Coverfox was born as a response to a sad and annoying truth we’d all personally experienced: Nobody cares about insurance!

Nobody cares about insurance!

Insurance products, and consequently the industry, were written off as fuddy-duddy, boring, and opaque. It was that kid in class, the cool kids swore they’d never hang out with!

It was that kid in class, the cool kids swore they’d never hang out with!

I mean come on, advertising in this space shows you what people think of it: communication is primarily playing up the fear of the unexpected. They are mostly about gentlemen in crisp office shirts, pleading you to hedge your bets before it is too late!

Now we had a huge problem with that. If anything, insurance is the weapon that arms you to take chances and be fearless. It is not about shying away from risk or worrying about the what-ifs!

Insurance is the weapon that arms you to take chances and be fearless

We went searching for that key insight that would turn this perception on its head. What we found and articulated eventually was a very powerful thought.

The very act of insuring yourself pushes you to enjoy risk to the extent possible. ‘Risk’ doesn't need to be managed, risk doesn't need to be contained, risk just needs to be outfoxed.

In fact, Coverfox was also developed on this very premise. Our core aim has always been to create a simple, easy, confident way to buy insurance in a world full of opaque choices, so you can do more with your life and live beyond risk. you can do more with your life.

We wanted our communication, and everything we do, to reflect this insight and break away from what everyone is used to seeing! A true departure from the clichéd, something we personally would feel proud (and cool) to be a part of.

What you see here today, and hopefully enjoy watching on a lot of TV channels for the next few days is a labor of love that is the culmination of the combined effort of a lot of good people who truly pushed themselves. Behind it, are innumerable hours of discussions, arguments, fights, coffee carnage, ‘creative’ dissonance, countless food marathons, nicotine abuse and mad, mad laughter!

Here are some key people who took us through this far:

Srinivas, our brand consultant, marketing guru extraordinaire, who has been instrumental with his invaluable contribution, who seeded this very idea for us. He reined in all our efforts and channeled us in the right direction.

BBH, our creative agency that understood and put life into our ideas, surprising us each time with their amazing concepts, delivering to the brief on point.

Starcom MediaVest that helped us distribute this communication to the right set of people most effectively.

It's been just about a year since I've joined Team Coverfox, and it sure feels awesome to see how far we've come. A clear articulation of the brand promise, a fantastic product that's been the cynosure of all our competitors' eyes incredible and proven customer service, and now, clutter breaking communication! I mean can I ever top this present on my first anniversary at work? Well, just wait and watch, abhi to party shuru hui hai!

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