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To help Kerala recover - Free claims services from Coverfox

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 20 August 2018
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Coverfox is providing Free Claims Assistance services for everyone who got affected by the recent floods in Kerala. We are here to help in any way we can with your insurance.

Kerala: The worst is behind us

You've experienced the worst flood of the century. The hard part is now over, but we can only imagine the number of things running in your mind, that you need to take care of, to get back to your normal life. Tens of thousands of you are affected with your Health, Cars, Two wheelers, Homes, Offices, Shops and Lives. While some things can never be replaced - all we can do is give our best to fix things as much as possible and move on.

How can Coverfox help?

We at Coverfox are trying to help in a way that we know best - helping with Insurance. If you have an insurance policy and you need help to claim it, we are here for you. Whichever the insurance company you bought the policy from, we'll help you with the claims assistance.

It doesn't matter if you have bought a policy through us, or from somewhere else. We are more than happy to help you out - absolutely for FREE.

If you want to file a new claim, or would rather have us follow up for the claim, so you can attend other pressing matters - just reach out to us here:

TOLL FREE HELPLINE:1800-20-999-70

Some FAQs to get you more clarity on ways we can help

What details does Coverfox need to help me with my claims?

Ideally, if you have a copy of your policy, just mail us the same with the name of the insurance company. Our team will coordinate with the insurance company and call you for anything additional we may require. You can also call our toll free number 1800 209 9970 or email us your details on

What are the absolutely necessary steps that I need to take before making a claim?

In case of a lost car/bike, you will have to register an FIR with the local police and give us a photo of that FIR. We understand that this is a difficult process. Let us know if you would require any assistance from our end.

For life insurance claims, you'll have to produce Death certificate of the deceased person. In case a person is missing, the process is a bit complex. You can read an article here to know more

For health insurance, if the insured member was hospitalized for more than 24 hrs you can file a claim. It'll be good if you have the hospital bills and discharge papers handy.

What proofs do I need to provide to make a claim? By when do I need to submit these?

Claim can be registered without any proof. Our advisor will register the claim on your behalf with the respective insurance company. Post the claim is registered you can mail us the basic documents. For instance, to claim vehicle insurance, a copy of the registration certificate, driving license copy, etc will be required.

We'll guide you through the steps required by the insurer, but you should first register the claim on priority.

Am I supposed to get the extent of damage to my vehicle assessed? How long does that take?

The assessment is done by an insurance company personnel. Post the claim is registered, the time frame for the same would depend on the respective Insurance company and the situation out there.

My car is not starting due to the floods. Can I claim for these damages?

Yes - but please do not turn on ignition even in worst of the cases. Best thing to do in such a scenario is to call up Road Side Assistance to get your car towed to an authorized garage for carrying out necessary repairs and lodge a claim with the insurance company.

In case of continuous or repeated attempts of cranking Car Engine - it will likely cause a Hydro Static Lock - causing huge repair bills, sometimes to the tune of several Lakhs. This may not be payable by insurance company on grounds of Consequential Loss, so you should be wary of that.

What are the possible ways the flood would have damaged my car/bike?

Most floodwater in Kerala will be saline (salty) due to the proximity to the sea. This is potentially very hazardous for your car and bike. Floods can damage any of the following - Starter, Alternator, Battery, Electrical System, Wiring Harness, Filters, Clutch, Brakes, Sensors, Motor and Worse Car Engine or Transmission Failure - making the car Stall in beyond repairs.

If the car is submerged in water - there's a high probability of Car Electrical Wiring and Harness becoming wet due to same, including no sparks or sensors having been impacted or water in cylinders - causing Ignition Issue. Though same can be resolved by drying it up and cleaning; there is always a possibility of corrosion of car electrical systems - which will further crop up multiple issues in the car in future.

Helpline numbers for emergency

Here are some helpline numbers for emergency services in Kerala. We wish you never need them:

Kasargod: 944-660-1700

Kannur: 944-668-2300

Kozhikode: 91-944-653-8900

Wayanad: 91-807-840-9770

Malappuram: 91-938-346-3212, 91-938-346-4212

Thrissur: 91-944-707-4424, 91-487-236-3424

Palakkad: 91-830-180-3282

Ernakulam: 91-790-220-0400, 91-790-220-0300

Alappuzha: 91-477-223-8630, 91-949-500-3630, 91-949-500-3640

Idukki: 91-906-156-6111, 91-938-346-3036

Kottayam: 91-944-656-2236, 91-944-656-2236

Pathanamthitta: 91-807-880-8915

Kollam: 91-944-767-7800

Thiruvananthapuram: 91-949-771-1281

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