125/-
150020% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 200/-
  • No Claim Bonus: it is a discount on the premium of two wheeler comprehensive policy offered by every insurer for every claim-free year. For a first claim-free year, you get 20% discount on the own damage premium for the next year. It’s cumulative and thus, keep on increasing as with the number of claim-free years. This discount can go up to a maximum of 50% discount for consecutive 5 claim-free years.

  • Save Money: You save money on the third-party premium when you buy a long-term/multi-year policy. IRDAI changes the third-party policy premium every year, and there’s a price hike every year. But with a long-term policy, you lock the third-party premium for 3 years.

  • Engine CC: The higher the engine cubic capacity (CC) of two wheeler, the higher is the premium. Be ready to shell out money Royal Enfield riders!

  • Bike Make and Model: The more high-end the bike, the higher is the bike insurance premium you need to pay. That means you, Harley Davidson and Ninja owners!

  • Year of Manufacture: Since rate of depreciation increases with age, older bikes have lower Insured Declared Value (IDV). And thus, lower premiums and vice versa.

Don't Pay a Penny for Garage Bills at the time of claim

Go for a Zero Depreciation add-on cover for your two wheeler and stay absolutely worry-free

Zero or Nil Depreciation Cover

At the time of claim, the two wheeler insurance company does not pay the depreciable cost. Depreciable bike parts such as rubber, plastic, metal are not fully covered. The depreciable cost is deducted at the time of claim repair. And this must be borne by the policyholder.

But with the help of two wheeler zero depreciation add-on cover, you stay covered. You save money even on those depreciable parts at the time of claim repair. Because of this add-on cover, the insurance company pays the full amount of repair and/or replacement at the time of claim. Except tyre(s) and tube(s).

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Policies & Get the Best Deal

Coverfox has simplified the process of comparing two wheeler insurance policies online.

Why Compare Two Wheeler insurance policies?

Choosing bike was probably not that easy. After all, so many options. However, choosing an insurance policy won’t be that complicated. In fact, it’s easy, simple, and straightforward. No matter which or what type of two wheeler (scooter, scooty, bike, cruiser, sports bike, etc.) you ride, get a cover for your two wheeler. But with so many two wheeler insurance companies offering different premium, the ideal way is to compare before buying one.

Unique Benefits of Comparing Two Wheeler Insurance Policies

  • Save Money: Compare different insurance policies and save money
  • Best Plan: Compare to get the best plan for your two wheeler
  • Insured Declared Value: Compare Insured Declared Value offered
  • Add-on Covers: Compare add-on cover offered by various insurers

Coverfox Makes Comparing Easy

After entering the basic details of your vehicle, all you have to do is click on – Get Quotes, based on the entered details, Coverfox will fetch quotes from different insurers for you. It’s that easy. Within a minute, policies offered by the different insurer will be displayed on your screen. You can check the details and compare various plans. It’s instant and simple.

Steps to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Policies Online

  1. Enter your two wheeler details – Bike number, if you don’t know the number then enter the basic details of your two wheeler, such as model, make, and variant.
  2. Enter the registration details of your two wheeler.
  3. Check and declare if the policy has expired or not.
  4. Finally, click on Get Quotes.

Things You Should Consider While Comparing Two Wheeler Insurance Policies

  1. Compare type of Coverage (Third Party Liability or Comprehensive).
  2. Compare Insured Declared Value (IDV).
  3. Compare Premium.
  4. Compare Add-on Covers.

Renew Bike Insurance: Insurance on the Go!

Renewing bike or two wheeler insurance policy is easy and can do on the go. Renew two wheeler insurance online without inspection and receive the policy instantly. Moreover, you can also renew your expired policy without any hassle.

Benefits of Renewing Two Wheeler Policy Online

Easily transfer No-Claim Bonus
No Inspections, No Paperwork
Coverage against Bike Theft
Add-ons for additional protection

Is Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Expired?

Forgetting renewal date is just human! Having so many things on mind, it’s easy to slip the renewal due date.

Do not worry. Or fret. With Coverfox’s support, you can simply renew the expired two wheeler insurance policy without any hassle.

Renew expired two wheeler insurance policy with Coverfox:

  • No Inspection: Without inspection and documentation, Coverfox helps you to renew your two wheeler expired policy.
  • No Extra or Hidden Cost: No extra or hidden charges if renewed within the grace period. It will come at the same price as it cost to renew an active two wheeler insurance policy.
  • Instant Policy: You will receive the policy within minutes. Instantly.
  • Best Part: As said, no documentation, you don’t have to provide previous policy details even if the policy has expired for more than the 90 days.

The Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Process on Coverfox.com

Before you renew the insurance, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Renew Your Active/Expired Policy Instantly

Check your IDV

As you enter your two wheeler details, quotes from different insurers will be displayed. Before renewal, ensure you compare Insure Declared Value (IDV) offered by various insurer.

Evaluate Your Cover

Renewing also lets you evaluate the cover you’ve been offered v/s the other plans in the market. Browse through and pick one that matches your needs!

Know Your Add-ons

Select add-ons that are best suited to your needs and include them in your policy. They might be an added expense, but they enhance the policy benefits!

Correcting the Wrong Information

During a policy renewal, you can get previous mistakes rectified by providing the right information – remember, proper policy details are vital for speedier claims!

Best Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India

Insurance CompanyAdd-on CoverSpecial FeaturesPolicy Term Year(s)
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler InsurancePersonal Accident Cover for Occupants
Zero Depreciation
Instant policy
2500+ Cashless garages
24x7 Claim Assistance
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year, 2 years,3 years
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler InsuranceDepreciation Shield
Engine Protector
Instant policy
Hassle-free claim settlement with 24x7 support service
4000 garage network
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year, 2 years,3 years
HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler InsuranceZero Deprecation
Emergency Road Assistance
No Claim Bonus Protection*
Instant policy
Best claim settlement with 94%
Multi-year insurance policy
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year, 2 years,3 years
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler InsuranceNo add-on coversInstant policy
Transfer up to 50% of No Claim Bonus
Quick claim settlement process
1 year
Kotak Two Wheeler InsuranceZero DepInstant policy
Backed up by Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
Efficient and quick claim settlement procedure
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year, 2 years, 3 years
New India Assurance Two WheelerNil DepreciationInstant policy
Pays towing charges up to Rs.300
Complete support for claim settlement
1 year
Oriental Two Wheeler InsuranceNil Depreciation
Cover for loss of Personal Belongings
Instant policy
Optional pillion rider cover
Cashless service across country
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year
Reliance Two Wheeler InsuranceNil Depreciation
Personal Accident Bundle
Instant policy
Simple and easy claim settlement process
159 network garages
Renew expired policy without inspection
1 year
United India Two Wheeler InsuranceZero DepInstant policy
Quick renewal and claim settlement process
1 year
Universal Sompo Two Wheeler InsuranceNil Depreciation cover
Return to Invoice
Daily Cash Allowance
Manufacturer's Selling Price / On Road Price
Loss of Driving License
Additional Accidental Injury Compensation(Owner)
Winder PA Benefit (Owner)
Accidental Hospitalization cover for Family
Hospital Daily Cash
Additional Accidental Injury Compensation (Family)
Driving - Train Protect (Cover for Child parts of Engine, Differential and Gear Box)
Cost of Consumables
Road side Assistance for Two Wheelers
Engine Protector
NCB Protector
Instant policy
Concession for designed/modified vehicle owned by blind, handicapped and mentally challenged persons
Fast and hassle-free claim settlement process
1 year

Two Wheeler Insurance is Simple, Fast and Online

Believe it or not! You can renew your bike insurance with Coverfox.com instantly. Even if you have an expired policy. And we too hate paperwork.

What is Multi-Year Two Wheeler Insurance?

General two wheeler insurance plans are designed for one year and have to be renewed annually. However, a multi-year two wheeler insurance policy is unique. This policy allows two wheelers to be insured up to three years consecutively at one time.

Policyholders don't have to renew the insurance contract each year. This is because they receive a policy certificate for a maximum of three years cover.

Benefits of multi year two wheeler insurance plan:

Save up to 20–40% upfront on premium

IRDA hikes the third-party liability portion of the premium by up to 20% each year. Multiyear insurance saves you against the hike of third-party premium and service tax.

Eliminates the hassle of yearly renewal

Renewing your policy once for three continuous years is stress-free as compared to renewing your two wheeler insurance policy annually.

Protection for long-term

Ride safely and happily by enjoying long-term financial protection of your vehicle for three years. Also, you receive one policy document that is valid for three years.

Easy cancellation of policy

Insurers make the multiyear insurance policy cancellation easier. In a single year plan, if you make a claim in case of theft/loss, you are not eligible for refund.

Lucrative discounts offered

At times, insurance companies offer upfront discounts on multi-year two wheeler insurance policies.
This helps you save on your premiums.

Better No-Claim Bonus advantage

If you are eligible for 25% NCB, it’s applied on the premium of all 3 years. In single year policy, you lose the 25% with one claim. But, in multiyear plan, the 25% is locked for you.

How to Make a Claim on Your Bike Insurance Policy

Required steps and supporting documents:

In case of Accident

  • Immediately contact Coverfox.com
  • Lodge a claim with duly signed claim form
  • Copy of Driving License, RC book, Policy document
  • FIR, if required (Kindly note down, contact details of people and vehicle number involved in accident)
  • Original Repair Estimate Bill
  • In case of cashless service, only Invoice receipt
  • In case of reimbursement provide estimate bill, original invoice and payment receipt

In case of Two wheeler Theft

  • Immediately contact Coverfox.com
  • Lodge a claim with duly signed claim form
  • Original keys with Copy of Driving License, RC book, Policy document
  • Police FIR copy
  • Duly signed Form 26, 28, 29, 30 and Form 35.
  • Final confirmation with “No Trace Report” of the insured vehicle from the police

In case of Third Party Claims

  • Immediately contact Coverfox.com
  • Lodge a claim with duly signed claim form
  • Police FIR copy
  • Copy of Driving License, Policy and vehicle’s RC book
You happy. We happy.
FAQs on Two wheeler insurance

What’s not included in your Two wheeler Insurance Cover?

A third party liabilty insurance cover is clearly limited. But there are some scenarios where even a comprehensive bike insurance policy with add-ons can't help:

  • Damages when the policy is not active.
  • Damages when the driver/owner is breaking the law. (Always carry your license, follow traffic rules and NEVER EVER drink and drive!)
  • Damages due to oil leakage.
  • Damages when you don't follow manufacturer's guidelines. (Not a good idea.)
  • Gradual wear and tear. (Because everything grows old!)

How do you compare plans before choosing one?

We all know that too many options usually implies too much confusion. That is why, before choosing, one must compare plans on the basis of:

  • Insurance Company: Check the company’s past records for the number of claims settled and the time taken to settle them. That's always a great measure.
  • Premium and Coverage: Balance between the premium you are willing to pay and the coverage that you will actually end up needing. Also, don't forget to include add-ons.
  • Cashless Garage Network: Be sure about the insurer’s network garages in your area. You must remember that you can avail cashless services only at these garages, so that's always tricky.

Please visit this link to compare two wheeler insurance policies.

What are the documents required to register a claim?

The sole purpose of buying insurance for your two-wheeler is to get adequately compensated for any damages and losses. To ensure that you raise a successful claim, it’s necessary to keep all the relevant documents at hand. While insurance companies try their best to avoid pesky paperwork, here is a list of documents you need to have on you:

  • The copy of the Registration Certificate & Tax Receipt of your bike.
  • The proof of valid insurance document.
  • Copy of your Motor Driving License
  • Copy of FIR/Panchanama in case of Theft or Third Party damage/death/bodily injury.
  • Repair Bills and Payment Receipts in case of reimbursement. That sounds about right?

How do I renew my two wheeler insurance policy?

We send you a renewal notice much before your policy expiration date! Just confirm acceptance along with a cheque, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I renew my bike insurance policy online?

Yes, you can – with a debit/credit card or even through net banking. Although, for expired policies you will have to contact us for an offline renewal process.

If I have fitted new accessories to my bike, how and when can I get them insured?

They can be insured during the term of the current policy itself. You just need to send a written request to our Customer Care, and we'd take care of the rest!