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How a Zero Dep Policy Benefits You During Claims

Janhavi Shinde Janhavi Shinde 27 February 2017

Learn why your insurance broker or friend just recommended a zero depreciation policy to you. This infographic has all the right answers.

Zero Depriciation

Zero Depreciation or Nil Depreciation or Bumper-to-Bumper policy. If any of these terms were thrown at you while purchasing a car insurance policy, you must have asked yourself: "How does it help me during claims?"

Actually, zero depreciation is an add-on. It enhances your comprehensive policy's coverage for your car. You pay a little extra premium and get better payback at the time of claims.

This infographic will tell you how zero depreciation add-on benefits you, especially in the time of making claims.

A zero depreciation add-on cover is a must for any new car. You can actually avail this cover for up to 5 year old vehicles. Needless to say, depending up on the make-model and age of manufacturing, your car premium may be slightly higher.

If this infographic helped you, share it with your friends and help them learn too. If you have some doubts about claiming on zero depreciation policy, you can get in touch with our insurance experts. Leave a comment below! :)

Janhavi Shinde
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