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CIBIL Customer Care

When a loan is applied for by any person, the foremost requirement that a lending bank checks is their CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) Score.

All About CIBIL Customer Care

CIBIL customer care is a complete section which tries to resolve any issue faced by the individuals looking for their credit score. The CIBIL website hosts a complete section to help resolve any problem that arises. The ‘Help Centre’ page on the TransUnion CIBIL website

Features & Benefis of CIBIL Customer Care Services

Features of CIBIL customer care services:

The basic features of CIBIL customer care services are:

  • Understanding customer grievances and problems: Any customer care service needs to understand that customer raises an issue only when there is a problem. Thus, to make the process easy for them a good customer care service should patiently understand the problem.
  • Covering maximum issues in FAQs: A good customer care service covers the maximum number of issues beforehand and answers to the solutions and queries in their FAQ section, so that a customer can easy access it.
  • Professional behaviour: The customer care services at CIBIL are highly professional and remain intact with the problem at hand.

Benefits of CIBIL customer care services:

Some of the most common benefits of CIBIL Customer care services are:

  • It helps in understanding credit score and credit report:

CIBIL customer care service ensures that you understand the credit score and credit report through questions already answered about:

  • What is CIBIL score and CIBIL report?
  • How to check details of member name and account number in the CIBIL report?
  • How to read CIBIL report?
  • Terminologies used in Credit Information Report?

Helps understanding loan and its process:

CIBIL customer care helps in understanding the various aspects of the loan and how to apply for a loan by answering questions like:

  • What is personalized loan offer section?
  • How to access personalized loan offers?
  • Details needed for a customized loan offer
  • Products available under personalized loan offer
  • What happens after a loan or credit card application?

Importance of CIBIL Customer Care

Customer care services form a very important part of any business or service entity which not only improves customer satisfaction, but also improves the reputation of the company. Having a good customer care service ensures that the users and clients are completely satisfied and assisted in case of troubles faced or issues that may arise.

The importance of CIBIL customer care can be summarized through the following

  • Helps build customer loyalty:

A customer, when faced with any issue regarding CIBIL, looks up to customer care service for assistance on the issue. Whenever a customer gets assistance while facing any issue, he/she becomes loyal towards the company and feels safe in the hands of the company. A sense of loyalty is built among them to continue to trust CIBIL customer care.

  • Increases the headcount:

When CIBIL customer care helps out a customer with an issue, the customer instantly develops a connection with the company to trust them and brings them back. This increases the headcount of the customers who constantly return to CIBIL for validation and help.

  • Positivity through word of mouth:

When a good CIBIL customer care service is provided, customers spread positive words for CIBIL and the work that is being carried out. The positive response of the customers is very important to develop trust among new users of CIBIL.

  • Understanding customer:

CIBIL customer care service also helps CIBIL to understand its customers and what problems they are facing and need attention. Generally, the problem of service is understood only when you interact with the users and this helps CIBIL to improve the service and redress the disputes.

How to get Help from Customer Care on CIBIL Enquiries?

CIBIL Customer Care can be contacted online as well as offline for inaccuracies, ownership and wrong information disputes that are reflected in the credit score of any customer. Being committed towards providing the best services, CIBIL takes extra care on answering the queries of the customers within a time frame. By redressing the issues and inquiries, CIBIL Customer Care intends to achieve the following

  • Resolving customer grievances timely and as efficiently as possible
  • Gaining the trust of the customers and their confidence by providing good customer care services
  • Providing customer satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of CIBIL services
  • Learning about the issues and redressing them
  • Developing customer friendly services

CIBIL corporate office address:

TransUnion CIBIL is one of the largest credit score providers of India and has the highest number of customer base and data. With over 550 million records of individuals and businesses, TransUnion gives CIBIL credit scores and reports and also assists the customers both online and offline. For offline complaints and grievances, one can reach out to the team at the following address between working hours on weekdays.

TransUnion CIBIL Limited

  • (Formerly: Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited)
  • One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor,
  • Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,
  • Mumbai - 400 013.
  • Tel: +91 - 22 - 6638 4600

CIBIL Online Support & Its Work Process

Anyone with any issue can go to the official CIBIL website and register a complaint to get assistance on the issue. The official website www.cibil.com has a complete section which guides the users to reach out for solutions to their problems. There are FAQs which have pre-defined answers to most common questions put up by customers. If anyone does not find his/her problem listed in the FAQs, he/she can raise the query on the website through an online form by logging into your CIBIL account and go to the dispute center and fill out a dispute form. Select the relevant dispute under which your problem falls and submit. Raising a dispute online is always suggested for quick resolution of the issue.

CIBIL provides online assistance in case of authentication issues or any other issue throughout the complete process of credit score and credit report. Flaws in the scoring process can also be resolved online by filling dispute form.

Process for online support:

  • The problem is logged into the CRM
  • An SR (service request) number is assigned and the complainant is communicated about the SR number
  • The information is analyzed and action is taken
  • CIBIL customer care even calls the customer for clarifications
  • CIBIL informs the customer after acting on the issue raised
  • Based on the communication with the complainant, a Root Cause Analysis is initiated to address the issue for improvement in the system.
  • MIS (Management Information System) is raised to the Consumer Protection Committee along with RCA

CIBIL Customer Care Grievance Desk:

If a customer is not happy with the response of the CIBIL online support, they can register a complaint with CIBIL customer care grievance desk which connects them to Customer Service Manager and other levels to get the issue resolved by superior levels authorities at CIBIL for grievance redressal.

CIBIL follows a policy for customer grievance redressal which ensures the following:

  • Utmost efficiency in grievance redressal within the time frame
  • Offer the most effective solution
  • Act for grievance redressal process and gain the confidence of customers
  • Improving service quality
  • Develop customer-centric system by efficiently implementing the redressal process.

CIBIL Contact Number:

  • CIBIL can be contacted anytime on the following numbers
  • Consumer Helpline Number: +91 - 22 - 6140 4300
  • Fax: +91 - 22 - 6638 4666
  • Tel: +91 - 22 - 6638 4600


CIBIL being India’s premier company for credit records ensures that customers are connected to the system and trust the organization for its authenticity and credibility. Thus, they ensure the maintainence of a transparent customer care service which provides every possible assistance to the customers regarding any queries or issues they may face. It also educates the customers about their services, inquiries and how CIBIL is important. Through videos uploaded on the website, they are also educating their customers about information related to Loan and its basics, purchase and post-purchase help, credit score, loan rejection, and disputes, etc. By providing the maximum assistance to the customers, CIBIL has gained the trust of millions of individuals and is one of the most trusted sources of credit scores and credit reports in the country.

Frequently Asked Question On CIBIL Customer Care

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a three-digit number ranging between 300 and 900. The closer your credit score is to 900, the better your chances are of approval of the loan. Generally, a credit score over 750 is considered to be a good CIBIL.

Why is a Credit Score important?

A good credit score also allows you to bargain for lower interests in case of unsecured or personal loans. Though a good credit score does not guarantee your loan’s approval, but surely increases the chances of your loan being approved.

What does the Credit Score depend on?

The credit score is calculated based on credit history, credit utilization, credit mix, and duration, etc. which decides one’s eligibility to get a loan.

What is CIBIL?

TransUnion CIBIL is India’s leading company which maintains the credit records of over 550 million people. It also offers a robust customer care service to help people in case of any doubts, or issues faced in connection to CIBIL.