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Do you have Enough money in Bank Account?

Your savings, or the lack of them, is an important factor to decide whether or not you can afford an urgent medical procedure, at any point in your life. If you can afford a sudden medical expense easily, you may not require health insurance. But if a random hospitalization dents a hole in your savings, health insurance is a great option for you.

Do you have great Health?

It is common knowledge that insurance should be purchased when you're at the best of your health. This makes sure you are covered for more things for a long time, at a considerably lesser premium. Based on your current health condition, we guage whether or not you need insurance.

Do you have Company Health Cover?

Employers offer health insurance as part of your cost to company package. If you already have this, you can afford to skip buying insurance. However, we must put up a disclaimer: corporate insurance covers limited things, gives a limited cover, and offers no tax benefits.

Can you afford to pay Hospital Expenses from your Pocket?

If you don't have health insurance and have a day job, think carefully about this. Can your savings and income provide for your family's and your expenses against medical emergencies at any time? If you can, you don't need insurance.

Can you easily get money from relatives/friends incase of Medical Emergency?

People usually have family and friends to fall back on, who can raise money for them when in a medical emergency. If you do too, you can eliminate the need of insuring your health.

Do you want to pass on the burden of paying hospital bills to someone else?

Depending on someone else for your hospital bills can prove to be very taxing for that person. If you have someone who can foot your bills and you are willing to let them bite the bullet for you, you may not need insurance.

Can you afford to pay 2-3% of your yearly income in health insurance?

If you can afford to commit 2-3% of you yearly income to health insurance, you can afford to buy yourself a decent plan that covers you when needed.

You agree that health issues and health related expenses are rising?

There is statistical data to prove that with each year the medical expenses start costing a whopping 15% more. A simple appendix surgery or 24 hours in a hospital room will cost much more in the coming years. If you agree, you have the sensibilities to understand that insurance is a need of the hour.

You are sure that great health is extremely important to successful life?

You need good health not only to succeed but also to enjoy the luxuries that come along. It is important for a peaceful family life as well. If you agree with this, there is a good chance that you see the need for insurance to maintain that good health.

Your Health Insurance is inadequate as of now?

Compare your health insurance plan with what others have to offer. Check whether the premium you pay covers you for things you need. Check whether the company will settle claims without hassles. Do you have the best you can get? If you do, you're fine. But if you don't, you need to revisit your insurance policy.

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Health Care Rising costs

The importance of health insurance cannot stressed upon enough. The most important reason for the increasing need for health insurance is the rising costs of healthcare. There are a few scary health statistics given below:

Health care costs are rising 18% every year. So this pretty much means that a simple appendicitis procedure that costs Rs. 2,00,000 today in 2015, will end up costing Rs. 4,50,000 in just 5 years from now. A bypass surgery that costs Rs, 5,00,000 will cost Rs. 11,00,000 five years from now.

30% of the urban population suffers from hypertension and heart ailments. This population is at a huge risk of heart-related hospitalization. And this disturbing statistic can be attributed to the stressful lives we lead. Hence, practically everyone is at risk.

1 in every 10 person is a diabetic. So just by pure math, in India, roughly 13 crore people are diabetic, and are risk of complications that arise out of diabetes.

About 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

These spine chilling numbers have been a robust proof that the need for insurance is the most today. The benefits of health insurance include covering hospitalization costs that include room rent, doctor's visits, medicines etc., pre- and post-hospitalization costs, surgery costs, critical illness cover etc. You can insure you and your family at an even more affordable premium than you'd think.

Of course you don't need health insurance!

Yes, that is us being sarcastic. Life without medical insurance can get scarier and more morbid than you'd think.

We Agree it is confusing to buy insurance, but we can help there. We have Mahavir Chopra making a heartfelt attempt to you from the doom you're heading towards, by busting a few commonly believed myths. Mahavir heads the Health Insurance arm of Coverfox and has intricate knowledge on how things work in the insurance business. Hear it from the expert himself.

Why Coverfox?

It is a valid question and we would be more than happy to answer it for you. In fact, we have a few points as to why you should consider buying insurance from Coverfox:

Coverfox has IRDA broker licence, and is dedicated to giving honest, unbiased quotes and opinions

Our team has experts who have rich experience in the insurance industry. And the best part is that they are approachable at any point you need them.

Coverfox offers post sales assistance. This means that whenever you need any assistance with anything after you buy the health insurance policy from us, we are there, including the potentially stressful claims procedure.

Get a soft copy of your policy in your inbox within 10 minutes of purchase.

We offer you a relationship manager who is your point of contact and will help you with your claims and endorsements for you.