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How To Make Car Insurance Claim In 4 Simple Steps

Have a car insurance policy but don't know what to do when your car breaks down, has an accident or worse still, gets stolen? Read on, to know everything about the claims process on your motor insurance.

You’re happy about getting done with work early and driving home on an almost empty road. So happy that you almost missed the puppy crossing the road. CRASH, BOOM, BANG!

Thankfully the puppy is safe but you’re now stuck on the side of the road with a badly dented, injured car.

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What are you supposed to do now?

You renewed your car insurance 2 months ago and after 2 claim free years, you’ve almost forgotten the standard operating procedure to follow in case of an accident. Worry not! Here are 4 easy steps you need to keep in mind in case you ever find yourself in an accident or if your car breaks down or worse, your car gets stolen


First things first, ALWAYS inform your insurance company right at the moment that you are in an accident. In cases of damage, they are going to be your awesome friends that bail you out of sticky situation. All companies have a number that you can call on to make a claim. It is important to do this before you make a claim because it just eases the entire process.

And makes the claim settlement faster. More on that later. If you’ve bought your motor insurance policy through coverfox.com, you can call us on as well. We’d help you with the entire process. Besides of course, cheering you up about the sad, inconvenient situation you’re in. We’re friendly folks like that!


In case your car has been stolen, you have to lodge an FIR. Seems very obvious, but you just got to, no two ways about it. Your claim won’t be settled without it. Even in case of accidents, it is always a good idea to lodge an FIR, though not mandatory for claim settlement.


Once you’ve called the insurance folks, a representative will come and evaluate the damage to your car. You will also be guided to the right service centre nearest to you. This will help you get the best service for your beloved car. It will avoid any further consequential damage to your car that you unknowingly may cause in an attempt to take it to the nearest mechanic yourself.

This will also ensure you don’t have to spend a lot of money from your own pocket, because most places you will be guided to, will have a tie up with the insurance company for cashless servicing.

Which effectively means, the bill gets settled by your insurance company directly. Just like the nice meal your dad pays when he’s comes to visit you in college! In case the car is not in the position to be driven, they will also help you tow the car away to the nearest mechanic.


Once they’ve evaluated and agreed on the damage and the timelines involved in the repair, you can go home and relax. Be rest assured that since the insurance company is involved and the authorised service centres are repairing your car, it is in good hands.

The parts required to be replaced will be genuine, there will be no extra hidden charges randomly added to your bill. Most importantly, the claim settlement process will take much lesser time, since the company has been involved right from the start, they are prepared better for the process.

Anyway it is in their interest to settle your claim within a stipulated time of being involved.

The sooner you involve them, the better.

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What happens when you don't inform the insurance company at the time of repairing your car?

  • There may be lack of transparency in terms of the parts replaced, the charges incurred and so on.

  • You may un-knowingly cause more consequential damage to the car by driving it to the mechanic without having the damage evaluated first.

  • You may be overpaying the labor charges if you go to an unauthorised mechanic.

  • You may have to deal with the partial or total rejection of your claim. You will not be aware of the kind of costs or damages that your car has incurred and which of those costs is claimable or not.

Cashless services will also not be available to you. You would unnecessarily have to wait a long time before the money gets reimbursed in most of the cases

So be smart about choosing the right car insurance policy and for all your troubles, like Jerry Maguire said, help the insurance company help you!

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Third-Party Liability Claims

Despite the best of your efforts, you banged your car into someone else's car/property, or a person suffered an injury during a mishap. Chances are that this person will claim for the damages on your insurance policy.

Here's what you need to do:

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Lodge an FIR

To file a claim on the Third-Party Liability policy, you or the third-party must file an FIR at the local police station of the spot of the accident. Keep a copy of the FIR with you.

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Sharing policy documents

You must share the copy of your car insurance policy with the third-party, so that they can make a claim on your insurance policy. You cannot avoid this, even if you wish to!

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Claiming in Motor Tribunal

By the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, all third-party liability claims are settled under the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). The third-party involved has to file for the claim at this tribunal. It could be located near the place of the accident or where the victim or his dependents reside or where the owner of the vehicle or the driver involved resides.

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Claims for Your Stolen Car

Can there be anything worse than a stolen car? Perhaps not. That’s why it’s important to know what goes into making claims under this scenario.

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Lodge an FIR

If you find out that your car has been stolen, (after you're done freaking out!) the first thing you must do is lodge an FIR at the local police station.

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Inform the insurance company

And raise a claim for it. Submit the following documents alongside – copy of your car's registration certificate (RC), copy of the FIR, copy of your driving license, first two pages of your policy document, and a detailed letter addressed to the RTO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents that are required to be submitted for a Car Insurance claim?

The policy document is a ready reckoner that you can refer for the complete list of documents to be submitted if you have a Car

Insurance claim. The documents which you would generally require are:

  • The duly filled claim form
  • The Registration Certificate (RC) copy of the vehicle
  • Original estimates of loss
  • Repair invoice and payment receipt

If you are availing the cashless facility then only the repair invoice would be required. For theft claims, you would need to file an FIR with the local policy and the copy of the same needs to be submitted to the insurance company along with the keys of your vehicle and a non-traceable certificate.

What is a cashless claim and reimbursement claim?

A cashless claim is the complete responsibility of the insurance company. Most of the companies have their own garage network, which can repair the damaged vehicles. The owner does not have to worry about the expenses apart from the consumables (not covered in the policy). The payment of only the difference amount as confirmed during the process of the claim needs to be made.

If you decide to choose your own garage for repair works (not a part of the insurer’s garage network), then you can claim reimbursement for the same. You will need to submit the original bills, payment receipts to the insurance company after you settle the repair amount from your own pocket

What are the documents required to be kept in the vehicle while plying public places?

The documents which you need to keep in the vehicle while plying public places are the Certificate of Insurance, a copy of the Registration Certificate, the PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, and the Xerox copy of the driving licence of the person who is driving the vehicle.