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Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited, which was previously called as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited), has the credit of being the first private sector general insurance company in India. The insurer obtained its license in the year 2000 from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The company was initially formed as a joint venture between Sundaram Finance, one of the most trusted non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) in India and other Shareholders based in India.

In the year 2019, Ageas Insurance International N.V. obtained a 40% equity stake in Royal Sundaram after taking necessary approvals from the Regulatory and existing Indian Shareholders. Following to this divestment, the stake of Sundaram Finance in the company is presently at 50%, Ageas Insurance holds 40% and the remaining 10% is held by other Indian shareholders.

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company has been providing state-of-the-art general insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses directly as well as through its affiliated partners. The company offers a wide variety of specialised insurance products like Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Home and Travel Insurance to individual customers and offers in the fire, marine, engineering, liability, and business interruption risks to commercial customers. Royal Sundaram also provides custom designed insurance products to small and medium enterprises and rural customers as well. The company is a pioneer in bancassurance in India and has established a tie-up with reputed banks and NBFCs.

Royal Sundaram employs over 2000 personnel with 140 branches across India and its products are distributed through various channels-agents, distribution partners, affinity partners, brokers and online.

All About Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic

Lifeline Classic is a comprehensive indemnity plan from Royal Sundaram that covers the health insurance requirements of the policyholder and his/her family. The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan is offered to both individual and family floater health plans which will cover the policyholder, their spouse, and children.

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan

  • Hospitalisation Cover: Hospitalisation for at least 24 Hours, Coverage for room charges, nursing charges, ICU charges, Doctor’s or Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre charges, without any capping on these charges.
  • Pre & Post Hospitalisation Coverage: Pre & Post Hospitalisation Expense Coverage for medical charges incurred by you, before or after hospitalisation including Diagnostic tests, Medication, follow-up visits with the Doctor, investigative tests, etc.

  • Day Care Procedures: All Day Care procedures are also covered including Dialysis and Chemotherapy.

  • Donor Benefits: Organ Donor Expenses and Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by an organ donor who is undergoing an organ transplant for you.

  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Reimbursement of medical expenses for treatments taken at home involving medical treatments exceeding a period of 3 days.
  • Ambulance Cover: Ambulance Cover once your hospitalisation claim has been approved, the Company will reimburse the expenses incurred on the ambulance service co¬vered either by the hospital or an ambulance service provider while transferring you to the nearest hospital.
  • No-Claim Bonus: If you have not made any claims in any given policy year, Royal Sundaram will increase your sum insured by 10% up to a maximum of 50% depending on your claim history. There is no decrease in your no-claim bonus in case of a claim in any particular year.
  • Health Check-up: Offers free health check-up once every two years to track and monitor your health report card.
  • Health & Wellness: Offers a wide network of collaborations to gain the benefits of Diagnostic Tests, OPD Consultations, and membership for Gymnasiums and wellness consultations at substantially discounted rates.
  • Ayush Treatment: Offers coverage for Ayush Treatment and covers the medical expenses incurred in case a claim is made for an inpatient care in a hospital, if you undergo any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment.
  • Vaccination in case of Animal Bite: Reimbursement on medical expenses incurred for vaccination in case of animal bite like dog bite, honey bee, etc.

Features of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan

Reload Sum Insured: Upon exhaustion of the health cover due to claims in a given year, you have further claims either for a different illness or for an insured member of your family, we will reload the entire sum insured on your policy at no extra cost.

No Room Rent Capping: There is no restriction of room rent capping or disease related respective limits.

Double Your Sum Insured : Sum Insured can be doubled in five years with no claim bonus facility with consecutive claim free years. Coverage : The health plans offer wide variety of coverage including of ancient India’s AYUSH treatment. The plan also gives coverage for animal bites.

What Is Covered in Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan?

  • In-Patient Hospitalisation costs covered up to the sum insured amount
  • 30 days of Pre and 60 days Post-hospitalization expenses coverage up to the amount of sum insured
  • Day care procedures coverage for up to the sum insured amount.
  • Ambulance coverage for up to INR.3, 000.
  • Organ Donor treatment expenses covered up to the sum insured.
  • Coverage of domiciliary hospitalization charges up to the sum insured.
  • No-claim bonus (NCB) of up to 50% of sum insured
  • 100% Reload of sum insured if the existing sum insured gets exhausted during the treatment of different illnesses
  • AYUSH Treatment - Inpatient hospitalisation coverage of up to Sum Insured in Government Hospitals and up to INR.20,000 in other hospitals.
  • Vaccination coverage for animal bite incidents of up to INR.2,500.
  • Health check-up provision, once every 3rd policy years.

Additional Discounts for Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan

Lifeline offers 10% of basic Sum Insured upto a max of 50% of Sum Insured for Classic Plan in case of a claim-free year.

What Is Not Covered in Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan?

  • Illnesses or diseases contracted by the insured within first 30 days after the start of policy are not covered in the policy

  • There is a waiting period of two years for diseases like Cataract, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Knee/Hip Replacement, Chronic Renal Failure/ End Stage Renal Failure etc.

  • There is a waiting period for pre –existing disease of 48 months of uninterrupted policy term.

  • Permanent exclusions include medical cover availed due to Addictive Conditions and Disorders, Adventure or Hazardous Sports, Ageing and Puberty, Alternative Treatment (except AYUSH), Artificial Life Maintenance, Charges for Medical Papers, Circumcision, Conflict and Disaster, Congenital Conditions, Convalescence and Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental/Oral Treatment, Drugs and Dressing for OPD Treatment or Take-home use, Eyesight Treatment, Health Hydros, Nature Cure, Wellness Clinics, HIV and AIDS, Hereditary Conditions, Hospitalization for Observation or Investigative purpose only, Items of personal comfort and convenience, Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Conditions, Obesity, OPD Treatment, Preventive Care, Reproductive Medicine, Self-inflicted Injuries, Sexual problems and gender issues, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Speech Disorders, Stem Cell Implantation, Treatment for Alopecia, Treatment for Developmental Problems, Treatment received outside India, Unproven/Experimental Treatment, Treatment from Unrecognized Hospital or Physician, Unrelated Diagnostic, or Injury due to Unlawful Activity.

Details about Premium Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan

Sum Insured: The minimum sum insured in the plan is INR 2 lakhs and maximum sum insured in the plan is INR 4 lakhs.
Policy Term: The plan offers a policy term of 1, 2 or 3 years.
Grace Period to renew the plan : The plan offers a grace period of 30 days to renew the plan.
Renewability : The plan offers lifetime renewability in the plan.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Premium Calculator Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Premium Calculator can be used online by the applicant to know the exact premium payable for the sum insured chosen at the time of buying the policy. This helps the applicant to plan the payment of premiums in a better way to make the payments of premium on timely basis and in an organised manner.

Documents Required for Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan Policy

  • Proof of Age - The applicant has to provide the age proof of all the persons covered under the health insurance policy. Below are the acceptable documents for this:

    • Birth certificate
    • 10th or 12th mark sheet
    • Passport - Aadhaar card
    • Voting ID
    • Driving license
    • PAN card etc.
  • Identity Proof - The applicant can provide any of the following identity proof:

    • Aadhaar card
    • Passport
    • Voting ID
    • Driving license
    • PAN card
  • Address Proof – The applicant will be required to submit their permanent proof of address. The below documents may also be submitted

    • Electricity bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Ration card
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar card
    • Driving license
    • Voters ID
    • Passport size photos
    • The applicant might be required to medical tests to enrol in the plan

Claim Process of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan Plan

The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan offers benefits in exception to 4 benefits are serviced through Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. (TPA).

  • For Cashless Treatment

    • Submit your medical details to the hospital, 72 hours before in case of pre-planned treatment.
    • The network hospital has to pre-authorize the claim form.
    • The insurance company will determine if you are eligible for the compensation based on the details submitted by the network hospital.
    • A guarantee of payment will be issued to the network hospital if the insurance company is satisfied with the information.
  • For Reimbursement of Treatment Expenses

    • You should inform the insurance company within seven days of being hospitalized.
    • You should submit all your details like the policy number, nature of the illness, and the details of the hospital including the doctor’s contact information.
    • You should submit a set of documents such as the claim form, copy of policy document, hospital discharge report, registration details of the hospital and all the medical bills, leave certificate, original test reports, and a copy of the FIR if you met with an accident.
    • The final claim document should be submitted within 30 days of being discharged from the hospital.

Documents Required for Claim Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan Policy

Following is the list of documents required for health insurance claim settlement by reimbursement:

  • Claim form of the insurance company, duly filled and signed by you
  • Discharge card
  • Written consultation from the doctor with receipts
  • Original hospital bills, which have to be signed and stamped by the hospital authorities
  • X-ray report and other test results such as blood test, urine test etc.
  • Medicine bills
  • Other related documents supporting to the cause of treatment


Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan which covers individual as well as his/her family members. The plan is loaded with features like reload of sum insured, no room rent cap, multiple medical treatment coverage, no claim bonus etc. Applicant has the liberty to select the sum insured as per his/her requirement. The plan covers up to 4 dependent children along with spouse. It also covers critical health conditions apart from the normal medical conditions. The claim settlement of the plan is very easy and the policyholder can fill the claim form online as well. Overall, the health policy is low cost comprehensive coverage policy offering good value for money.

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Customer Reviews Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan

I was tight on budget and was looking for a health plan that would provide a comprehensive coverage for a low cost. I checked out the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Policy and it checked all the boxes that I was looking for in a health insurance plan. - Roshan Chopra

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan is an ideal plan for a working individual who is looking to secure their family. I had this plan for two new years and my sum insured has been increased due to No Claim Bonus feature ensuring that my family gets more financial protection against emergency health care. - Nitin Seth

I really liked the easy enrolment process of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Classic Plan. The health plan has many features and benefits and the cost of the premium is also low. I recommended this plan to others. - Rashmi Kapoor