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Safety Tips To Make Your Pokémon Go Adventure Enjoyable

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 09 August 2016
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Pokémon Go has already captured the hearts of millions. Armed with your smartphone to grab those Pokémons, just follow these tips to ensure your safety and those around you.

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There are (virtual) Pokémons amongst us. They’re in our parking lots, playgrounds, on the footpaths, near temples and also at our grocery stores. You can grab them and prepare them for a fight with the Pokémon Go game for mobile phones.

For those who’re unaware of the game (well, I doubt there would be any!), here’s some info. In the world of Pokémon, we humans call ourselves as trainers and collect Pokémon creatures. Then we perfect their skills and face off against another trainer’s Pokémons in combat. Pokémons are not new to us. They’ve been in our lives since the 1990s but were more confined to trading cards, video games, cartoons, and films until now. Pokémon Go literally goes few steps further in allowing these creatures in real-world places using a smartphone’s GPS, camera, and other techniques. And guess what—people are struggling to find them.

Such is the craze of the game that you will see crowds rambling through your neighborhood glued to their phones. Don’t be surprised if one or two bumps into yourself while you’re walking on the footpath. Although the game is not officially released in India and many other Asian countries, people have found ways of downloading it through various technological loopholes. Hence, many millions of Indians are out striving to catch Pokémon already.

This excessively favorite latest game has been applauded for getting gamers and youngsters up off the couch and out into the real world. But, tracking down Pokémon all over the town and at all hours of the day and night isn’t without its dangers.

If you or anyone you know plans a crusade to catch them all (around 151 creatures in total), it’s utmost important to ensure personal safety at all times. Here are five tips to safeguard your Pokémon experience:

Be Conscious: You don’t want to let that Pokémon slide away, but you don’t want to wander into traffic or off a ledge either. So, keep your gameplay restrained to parks and other open areas–just always be aware of what or who is nearby. Keep your eyes off your screen while roaming and be considerate to others. While on the way of a new virtual pet, don’t crash into other people especially small children and elders. Be considerate before stepping on someone’s manicured lawns or playing at places like religious centers, libraries, and monuments.

Strictly No Playing While Driving: It may be fascinating to drive from one Pokéstop to the other in an attempt to grab them all, but Pokémon Go was never intended to be played on the public road. In fact, walking plugs in the major part of the game by enabling new beings to hatch from eggs while you’re on your feet.

Remember, dividing your concentration while driving puts yourself and others in danger. Don’t stop abruptly to pick up a creature or other objects as you may get rear-ended or even worse. Even if your co-passengers are playing, make sure not to let their gameplay impact your driving. It’ll always be safer to wait until you reach your destination to play. Even better, just walk—those eggs won’t hatch themselves!

Tag a Friend Along: Pokémon Go players can benefit from being in the company of someone who’s fully present in the physical world—not the virtual one. Sometimes in your search for Pokémon can make you explore unsafe or dangerous places, Hence, it’s great to have an additional set of eyes. However, this should not be your bargaining chip to remain ignorant of your surroundings yourself.

Be Cautious of Crooks at Night: Longtime Pokémon fans aren’t the only ones aware of the game. Crooks and thieves are, too—and they’re hanging out at Pokéstops ready to mug players who pass by. This danger aggravates at night when there are fewer people around in parks and on the roads. Better to pause until the morning to track down that Pokémon than risk losing your smartphone, purse and more.

Guard Your Belongings: As always when you’re in a public place, keep track of your belongings. Inattentive people are easy targets for robbers and pickpockets, especially in cramped areas.

We know it’s overwhelming to have Pokémons amongst us eventually. We just want you to be secure and safe while tracking them down. Happy exploring!

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Meeta Sabnis
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