Nominee Assistance Program
A Free Service offered by Coverfox
Losing your loved one is painful enough. We don’t want your nominee to face any hassles during the claims process. Coverfox’s Nominee Assistance Program assures that your family receives FREE claims assistance, along with financial, legal and psychological counselling.
claims assistance
Claims Assistance
Help with filing of claim forms, paperwork & claims follow-up with the insurer.
nominee app
Nominee Assistant App
A mobile app to upload your important documents & access to a dedicated counsellor.
legal assist
Legal Counselling
Counselling on legal process for inheritance claims, death certificate, etc.
Psychological Counselling
Professional emotional counselling for your family in case of an unfortunate event.
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How it works
Compare and Buy a Term Plan:
  • Compare the best term plans from top insurers on Coverfox
  • Speak to our expert advisors for guidance on your requirement
  • Buy the best-suited plan
  • Automatically enrol for the Nominee Assistance Program!
comapare term
term app
Nominee Assistance App:
  • Receive an email with a code for enrollment
  • Download the Coverfox Nominee Assistance Andriod app here and iOS app here
  • Upload and organize financial documents
  • Assign access rights to the designated nominee
Support for Your Family & You:
  • Claims-filing assistance, updates and follow-ups with insurers
  • Legal guidance on will-creation, succession planning and execution
  • Guidance to nominee in the absence of a will
  • Emotional counselling for nominee by a trained professional
family assist

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How is Coverfox different from other insurance marketplaces?

"We, at coverfox, aspire to be your one-stop-shop, your go to place ever for anything related to insurance. This means:

  1. We tie up with all major insurers and let you compare, all in one place. So, you do not have to visit other websites or speak to other insurance companies. Its all here, under one website.
  2. We remove all the jargons from the policy details and explain everything in plain english.
  3. Our experts keep it simple. They really give advice, and not enforce a certain insurer to you.

But don't just blindly believe what we are saying. We have a 72% customer rentention rate, which is the by far one of the best in the market. We are also the highest rated insurance website on facebook and Google+. :)"

How does Coverfox make money?

Coverfox is a licensed broker. Which means we are paid a commission for each policy we sell, by the insurance companies. Does that mean you pay anything extra, other than your policy premium? Nope. The commission is paid for by the insurer and not by you, the customer.

Does the commision make us biased for or against any inusrance company? The answer is simply no, we cannot be biased as a broker. A broker is a customer's representative and is always for the customer and not for the insurance company.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through

Insurance is a regulated market. No insurance company, neither coverfox nor any other agent can give you a deal cheaper than what the insurance company has set. It is illegal to do so. The best way to save money on insurance premiums is by comparing various insurance plans available and making an informed choice.