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Taapsee Pannu is the New Face of Coverfox!

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 04 July 2018
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As a company that always tries to do something unconventional in the field of insurance, we have come up with our "Cover Karo, Kaam Aayega" TV campaign, where Coverfox and Taapsee Pannu team up to introduce a new way of buying Insurance.

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With an attempt to promote the importance of insurance, we have collaborated with 'Taapsee Pannu' for our latest brand campaign. Supplemented with a TV Commercial, the idea behind this brand campaign is to establish the need for insurance in every scenario and showcase how easy it is to buy on Coverfox's platform, that too with almost no paperwork.

Coverfox continuously strives to be a company that is young and energetic and therefore, our campaign is aimed at today's millennials, who don't just buy a product, but believe in a cause and hence, want to support it. This campaign also addresses modern women, who are independently making financial decisions, including crucial ones like buying insurance. Taapsee, in this case, clearly fits the bill as she has portrayed a number of independent characters, and continuously encourages women to take matters in their own hands, including financial ones. This campaign rightly addresses the issue of eve teasing, which is recognised by the youth and needs to be nipped in the bud.

A celebrated actress in the film industry, Taapsee is the perfect portrayal of company ethos of being young, bold, independent and confident. She also symbolises our core values of trust, honesty and integrity. She effortlessly connects with the young millennial audience who, in most cases, are oblivious to the vitality of insurance and how it would be a boon in case of unfortunate events. The campaign’s tagline – ‘Cover Karo, Kaam Aayega’ aims to reiterate the importance of securing your life and assets by buying insurance at the right age and reaping the benefits of the same in the times of need. The campaign touches upon all the three verticals of insurance i.e. motor, health and life. And the creative subtly indicates the promise of Coverfox, of making insurance simple and fast.

Go ahead, check out our new TVC and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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4.7 (19 votes)
Jagrity Sharma
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