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Traffic Fines in India

The Rules of the Road Regulations, 1989 that serves as a guide for driving in India lists down a set of traffic rules and regulations that have to be followed while driving a motor vehicle in India. The rules listed are applicable on two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler drivers including bus and truck drivers. Not following these rules is a serious offence and is punishable under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. On breaking the rules, citizens can be either asked to pay fine or face imprisonment. Since breaking rules in India can lead to accident or even death in certain cases, it is important for the driver to follow the traffic rules and regulations while driving his motor vehicle on Indian roads.

Offences related to documents

It is important for an indiviudal to carry a certain set of documents while driving a motor vehicle in the country as not doing so can attract the below fines:

No.OffencesPenalty/ SentenceSection
1Driving without carrying a Valid Driving License.INR 5000** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months3 r/w 181 Motor Vehicle Act
2Permitting your vehicle to be driven by an individual who does not hold a Valid Driving License.INR 5000** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months5 r/w 180 Motor Vehicle Act
3Not carrying the required documents as specified in Motor Vehicle Act while driving.INR 500**130(3) r/w 177 Motor Vehicle Act
4Driving without a Valid Auto InsuranceINR 2000 ** and/ or imprisonment for up to 3 months130 r/w 177 Motor Vehicle Act
Driving without a Valid PermitUp to INR 5000 and no less than INR 2000130 r/w 177 Motor Vehicle Act
Driving without Valid Vehicle Fitness CertificateUp to INR 5000 and no less than INR 2000130 r/w 177 Motor Vehicle Act
Vehicle without RC Book (Registration Certificate)INR 200039 r/w 192 Motor Vehicle Act

Offences Related to Driving

Driving by Minor (an indiviudal aged below 18 years)Rs. 500/-4 r/w 181 MVARough/Rash/Negligent Driving Rs. 1000/-184 MVA
Driving without HelmetRs. 100/-129 r/w177 MVADangerous or hasty DrivingRs.1000/- and/or imprisonment ( 6 months) 112-183 MVA
Driving without fastening the seat beltsRs. 100/-138(3) CMVRNot Driving in Proper LaneCourt Challan66 r/w 192 MVA
Driving in the center and not to left sideRs.100/-2 RRR r/w 177 MVADriving against One WayRs.100/-17 (i) RRR 177 MVA
Reversing without due care and attentionRs.100/-MMVR 233 177 MVA Taking “U” turn during outlawed hoursRs.100/-12 RRR 177 MVA
Failing to take precaution while taking a “Turn”Rs.100/-3 RRR 177 MVA Failing to decelerate at intersectionRs.100/-8 RRR 177 MVA
Failing to carry on left of traffic islandRs.100/-2 RRR 177 MVA Carrying persons on FootboardRs.100/-123-177 MVA
Carrying persons causing hindrance to the driverRs.100/-125-177 MVATrippling.Rs. 100/-128/177 MVA
Driving on FootpathRs.100/-RRR 177 MVAStopping at pedestrian crossing or crossing a Stop Line.Rs.100/-RRR 177 MVA

Road Marking Related Offences

Violation of Yellow LineRs. 100/-119/177 MVAViolation of Stop LineRs. 100/-113(1)/177 DMVR
Violation of Mandatory SignsRs. 100/-119/177 MVA

Number Plate Related Offences

Use of Offensive Number Plate for vehicle used in drivingRs.100/-CMVR 105 (2) (ii) 177 MVA Displaying 'Applied For'Rs. 4500/-39/192 MVA

Vehicle Light Related Offences

Improper use of headlights/tail light for vehicle used in drivingRs. 100/-CMVR 105 (2) (ii) 177 MVA Using High Beam where not requiredRs. 100/-112(G) A DMVR 177 MVA

Traffic Police Related Offences

Disobeying Traffic Police Officer in uniformRs. 100/-119 MVA 22(a) RRR 177 MVA Driving against Police SignalRs. 100/-119 r/w 177 MVA

Speed and Overtake Related Offences

Exceeding the prescribed Speed LimitsUp to Rs.1000/-112-183 MVAAbetment for Over SpeedingRs.300/-112/183(2) MVA
Overtaking perilouslyRs.100/-6 (a) RRR r/w 177 MVAFailing to confer way to sanction OvertakingRs.100/-7 RRR 177 MVA
Overtaking from Wrong SideRs. 100/-RRR 6/1/177 MVA

Other Offences

Disobeying Lawful DirectionsRs. 500/-132/179 MVADriving under influence of Alcohol / DrugsRs.2000/- and/or imprisonment ( 6 months) 185 MVA
Using Mobile Phone while DrivingUp to 1000/-184 MVALeaving vehicle in unoccupied engineRs.100/-126-177 MVA
Leaving vehicle in unsafe positionRs.100/-122 177 MVAIn case of a minor AccidentRs. 1000/-184 MVA
Playing music while DrivingRs. 100/-102/177 MVADriving without SilencerRs. 100/-120/190(2)/177CMVR
Driving when mentally or physically unfitCourt Challan186 MVA

Offences Related to Towing of Vehicles

Two WheelerRs.100/-RRR 177 MVA
Car , Jeep, Taxi, Auto RickshawRs.200/-RRR 177 MVA
Truck, Tanker, TrailorRs.600/-RRR 177 MVA

Offences Related to Pollution

Smoking in Public TransportRs. 100/-86(1)(5)/177 DMVR
Fixing multi-toned/shrill hornRs. 100/-99(1)(a)/177 DMVR
Fixing multi-toned/shrill hornRs.500/-119 CMVR 190(2) MVA
Blowing Pressure HornRs. 100/-96(1)/177 DMVR
Silencer/muffler making noiseRs.500/-CMVR 120 190(2) MVA
Smoky ExhaustRs.500/-115 CMVR 190(2) MVA
Using horn in Silence ZoneRs.100/-21(ii) RRR 177 MVA

Offences Related to Motor Vehicles

Using Vehicle in Unsafe ConditionsCourt Challan192 MVAWithout WiperRs.100/-84(G)-177 MVA
When motor vehicle is out of state for more than 12 monthsRs.100/-47-177 MVAWithout Side MirrorRs.100/-CMVR 101 5,12 177 MVA
Without Side MirrorRs.100/-5, 7/177 MVANo indication board on left hand drive vehicleRs.100/-120, 177 MVA
Defective tyresRs.100/-CMVR 94Sale of motor vehicle/alteration of motor vehicle in contravention of ActRs.300/-52/191 MVA, 32/192.66/192 MV Act
Vehicles fitted with dark glasses/sun films.Rs.100/-120, 177 MVAAny sort of misconduct with passengers, not wearing uniform/not displaying badgeRs.100/-MMVR 21(18) 177 MVA
Driving without proper number plate/ illuminating rear number plate.Rs.100/-52/191 MVA, 32/192.66/192 MV ActOverloading a goods vehicleRs. 2000/-plus Rs. 1000/- for every additional ton.MMVR 93(u)(i) 177 MVA
Failing to display public carrier board.Rs.100/-100 CMVR 177 MVA Carrying goods in a dangerous or hazardous mannerImprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 3000/-29 RRR 177 MVA
Using private vehicle for commercial purposes.Rs. 5000/- ( not less than Rs. 2000/-) -Infringement of permit conditions.Imprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 5000/-( not less than Rs. 2000/-)-

Offences Related to Commercial Vehicles

Plying in 'NO ENTRY' TimeUp to 2000/-115/194 MVADangerous projection of goodsRs.100/-229 MMVR 29 RRR 177 MVA
Violation of Time TableCourt Challan11/177, 2/177, 66/192 MVACarrying goods unsecuredRs.100/-MMVR 202 177 MVA
High and Long / Load in VehiclesRs. 100/-29 RRR/177 MVACarrying goods more than 11 feet highRs.100/-MMVR 93(u) (i) 177 MVA
Carrying animals in goods vehicles in contravention of rules.Rs.100/-MMVR 83 177 MVA Driver refuses to weigh vehicleCourt Challan114/194(2) MVA
Carrying persons dangerously or carrying persons in goods vehiclesRs.100/-MMVR 108 177 MVA Limit Of weight and limitation on UseCourt Challan113/194(1) MVA
Goods in Passenger VehiclesRs.100/--Misbehavior by Taxi/TSR DriverRs. 100/-11(3)/177 DMVR
Over Charging by Taxi/TSR DriverRs. 100/-11(8)/177 DMVRConductor without BadgeRs. 100/-22(1)/177 DMVR
Charging without MeterRs. 100/-11(8)/177 DMVRStopping without Bus stopCourt Challan66/192 MVA
Refusal by Taxi/TSR Driver.Rs. 100/-11(9)/177 DMVRPower to detain Vehicle used in contravention of section 3.4,39 or 66(1) MV ActRs. 100/-207(1) MVA
Driver without UniformRs. 100/-7/177 DMVRConductor without UniformRs. 100/-23(1)/177 DMVR
Driver without BadgeRs. 100/-22(1)/177 DMVR

Offences Related to Parking

Parking in the direction of flow of traffic22(a) RRR 177 MVA Parking in not any prescribed manner15(1) RRR 177 MVA Parking in “No” Parking Area15(2) RRR 177 MVA
Parking away from footpath towards road15(2) RRR 177 MVA Parking at any Corner15(i) RRR 177 MVA Parked on Pedestrian Crossing15(2)(iii) RRR 177 MVA
Parking against flow of traffic15(2) RRR 177 MVA Parking within 15 meters on either side of Bus Stop15(2) RRR 177 MVA Parking on Footpath15(2)(ii) RRR 177 MVA
Parking causing Obstruction15(2) RRR 177 MVA Parking on Bridge15(2) (i) RRR 177 MVA Parking in front of a gate15(2)(viii) RRR 177 MVA
Parking on a Taxi Stand15(2) RRR 177 MVA Parking at Traffic Island15(i) RRR 177 MVA Parking causing obstruction15(1) RRR 177 MVA

Offences related to drink and driving

Alcohol LevelPenalty
30 to 60 mgFine of Rs. 2000 or/and 6 months of imprisonment
60 to 150 mg1 year of imprisonment and/or a fine of Rs.4000. Repeated offence leads to 3 years of imprisonment and/or a fine of Rs.8000.
150 mg or aboveOne-time offender is charged Rs. 5000 along with 2 years of imprisonment. If the offence is repeated within 3 years the punishment is Rs.10000 fine plus 4 years of imprisonment.

Note: The Traffic fine may differ from state to state.

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FAQs on Traffic Fines in India

Is bribing a traffic police officer a crime in India?

Yes, bribing a traffic police officer is a crime in India and can land you in great trouble if you ever try doing so.

Is the traffic violation penalty same in all the states in India?

No, the traffic violation penalty is not same in all states of India and varies from state to city RTO.

What to do when I am caught breaking a traffic rule?

If a traffic police personnel catches you breaking the traffic rule, then a challan will be issued under your name and you will be asked to pay the applicable penalty or face imprisonment for the same, or both.

What is a traffic challan?

A challan is a piece of paper that is issued to a driver on breaking traffic rules in India.