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How to Apply for Driving Licence in Mumbai

A driving license is an important document in India. A valid driving license allows its holder to operate motor vehicles (cars, bikes and other motor vehicles) anywhere in India. Driving on India roads without a valid driving license is a serious offence and is punishable by law. In addition, a valid driving license also acts as proof of age, address and identity

Types of driving license in Mumbai

The state of Maharashtra issues two types of driving license:

  • Learner’s License- A temporarydriving licensewhich has a validity of 6 months. A learner’s license is mandatory to apply for a permanent license.

  • Permanent License- A fixed license with a validity of 20 years.

A permanent license can be expanded into the following categories:

  • License for two wheeler with gear
  • License for two wheeler without gear
  • License for four wheeler both geared and automatic
  • License for commercial vehicles
  • License for transport vehicles

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Driving License in Mumbai

Mumbai is an important financial centre of India. Getting a driving license is no longer tedious and time consuming. There are a number of Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) located across Mumbai. The entire application process has been digitized and can be accessed online through the official e-portal of Mumbai RTO. In addition, there are multiple agents and driving schools whose services can be availed for issuing a driving license. In Mumbai, a driving license is issued to an individual with the following eligibility:

  • The person should be of sound mind and an able-bodied resident citizen of India.
  • Must have completed 16 years of age for a two-wheeler for motorcycle without gear and engine capacity not exceeding 50cc with written consent of parent/guardian and 18 years of age for four-wheelers (with/without gears).
  • A learner's license is mandatory to apply for a permanent license. A learner's license is issued to an individual who is in the process of learning to drive. A learner’s license is issued for a temporary period and is valid only in the respective state. Only a permanent license is valid across India.
  • Commercial licenses are issued for those above the age of 20 years.

Documents Required for Obtaining Driving License in Mumbai

The documents required to apply for a personal driving license are:

  • Application Form
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • PAN Card
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Proof of Address
  • Birth Certificate
  • Learner’s License
  • Challan stating DL fees paid

How to apply for a learner's license in Mumbai?

Simply follow the mentioned steps to apply for a learner's license:

  • To apply for a learner's license, you need to register online and fill a learner’s license application form and submit the same at the nearest RTO.
  • Visit the official website of Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Department to book an appointment with the Regional Transport Office.
  • An RTO officer will check your application form and the requested KYC documents.
  • Post verification, you are required to give a written test. The test comprises of 20 questions regarding the rules and regulation of road and transport system.
  • Your learner’s license will be issued on the same day if the test is cleared successfully. If you fail the test, you will have to apply again after some time.
  • Your learner's license is valid for six months.

How to apply for a permanent driving license in Mumbai?

  • Visit the official website of Maharashtra Driving License and down the Application of Driving License Form.
  • Duly fill the form with your details (applicant’s name, mobile number, email address, PAN number, type of motorcycle, permanent address, temporary address, birth place, date of birth, educational qualification, identification marks, citizenship status, and blood group).
  • Upload the requested documents Form 1A, learner’s License, certificate from the driving school (if any) and submit them all.
  • Post submission, you will get an application reference number and your appointment will be booked with the RTO.
  • At the RTO, you will have to drive a car with an RTO official. Ensure that the vehicle type is the same that was mentioned during the time of filing the application.
  • Once you have cleared the test, the permanent driving license will be sent by post to your address in a few days.

How to apply for renewal of permanent driving license in Mumbai?

For renewal, you need to visit theRTOand submit the renewal form along with the requested documents. Once the application/documents are verified, a renewed driving license will be issued.

Application for a Duplicate Driving License in Mumbai

In case your driving license is lost, damaged or misplaced, you can apply for a duplicate license. You need to visit the RTO with the following documents - First Information Report (FIR), learner’s license, damaged card (if available), KYC (ID and Address Proof). Post successful verification, a duplicate driving license will be dispatched to your residence within a few days.

How to apply for an International Driving License in Mumbai?

Just like India, every country has established rules and regulations regarding driving license. Most of the countries require an individual to possess an international driving license to operate a motor vehicle in foreign land. If you want an international driving license, you need to apply for one at the RTO with the following documents and submit the same. Post verification, an international driving license will be issued in your name.

  • Application Form 4A
  • Valid Indian Driving License
  • Medical Certificate Form IA
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residence
  • 2x Passport Size Photographs
  • Passport along with certified copies
  • Visa along with certified copies