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Go Express! Claim the Coverfox Way!

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 09 September 2016

Haven’t heard about the Coverfox Express Claims Service yet? Find out why everyone who has to make a claim on their car insurance are rushing to opt for this one!

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What’s that one thing in this world that people keep running out of?

Yes, you got it right. It’s TIME!

I mean, who does not want quick services?

Today, organizations understand and value their customers’ precious time and need for comfort. They speed up the process for the benefit of their customers.

Then why should auto insurance be left behind?

Touching on similar lines is the Coverfox Express Claims Service.

What does it have in store for you! Let’s find out!

The Inception… Why did it begin?

You accidentally wrecked your car and you’re pissed at the situation. Now imagine the back-and-forth and arguments you’re having with your insurance provider. Your car would get back on the road after 1 – 2 months. That is secondary.

Worst is having a bad claim settlement experience that ruins your already peeved mood.

You want to drive your car soon again. Instead your insurer is driving you crazy.

How do you get out of this mess? We really needed to do something for you.

That’s why the Coverfox Express Claims Service was born!

The 3 Fat Perks of Choosing this Service

  • Guaranteed 3-day car repairs: Once your car is damaged and you have opted for the Express Claims Service, the whole process (including the repairing for your car, settling the claim with the insurance company, quality checks, and delivery of your car at your doorstep) is designed to be executed in 3 days flat!

  • Repairs and Claims Specialists: All the repairs and claims specialists at are well-experienced automobile engineers, who are familiar to the repairs and claims process. You can be assured of quality servicing, end-to-end claims assistance and speedy approvals.

  • Selected workshops for quality output: The garages have been hand-picked based on the facilities offered by them on their track record, quality of service, and priority they provide to customers. For excellent quality and timely delivery, the partner garages offer the service only through a select list of workshops.

The Process Implementation… How Does it Work?

The aim of the service is to help you get your damaged car repaired and the claims processed faster.

Let’s proceed step-by-step!

1. The Damage If at all your car is damaged in an accident, you can call the express claims team who can manage both towing and repair/claims services for you. It’s simple! All you have to do is call our toll free number 1800 209 9960 or email us at

2. Car pick-up The Coverfox repair and claim specialist visits you in 2 hours, picks up your car. He inspects your car thoroughly and after analyzing the extent of damages, he assists you with the initial cost estimates.

3. Excellent Repairs As your car would then be repaired at a certified workshop, you can stay stress-free because your car is in safe hands. You would be receiving the best deal and quality services.

4. Co-ordination The Coverfox repairs and claims specialist coordinates with the insurance company for claim filing and settlement. The specialist tries to wrap this up as soon as possible.

5. Quality Check Even after the repairs has been done by the experts, the repair and claims specialist would still undertake a 25-point quality check of your car just to verify if the repair work has been done up to the mark and nothing has been missed out.

6. The Delivery Though all these steps mentioned above seem like it would go on for a week, the good news is that it would all be done in just 3 days. So, in three days, your car is guaranteed to be delivered to your doorstep.

It's FREE… What More Can You Ask For?

The Express Claims Service is a flagship project of that was launched in April 2016, with the intent to deliver seamless car repairs and improve the claim settlement experience of our customers. For this we’ve tried to create a close-knit network of garages and insurers in select cities [Delhi, Mumbai, Pune | launching soon in other cities].

Hence, as this service is offered free of cost… Yes, you read that right, FREE of cost, it does not affect your insurance premium at all. So, it won’t make a difference to the insurance premium rates. You can take a look at this car insurance premium calculator to know how to calculate your premiums appropriately.

Ultimately, you don't need convenience, you deserve it… and you deserve it faster!

If you ever have to make a claim, you do know what to do, right? Did we just hear you shout, Coverfox Express Claims Service!

Our happy customers are already talking about us… Don’t believe? Then take a look at this:

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