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Learning License Test Questions

To be able to drive a motor vehicle in India, it is a must for an indiviudal to obtain a driving license. The first step towards getting a driving license is to get a learning license. A learning license is a document that can be availed by individuals above the age of 16 years. However, to obtain this document, it is must for the applicant to go through the learning license test, which involves a set of questions related to traffic rules and regulations in the country.

Depending on the services provided by the RTO in various states, a learning license test can be given online or offline. On the basis of the results of the test, the learning license is issued to the applicant. It is important for the applicant to answer a minimum number of questions correctly to obtain the LL.

The learning license test is generally in the form of question answer format with multiple answer choices given.

Since any kind of ‘test’ can make an indiviudal feel nervous, here we give you a set of sample learning license test questions that are generally asked during the test.

Frequently Asked Questions to Learning License Applicants

The correct answers are highlighted in bold

What should you do when a vehicle is involved in an accident causing injury to any person?

  • Take the vehicle to the nearest police station and report the accident
  • Stop the vehicle and report to the police station
  • Take all the necessary steps to provide medical attention to the injured, and report the matter to the nearest police station.

On a road designated as one way is?

  • Parking is prohibited
  • Should not drive in reverse gear
  • Overtaking is prohibited

What is the validity of learner’s license?

  • 30 days
  • Till the time the LL holder wants to keep it
  • 6 months from the date of issuance

Free passage should be given to what kind of vehicles?

  • Small vehicles
  • Ambulance and fire brigades
  • Express and super express buses

Zebra lines are meant for?

  • Stopping the vehicle
  • Pedestrians crossing
  • For giving preference to the vehicle

In what circumstances is overtaking of the vehicle prohibited?

  • During night
  • When the vehicle in the front is reducing speed
  • When it is likely to cause inconvenience or danger to people on the road

Overtaking when a vehicle is approachable is

  • Permissible
  • Not permissible
  • Is permissible with car

Unnecessary and repeated use of horn is prohibited under the law

  • Yes
  • No
  • There is no such law

How can a transport vehicle be distinguished?

  • With its colour
  • Number plate
  • Size of the tyre

When should fog lamps be used?

  • At night
  • Anytime
  • When there is mist

Using unregistered vehicle in public place is?

  • Illegal
  • Legal
  • Legal if there is an urgency

Vehicles proceeding from the opposite direction should be allowed to pass through

  • Your right side
  • Your left side
  • Any of the above

Driver of a vehicle can overtake

  • While driving down hill
  • If the road is not wide
  • When the driver of the vehicle shows the sign to overtake

When your vehicle is being overtaken, you should

  • Stop your vehicle and let the other vehicle pass
  • Reduce the speed of your vehicle
  • Do the same

What to do when driving near a school?

  • Reduce the speed of the vehicle and be alert
  • Hon
  • Speed up and leave quickly

For many days can you drive a vehicle without a valid car insurance policy?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 20

Number plate has to be in which format?

  • Any format
  • Regional language
  • In English with Arabic numerals

More than 2 people on a two wheeler is

  • Violation of law
  • Allowed when traffic is less
  • Allowed in unavoidable circumstances

Is it necessary to buy vehicle insurance?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not needed, if you have a life insurance policy

Parking is prohibited in case of

  • Road side
  • Near traffic light
  • Where parking is permitted

What type of vehicle insurance is mandatory in India?

  • Third party insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Life insurance

When a blind person crosses the road holding white cane

  • The driver of the vehicle shall consider white cane as a traffic sign to stop the vehicle
  • Blow the horn and proceed
  • Slow down and proceed with caution

When is it applicable to drink and drive?

  • Never
  • In case of emergency
  • If driving for a short distance

When is it applicable to drink and drive?

  • Never
  • In case of emergency
  • If driving for a short distance

What does yellow traffic light represent?

-Slow down

  • Stop
  • Go

Vehicle registration is important?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only if it is an SUV