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CIBIL Login Registration

CIBIL plays a crucial role while applying for a loan with banks or other financial institutions. It helps in determining your creditworthiness and processes your loans faster and smoothly. An individual who wants to access CIBIL Score and the CIBIL Report can do so by registering on their website. The CIBIL registration and login is an effortless process that requires some basic information. Both individuals, as well as the commercial enterprises, can register on CIBIL and get access to their particular credit information.

Access to CIBIL is open for CIBIL Members and CIBIL Consumers. However, there is a difference between these two. The Banks, Financial institutions, Telecom companies, Asset reconstruction companies or the credit rating companies can be addressed as CIBIL Members. And the Companies or the Individuals can be addressed as CIBIL Consumers.

How can I register for CIBIL Login ID?

You can login to with your registered email address and password. Once you have registered an account with CIBIL, it allows you to access ‘myCIBIL’ section.

What is the best Range of CIBIL Score?

For individuals, the CIBIL score is of three digits that ranges between 300 and 900. Anything above 750 is considered as an ideal score for getting loans and credit cards. For companies, CIBIL ranking ranges between 1 and 10, where 1 is the best and 10 is the worst. Any rank between 4 to 1 is considered ideal in getting loans from credit institutions.

How Can I Check Free CIBIL online by PAN number?

Keep your PAN details ready and follow these steps:

  • Visit CIBIL’s website -
  • Enter your basic details
  • In the identity proof section, select ‘Income Tax ID Number (PAN) and enter your PAN details
  • Select the income type and monthly income
  • Enter your address, telephone number and email address
  • Click on submit. Post submission, you will get your free CIBIL score via email

Benefits of CIBIL

The following are the benefits of CIBIL (good CIBIL score)

  • Helps get quick approval for mortgages
  • Helps to get Low-interest rate home loans and car loans.
  • Helps to get a line of credit easily
  • Facilitates more negotiating power
  • Increases chances of getting Low-interest rate credit cards
  • Higher credit card limit
  • Discount on loan processing fees/other charges

CIBIL login and registration process for consumers

Once you are registered with CIBIL, it allows you to access the myCIBIL section (which is only meant for users). You can login to with your registered email address and password to access the same.

Registration process for consumers

There are two different platforms for individuals and consumers introduced by CIBIL.

To create awareness and help understand the importance of their credit score amongst the consumers. CIBIL lets an individual access one-time free access to credit score and reports. So, customers who are interested can visit the ‘Free CIBIL Score and Report’ page on their website and fill the form.

Note: Loan and credit card details will also be required.

However, in case the Companies and Individuals want regular access to their credit score and report, they will have to register themselves to CIBIL’s credit reporting services on their website. They can take a monthly /bi-annual/annual subscription to the reports which are available at discounted prices. Subscribing with CIBIL will also let you access other products and services like credit monitoring and dispute resolution. The charges levied by CIBIL for unlimited access to score and report is Rs. 550 for 1 month, Rs. 800 for bi-annual subscription and Rs.1200 for annual subscription.

What are the benefits of myCIBIL?

  • You can get up to 45% discount per report on membership
  • Customized credit card offers and pre-approved loans are offered at competitive prices
  • You can regularly access your CIBIL TransUnion Score and Report
  • The online dispute facility is simple. It allows you to avail a free credit report when a financial institution accepts the change in the credit report.
  • You are able to control your finances with regular updates on your credit accounts and easy to understand credit summary.

CIBIL Registration Steps for Individuals

Following are the steps to for individuals to register with CIBIL:

  • Step 1: Visit (which is the credit Score section of the website) and select the subscription you would like to purchase. Fill in all your basic information like the PAN card details, date of birth, email address, gender etc. Entering correct PAN card detail is important or you may not be able to proceed. Post this, accept all the terms and conditions by ticking on the box and then click on Proceed to Payment.

  • Step 2: Make the required payment and move ahead with the purchase of a subscription. You can use online mode of payment like net banking and debit/credit cards.

  • Step 3: You may also need to answer a few questions about your loan and credit card. The bureau will get in touch with the respective credit organizations to collect information and then prepare the credit report.

Note: The CIBIL score is of three digits that ranges between 300 and 900. Anything above 750 is considered as an ideal score in getting loans and credit cards.

CIBIL Registration Steps for Companies

Following are the steps for companies to register with CIBIL:

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Company Credit Score’ Section on CIBIL’s official website and complete the form given on the page. It will require details like:
    • The company’s name
    • Legal constitution
    • Registered address
    • Applicant’s name with his/her relationship with the company
    • Contact details such as mobile number, landline, and email address.
    • In addition to the above information, it will also ask for your Loan Account Number, Company Identification Number, Tax Identification Number, Director Identification Number and Company PAN
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’ once the above steps are done.

  • Step 2: Make payment to register your company on CIBIL via net banking, debit and credit cards.

  • Step 3: A unique CIBIL Registration ID, as well as the payment transaction ID, will be sent on your email address and you can use the same to login on CIBIL.

  • Step 4: You need to upload KYC documents of your company. Once you have completed the registration process successfully, CIBIL will verify your KYC documents and deliver the CIBIL Rank and Company Credit Report (CCR) for your company.

Note: CIBIL ranking, in this case, ranges between 1 and 10, where 1 is the best and 10 is the worst. Any rank between 4 to 1 is considered ideal in getting loans for credit institutions.

Documents required for CIBIL registration

CIBIL requires you to submit your KYC documents to make sure that the credit request is made by the right (true) owner. Following is the KYC document checklist for individual users and commercial users:

  • Checklist for Individuals:

    • Identity Proof: Your PAN card, Passport, Aadhaar Card, Voters Identity Card, Driver’s License is considered as an identity proof
    • Address Proof: Your electricity bill, telephone bill, and bank statement can be considered as address proof.
  • Checklist for Companies:

Address Proof- Telephone bill, bank statement Note: Both Companies and commercial users have to make sure that the address mentioned at the time of filling the CIBIL the registration form should match with that mentioned on the KYC documents provided by them. Companies only need to submit the address proof as their identity, as that gets verified with the help of PAN.

  • How to upload KYC documents ?

The CIBIL registration will not be considered complete unless you upload the KYC documents to support the information provided by you in the application form. To upload KYC documents with CIBIL, all you need to do is visit their website and select KYC check.

Select the report type i.e. Credit Report or Company Credit Report and once you click on Credit Score and CIR, you will be redirected to KYC upload page.

  • Step1: Fill in the email address and date of birth
  • Step2: After selecting the type of document, you can upload the identity proof
  • Step3: In a similar manner, select the type of address proof you are providing and upload accordingly.

Note: CIBIL users can also opt to dispatch the physical copies of their KYC Documents to the registered office of CIBIL. Also, mention the transaction ID generated at the time of making payment.