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Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan

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Benefits of Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan

Terminal Illness Coverage

Terminal illness benefit which will provide guaranteed sum in case of a terminal illness.

Lifestage Protection

Option to increase your life coverage as per the increasing life stage requirement needs.

Extended Coverage

Option of Life Coverage upto the age of 80 years.

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Exclusions of Aegon Life Insurance

The claims would not be admitted under the below exclusions:

  • Suicide- If the insured commits suicide within the first year of the plan, then 80% of the premium paid till date is given to the nominee
  • Accidental death – Accidental death due to consumption of alcohol, drugs, acts of crime, war, participation in any dangerous sports, service in armed forces, self-inflicted injuries etc.

Types of Aegon Life Term Insurance Plans

About Aegon Life Insurance Company

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited (formerly Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Limited) commenced its pan-India operations in July 2008.

Aegon's original roots go back 170 years to the first half of the nineteenth century. Over a period of time, Aegon has grown into an international company. Today, Aegon businesses have spread in more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In the US, Aegon is a leading market and operates under the Transamerica brand. It has become one of the world's leading financial services organizations, providing life insurance, pensions, and asset management. With around 29,000 employees worldwide, it has 723 billion Euros of revenue-generating investments.

Aegon, an international provider of life insurance, pensions and asset management and Bennett, Coleman & Company, India's leading media conglomerate, have come together to launch Aegon Life Insurance. This joint venture has the combination of a local approach along with the power of global expertise to launch products that are focused on providing customers to meet their long-term financial goals. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai and has a growing customer base of over 4.4 lakh customers across India.

FAQs on Aegon Life Term Insurance

In an unfortunate event of your death, how can your nominee claim your Aegon Term plan?

If you have invested in a Term Plan, it is advisable to keep your nominee aware of the situation so that if and when the time comes, he/she can claim the policy for which you have been shelling premium every year. To make the claim, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Every insurance company has a pre-set procedure defined for making a claim. Hence, following your death (and yeah, even though it sounds scary!), your nominee has to intimate the insurance company of the same.
  • All necessary documents including Claim Form, Death Certificate, original policy documents, hospital and medical records and bank account details of the nominee, etc. are to be submitted to the insurance company for further processing.
  • Always prefer to communicate with the insurance company through written medium like an email to maintain a track of your conversation. You never know when it might come in handy (though we hope it doesn't).

I am already registered under the Group Insurance Scheme. Shall I still buy Aegon Life Term Insurance?

Yes, it is imperative to buy an individual term plan from Aegon inspite of having registered under the Group Insurance Scheme because of the below:

  • The sum assured would be too less under the Group Insurance Scheme
  • You may not be insured in case you plan of quitting your current employer
  • You would pay a higher premium in case you buy an individual term insurance at an older age

How safe is to make the payments online if I wish to buy the term insurance plan from Aegon?

Every transaction made online is safe and secured under Aegon Life Insurance. The company has taken initiative to protect every transaction by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is handled by VeriSign. This is a leading encryption technology. This process takes the details of your debit/credit card and converts the information into bits and pieces of code, which are further transmitted securely over the internet. No one can read this data since it actually travels over the Internet. Besides, Aegon Life ensures to save no information of the debit/credit card and netbanking information of their customers.

So, it is absolutely safe to make premim payments online if you wish to buy Aegon life term insurance plan.

Why should I opt for the Return of premium term plan from Aegon Life?

This plan is suitable for a working individual especially having dependents. You would get a good sum assured at a lower cost and can safeguard your family from your untimely death. If you die within the policy period, the sum assured is paid to your nominee as per the policy terms and conditions. But, if you outlive the policy, the insurance company would pay you the premiums paid at the end of the policy period.

Give some information about the Aegon Life iDisability Rider?

The Aegon Life iDisability Rider will pay a lump-sum benefit under the rider. Additionally, it will also waive off the balance premiums under the base plan in case you suffer permanent disability due to sickness or accidents. This rider enhances your base policy by providing additional benefits.