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Does Life Insurance Policies Cover Death Due to Coronavirus?

The worldwide figures of people infected and dying from the deadly coronavirus are steadily on the rise. The killer virus is showing no signs of slowing down!

To protect your family, you must have taken a life insurance policy so that they get adequate financial support when you are gone. But, in the midst of this pandemic, you must be wondering whether your life insurance plan covers death due to coronavirus. Naturally, it is a crucial question and if you want an answer to it, read on.

Before we get into it, you need to understand what your life insurance policy covers and what it does not.

Are Deaths Due to Coronavirus Covered by Life Insurance?

The good news is that if your death occurs due to coronavirus, the life insurance company will accept your claim and the death benefit will be paid to your nominee.

You need to keep the following points in mind:

Existing Policyholder:

If you have an existing life insurance plan, your beneficiary will be entitled to the sum assured in case of your death, provided the premiums have been paid up to your date of death. This means that your policy should be in force at the time of your death. Otherwise, your nominee will not be able to claim the proceeds.

All the details given to the insurer should be correct such as your name, age, and other information.

Pre-Existing Illness:

The rules for pre-existing illness will apply to your life insurance policy. If your death takes place during the waiting period for the listed pre-existing conditions, then your nominee will not be entitled to claim the sum assured.


The standard exclusions are valid for your existing life insurance plan. If you commit suicide within a one-year time frame of purchasing the policy, your nominee cannot claim anything. The other exclusions under a life insurance policy are:

  • Alcohol or drugs or solvent abuse related death
  • Participation in Illegal activities
  • Aviation other than a fare-paying passenger
  • Indulgence in High-risk and dangerous sports
  • Accidents
  • Terrorism
  • Act of War


You must name the nominee in the life insurance policy. In case there is more than one nominee, the percentage payable to each should be mentioned.

New Policyholders:

If you are applying for a life insurance plan today, there will be a higher risk for the insurer due to COVID-19. This would lead to a revision in premiums. Insurance premiums are based on the applicant's medical history and current health.

The insurer could reject your application if you are found to have coronavirus or have travel history of visiting countries with high infection levels. If, however, you are not suffering from the virus and have provided the insurer with true and correct information, then your application will be accepted.

If you die due to coronavirus at a later date, then the insurer will pay your nominee the sum assured. However, you need to understand the life insurance policy exclusions before you take the policy.

Overseas Travel:

Your existing life insurance policy will cover death due to this pandemic even if you have returned from a country that has known cases of coronavirus if you have an existing plan.

Types of Life Insurance Policies That Cover Coronavirus

If you have a life insurance plan which falls in any of the following categories, you will be covered for death due to coronavirus:

1. Term Life Insurance:

This is pure insurance, meaning that there is no maturity value. It is the cheapest form of protection you can buy for your family’s well-being in case of your absence. If you die from coronavirus while this life insurance policy is active, then you will get the death benefit. If the plan matures, your family will get nothing if you die post policy maturity.

2. Unit Linked Plans

This type of life insurance policy is a combination of insurance and investment. If you die due to COVID-19 during the tenure of the plan, then your family will receive higher of the sum assured or the fund value. If the policy has matured and you die, your family will not be entitled to the claims.

3. Endowment Plans

An endowment plan is a life insurance plan that combines insurance and savings. If you die from complications arising from coronavirus during the tenure of the policy, your beneficiaries will get the sum assured plus final additional bonus. However, if the life insurance policy has matured, and you die after the maturity date, your family has no right to make a claim.

4. Money-Back Plans:

Money-back plans are similar to endowment plans when it comes to death benefits. If you die while this life insurance plan is in force, your family will get the sum assured and any bonus that is mentioned in the policy. However, your nominees will get nothing if you die after the policy matures.

5. Whole Life Insurance:

A whole life insurance policy is where your beneficiary is entitled to death benefit during the policy term, and even after the insurance plan has matured. If you die when the policy is active, your family will be entitled to the sum assured, along with any bonus mentioned in the policy. If you die after the policy matures, your family will be entitled to the policy sum assured. 6. Child Plan

In a child plan, you are the policyholder, and the child is the nominee. In this type of life insurance policy, your child is paid the sum assured in case of your death during the policy period. If the policy has matured, nothing is paid to the beneficiary in case of death.

7. Pension Plans

In case of pension plans, if you choose the return of purchase price to the nominee, you will get a lower pension. For such a life insurance plan, the policyholder will get a fixed pension during the tenure of the policy. If the policyholder dies, then the beneficiary will receive the annuity purchase price.

Stay Safe With Life Insurance Policies

A life insurance policy is the best way to protect your family during the coronavirus crisis. Just make sure you renew your policy on time and enjoy complete peace of mind!