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Bonding With Your Family on A Road Trip

Chaitali Mehendale Chaitali Mehendale 06 March 2018

If you think really well, then you will realize your car doesn’t simply allow you to travel from one place to another but also allows you to pursue your passion of driving and share some amazing road trips and hiking trips with your family members.

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It is on road trips that you can get together with your family members and share memorable moments. Yes, some of the happiest family memories have taken place on road trips. Following are some tips for bonding and creating lasting memories with your family members on a road trip.

Say no to electronics

You’re probably driving towards the crux of nature with your wife and kids. You want your family to focus on the amazing weather outside and not on the screens of your smartphone. Create the perfect environment for a lovely family time. This won’t be possible if everyone has a phone or tablet in hand. This is the main reason why you must do away with all the electronic gadgets during a road trip. Most part of the driving session can be spent talking or even playing road trip games. You can listen to music or even just enjoy the drive in silence but one must stay away from the tick-tacks of a smartphone.

Share personal tales

Another way of getting closer to your family members during a road trip is by opening up and sharing moments that you may not have shared with them before. Take advantage of the time you have in the car as one is hardly distracted and doesn’t necessarily have anywhere to go. Talk about the old childhood memories and the trips that you used to take as a young adult. This ultimately ends up motivating the listener to share a story of their own. Other topics that you can touch upon include what must be done when you’re reaching your destination and the top favorite things about the trip or what one would like to eat on the way.

Kick-start a family tradition

You can kick-start a family tradition when it comes to planning road trips. This can range from being anything – all the way from preparing dinner meals to preparing road trip stacks or even playing a traditional road trip game. You can start off a scavenger hunt program related to the area that you will be driving to or even sing your favorite songs from a popular album along the way. This will help you feel closer to your family members and may even end up breaking away any possible walls that might be existing.

Find things that you all mutually love

Majority of us enjoy travelling. However, physically strenuous activities such as hiking or exploring outdoors is something that everyone might not enjoy. While road trips are relatively more comfortable by nature, if you plan on indulging in the above mentioned activities, it is better to ensure that your family members are okay with that too. Extended plans made in connection with the road trip with your family members must suit everyone’s preference. If your family really does enjoy a simple walk by the beach, then go for it. Find things that you all love mutually and indulge in it together. Things that you like to do by yourself can take place at any given point in time.

Make memories

Lasting memories are not easy to create. Road trips are perhaps, one of the fastest ways of creating those memories. Be it long drive talking, singing or even playing traditional road trip games. The family members will cherish all of this for a lifetime. I personally remember some of my fondest memories with my family as being on a road trip.

Make your family members feel important

It is important to make the other fellow travelers in the car feel just as important. You can do this by ensuring that they are equally involved in all the decisions throughout the road trip. Ask them for opinions when it comes to deciding what attractions or places one can visit and take their advice when it comes to packing and helping in preparing for the road trip. Make sure that you get them involved in the road trip not only by making them more excited about it but ensuring that their opinion matters as well.

Eateries on point

Make sure that your family or fellow travelers are fed properly. You can stop along the way if you’d like, however that’s a risk that you must avoid. If you’re depending on the road-side shops that you might find while you’re on your way to your destination, especially for water and food then don’t. Fill up your vehicle with enough number of water bottles. Following which, you must keep a tab on how much water is remaining in your car. As far as snacks are concerned, don’t pack a full-fledged lunch or dinner meal. Little munchies that can get you going till you find yourself a good restaurant or ‘dhaba’ surely helps.

A road trip is the best way to create fond memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Give them something to reminisce about their future days. Make road trips more enjoyable with your family members through these simple tips and tricks and you’re good to go.

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Chaitali Mehendale
Written by Chaitali Mehendale
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