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Cigna TTK Insurance

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture. A collaboration between Cigna Corporation, a leading US based health services provider and TTK group of India. Cigna TTK commenced their operations in 2014.

CGHP, offers a global coverage for Indian employees travelling across the globe.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Cigna TTK has a pan India presence as a health insurance provider across 15 cities of the country. Soon after their launch in 2014, a first-of-its-kind product - Cigna Global Health Product (CGHP), was launched by Cigna TTK.It has won trusts of many customers due to its tailor-made plans.

Interesting Facts about Cigna TTK Insurance

  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance was established in 2014
  • Cigna TTK is partnering the Marathon – Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) as their insurance partner.
  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance was awarded as “Economic Times Best Promising Brands 2015” in 2015.
  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance offers Health Insurance Plans, Travel Insurance Plans, and Critical Illness Plans.

Product Portfolio – Cigna TTK Insurance

Health Insurance

Today’s rising medical treatment costs has made it difficult to afford treatment. A health insurance policy comes with lots of benefit to the policyholder. It ensures that the insured receives proper treatment without worrying about the expenses. Moreover, protects your savings from exhaustion. Plans offered by Cigna TTK takes care of pre and post hospitalization expenses, Day care treatment, etc. with cashless facility at their Authorised Hospital Network. Here’s the list of health insurance plans offered by Cigna TTK:

  • ProHealth Insurance Protect Plan

Protect Plan provides sum insured up to Rs. 10 lakh for individuals and families. This plan covers pre and post hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, OPD with 100% restoration of sum insured, etc. Protect Plan by Cigna TTK offers a non-reducing cumulative bonus. Entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for Adults.

  • ProHealth Insurance Plus Plan

Plus Plan comes with sum insured ranging from Rs.4.5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. It covers treatment costs, medical expenses, pre and post hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, etc. Entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for Adults.

  • ProHealth Insurance Preferred Plan

A unique plan with sum insured ranging from Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh. The uniqueness of plan lies in the fact that you are covered around the globe in case of a medical emergency with full sum insured. Another factor about Preferred Plan that makes it unique is that the waiting period is of 2 years for pre-existing disease. It covers treatment costs, medical expenses, pre and post hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, etc. Entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for Adults.

  • ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan

Are you looking for a higher sum insured? And that which gets you cover across the globe in case of any medical emergencies and even at home country? Then Premier Plan is a plan for you as it comes with coverage of Rs. 100 Lakh that covers treatment costs, medical expenses, pre and post hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, etc. Entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for Adults.

  • ProHealth Insurance Accumulate Plan

As the name suggests, accumulate, it helps you to accumulate wealth in the form of increased sum insured even if you claim. Additionally, you are rewarded in the form of 10% discount if you to stay healthy. Only of its kind plan where you can eat your cake and keep it too. It covers treatment costs, medical expenses, pre and post hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, etc. Entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for Adults.

  • Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care Plan

This plan by Cigna TTK offers coverage for critical illnesses. Under the basic variant of this plan you are covered with 15 Critical Illnesses and 30 critical illnesses under an enhanced variant of this plan.

  • Lifestyle Protection - Accident Care Plan

Uncertain events are better when at bay but one must be prepared in case of eventualities that may lead you and your family into financial instability. A severe accident can lead to disabilities and/or death. This plan covers you against accidental death, disablement, loss of employment, with education fund & orphan benefit for child.

  • ProHealth Cash

With this plan you get daily hospital cash benefit upto Rs.5000/-, which can be used for non-medical expenses at the time of hospitalization. It also offers 2 times daily benefit in case of Accidental Hospitalization and 3 times daily benefit towards ICU. The daily expenditure at the time of hospitalization can be financial burden, this helps you to overcome the burden

Other Plans offered are:

  • Global Health Group Policy

Traveling has become a part of life and work. Whether it is a vacation trip or business one it is important that you stay covered while you are traveling. It gets you covers with domestic and international trip under one umbrella. This cover is available for employees and their dependents but not parents. Cigna TTK offer Two Plans: Ruby and Diamond with wide range of sum insured Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 12 crore, wherein you are covered with in-patient hospitalization, day care benefits, out-patient a cover for AIDS/HIV, etc.

  • ProHealth Group Insurance Policy

A completely customizable plan. This plan can be opted for an individual or as family floater. It gets you cover with in-patient hospitalization, day care treatment, pre and post hospitalization medical expenses, road ambulance cover, domiciliary hospitalization, donor expenses cover. Moreover, with 41 base optional covers offers a complete customizable plan.

Cigna TTK Claim Process

Claim Process

  1. The first and foremost step is to inform and lodge a claim by contacting Cigna TTK Health Insurance on the Toll Free number - 1-800-10-24462
  2. Keep all your documents and details ready:

    a. Your contact details

    b. Name of the Insured

    c. Policy number

    d. Cigna TTK health card

Health Insurance claim Process

Here’s the step-by-step process to lodge a claim. Understand Do’s and Don’ts’ to ensure your claim gets approved. Below is the list that Cigna TTK Health Insurance Health Insurance policy will cover:

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization costs
  • Hospital Charges (Room Rent, Boarding, ICU and Operation Theatre Charges)
  • Fees for Surgeon, Anesthetist, Nurse, specialist, etc.
  • Cost of Diagnostic Test, Medicines, Blood, Oxygen, etc.

Note: For any claim to be processed and approved you need to lodge a claim by intimating the company.

Case 1: If it is a Planned Hospitalization

If you are planning to go for a planned hospitalization, it is necessary to intimate the company 3 days prior to the hospitalization.

Case 2: In case of an Emergency Hospitalization

In case of an emergency hospitalization, it is important to intimate the company within 48hrs from the time of hospitalization. Any health insurance policy issued by Cigna TTK Health Insurance provides: Cashless and Reimbursement claim services.

Cashless Claim Process:

It gets you covered with the medical expenses of any treatment for sickness, illness or accident provided the treatment is carried out at the listed Cigna TTK Health Insurance Network Hospital. On approval of the claim the medical bills are directly paid by the Cigna TTK Health Insurance to the hospital. Important documents and details to be provided at the time of claim:

  • Policy Number, Policyholder’s/ Insured’s Name
  • Contact Details of the Claimant/ Policyholder
  • Name of the Insured/ Claimant
  • Hospital Details
  • Nature of Ailment/Details of the Accident (Commencement date of the symptoms & related details)

Reimbursement Claim Process:

The policyholder needs to pay all the cost first and later Cigna TTK Health Insurance will reimburse. All the medical expenses bill are required to be submitted to get the reimbursement to the company. In case of a reimbursement process, it is not mandatory to get treated in the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Authorized Hospital. The treatment can be carried out in any registered hospital. Within seven days of getting discharge, policyholder needs to submit the bills to get reimbursement. Important documents and details to be provided to get reimbursement:

Claim Form duly signed by the Insured

  • Photocopy of ID Card

  • Photocopy of policy certificate

  • Original discharge card/summary, Original hospital bills

  • For consolidated amounts, a detailed breakup of the amount

  • All investigation reports and bills in original supported by a note from the attending doctor/surgeon recommending such investigations

  • Surgeon’s certificate stating nature of surgery performed, bill and paid receipt

  • Attending doctors/consultants/specialists/anesthetists bill, receipt and certificate

  • ECS Form

Review of Cigna TTK Insurance

Cigna TTK has been an insurance provider since 2014 and their plans are very promising. Each plan supports modern day lifestyle. Plans are designed keeping the needs of the customers in mind. Cigna TTK aims to reach out Indian strong looking potential market they have been continuously launching innovative products to meet the demands that separate them from the league. If you are looking for unique and customizable plan that covers your needs consider Cigna TTK.

Contact Details of CignaTTK Insurance Company

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited 401/402, Raheja Titanium, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400063.

Call: +91-22-61703600

Call toll-free number 1-800-10-24462 (Valid only for calls made from India)’ Callers outside India can reach at +91 22 4132 2800 (Call charges as per the caller’s tariff plan)



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