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Nominee Assistance Program

A Coverfox initiative for all our Term Life Insurance customers

Under this program, you can be assured that your family will not just receive assistance throughout the claims process, but also get financial, legal and psychological counselling. Needless to say, at no extra cost.

Buying a term life insurance is one of the most honest ways to ensure that your loved ones remain financially secure, even if you weren't around. At, we just ensure that this job is well done. Helping you find and purchase the best possible term insurance plan is one just part of the job. The other is to ensure that your loved ones are well-assisted with care in their hour of need.

Services under Nominee Assistance Program

Claims Assistance
  • Tele-assistance for filling forms throughout the claims process
  • Guidance on paperwork
  • Regular follow-ups with the insurance companies
  • Claims status update to your nominee at every step of the claims process
  • Claims assistance for all other insurance policies, even if not purchased from
  • Legal Counselling
    Lack of estate planning & a sudden early death in the family, can result in major complications with respect to claiming ownership as a legal heir under the succession laws. When there is no registered will in place, the nominee will have to go through a lot of hassles to finally make an ownership claim. To avoid such a situation for you and your nominee, we have included legal guidance as part of this program.

    You can use these services to receive guidance on:
  • Will creation
  • Will management
  • Succession planning and execution.

    In absence of a registered will, your nominee can utilise this service to have their queries on
  • Inheritance claims
  • Succession act
  • Obtaining a death certificate & probate

    4 sessions of half an hour each will be available.
  • Financial Counselling
    One of the biggest issues faced by families post the death of the insured is to collate all the necessary documents, be it insurance papers, home related papers, etc. Also, there is over Rs. 10,527 crores worth of unclaimed amount as of March 2016 as per IRDAI, one of the major reasons for which is the lack of access to relevant documents by the nominee. Also, the lack of proper guidance in making these claims is another factor adding to this amount. By means of this service, we wish to address these concerns.

    In order to solve this issue, you will get access to a mobile based application which will help you with:

  • Organising all your financial documents by uploading them on the app (safeguarded by bank level security)
  • Assign full or part rights to designated deputy(s) for access
  • Upload wish list audio, video & letters for the nominee

  • Your nominee will get the following benefits:

  • Access to all the necessary documents as uploaded by you.
  • Dedicated counsellor for help in getting ownership clams of financial assets.
  • Physical delivery of colour coded documents for ease of identification & processing
  • Psychological Counselling
    Death has always had a deep emotional impact on the minds of the family of the deceased, which if not addressed at the right time, by the right people, can lead to multiple issues in the future. Keeping this in mind, your nominee gets sessions for emotional & psychological counselling with trained professionals to help them overcome the grief of your loss.

    2 sessions of one hour each will be available. These sessions can either be face to face or telephonic sessions

    For more information, talk to a service manager today. Call 1800-209-9970 toll free (Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm).
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    How can I enroll for this program?

    Anyone who purchases a Term Life Insurance from is automatically enrolled in the Nominee Assistance Program. On purchasing a term life insurance plan, you will receive an email with all the details around the program. You can always ask to our insurance experts to elaborate on the service before you buy the policy.

    How can my nominee avail this program?

    Once you purchase a term insurance product from, you will receive an email with all the details around the program and how to avail the same. It is recommended that you share the details with your nominee so that they are aware of the same. In case of any queries on the program, you may reach out to us on 1800 209 9970.

    Can I use the legal counselling sessions right away?

    Yes, you may use the first session right away to discuss and understand any of the following legal queries:

  • i. Estate planning
  • ii. Will and Trusts
  • iii. Tips on how to make a Will
  • iv. Setting up of a trust
  • v. Registration requirements
  • Can I also use the second free session for legal assistance?

    In order to ensure that your nominee can get all their legal doubts cleared in the unfortunate situation of making a claim, the second legal session has been kept specifically for doubts or queries related to that. Hence, the second legal counselling session cannot be used except by the nominee in the case of making a claim.

    What legal guidance will be made available to my nominee?

    Your nominee can get clarification on:

  • i. Inheritance claim
  • ii. Obtaining a death certificate and probate
  • iii. What to do if there is no Will
  • iv. How to contest another claim
  • v. Registration of the property in the beneficiarys name
  • vi. What happens if the deceased has formed a trust
  • vii. Settlement deeds and dealing with family members claims
  • How does make money from this? does not make any money out of this service. We have entered into strategic partnerships with parties / organizations who can help us ensure that your family and loved ones receive unparalleled support in the unfortunate event of making a claim.

    Do I have to pay anything extra for this service to

    This service comes at absolutely no extra cost to you. This is our way of letting you know that we care and to ensure that your nominee gets all the assistance in the unfortunate event of them having to make a claim.

    What is psychological counselling?

    Death has a huge emotional impact on the family of the deceased. Knowing this, the nominee assistance program has included psychological counselling (Bereavement Counselling) so as to ensure that the families of the insured have a professional who can talk to them and help them out in this trying situation.

    What are the documents required for my Nominee to access this service?

    The nominee requires the policy document along with the email as sent to you on purchase of the Term Insurance plan with all the details around the nominee assistance program.

    Will Coverfox also help my nominee to make a claim on life insurance policies that were not purchased from Coverfox?

    Yes, Coverfox will assist your nominee fill all the necessary documents of the policies that were held by you, even the ones not bought via Coverfox.

    In case of a claim, for how long will this service be available to my nominee? Or is their a lapse date on the service too?

    It is advisable to avail these services in a time span of 1 year from the date of making the claim.

    If I have more than one nominee to the term policy, how is the service provided?

    All the nominees are eligible for the program. The service will be provided to them as per the normal process as applicable.

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