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Coverfox celebrates #GiftOfInsurance on Diwali'2016

Shilpi Saini Shilpi Saini 20 October 2016

Our way to say “Thank you” to everyone who make our individual lives simpler like no other. Are you joining us?

Insurance Services at Coverfox

Diwali is a festival of lights and prosperity. It is also a festival of giving, gifting and sharing.

It is also a festival of new clothes, sweets (nom-nom), massive house cleaning, and driving shop-to-shop to find the perfect candle to light up your window sill.

Recycled gifting wrappings to bringing anything new into your household – it all happens on Diwali, right?

We wanted to make this Diwali a festival about saying “Thank you” to all those people who simplify our lives.


Friends and colleagues at Coverfox have come together to pledge and make a small difference in the lives of people who simplify life for us – domestic help, security guards, cook, driver, the guy who comes to collect garbage at our doorstep.

We pledge to give them the gift of insurance this time in the Coverfox way.

Coverfox Way

There’s no denying that health insurance in India is still a concept popular among the middle-class. However, this is a very, very small section of the 1.3 billion population in India.

You and I might know the benefits of buying a health insurance cover for ourselves and our family and our parents. But what about those who don’t?

We do know that health insurance is more relevant than just saving on income tax, right?

So the people at Coverfox have taken it upon themselves to:

  • Initiate the uninitiated to the concept of health insurance.
  • Enable them in understanding the benefits of having a health insurance cover to handle that moment of medical crisis.
  • Help them identify the possible medical emergencies that could affect them.
  • Accordingly guide them in selecting a health plan and if possible, financially support them.

Coverfox health insurance advisors guide hundreds of insurance seekers every day to clearly and carefully select a health plan that fits their requirement.

Awareness about health insurance is important for us over anything else. Help us further this cause.

How Can You Join the Cause?

Educate someone, simple.

Anyone who has simplified your life but is lacking a simple, affordable health insurance to cover their back in the time of crisis – just give them the gift of insurance.

And if you need any help with helping your friends out, our health insurance experts are just a call away. Call 1800-209-9920 toll free or simply leave us a comment below. :)

Shilpi Saini
Written by Shilpi Saini
A romantic at heart and pragmatist out of necessity, Shilpi loves ideas, opinions, life in motion, dance, cinema and staring out of the window. She is also a content writer at Coverfox.