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What makes the money back plan the best investment option?

Janhavi Shinde Janhavi Shinde 14 March 2019

Money back plans are a great option for investment as it combines insurance and income. While investing, this option must be considered by all. Read on to know more.

Best Investment Option Money Back Policy

Money back plan is also known as Anticipated Endowment plan with benefits of liquidity and known as Money back policy in the Insurance sector. We can define money back plans as a type of policy where instead of getting a huge amount at the end of the term; the insured person is entitled to get a particular percentage of the amount at regular intervals.

The amount which the insured person gets at regular intervals is termed as Survival Benefit and the remaining amount which can be obtained by the insured person at the end of the term is known as Maturity Benefit. One of the unique feature of the Money back plan is that it helps in providing benefits within regular intervals and it is a low-risk investment option.

Benefits of Money Back Plan

  • Survival Benefit: The policy holder will get money in regular intervals over the term of the policy. Once the policy has been purchased; after a few years of payment of premium, the policy holder starts getting this amount which is known as Survival Benefit.
  • Maturity Benefit: At the end of the plan tenure, the policy holder gets this amount which is the remainder amount after the payment of the Survival Benefits from the total sum assured.
  • Death Benefit: In case of the death of the policy holder, the amount which is obtained by the nominee of the policy holder is known as the Death Benefit. This is the total sum assured amount without taking into account the paid Survival Benefits. This helps the policy holder to secure his family against any financial obligations even after her/his demise.
  • Bonus: This amount is an additional advantage for the policy holder. A particular percentage of the total sum assured amount is calculated as the bonus and it gets added up annually. When the policy is matured or there is a death benefit to be claimed, the bonus is added up to the overall amount that has to be paid.

Salient features of Money back plans

  • Regular Source of Income: Money back plan can be considered as a regular source of income because of the Survival Benefits that are obtained within regular intervals. The advantage of this is that the policy holder can fulfill certain financial requirements by the benefits obtained rather than waiting for the maturity to happen.
  • Low-Risk Investment: Money back policy has a very low risk associated with them in comparison to other investment options like Mutual Funds, Stock investments etc. Mutual Funds and other investments are open to risks and have to go through various fluctuations in the Stock Market but Money back plan are not vulnerable to any such volatility in the capital market.
  • Insurance coverage: This is the best part of the Money back policy. The insurance holders will be getting returns as well as coverage under a single plan. Irrespective of the returns that has been paid out as Survival benefits, if anything happens to the insurance holder then; the nominee will be able to get the entire assured amount.
  • Liquidity: Since, there are returns within specific time intervals; the policy holders can enjoy the needed liquidity and make better financial planning for long term goals in life.

The Working Procedure

For example, Hema purchases a Money back policy of Rs. 20 lakhs for a period of 25 years. So, she would need to pay premium for 25 years and she would also be getting returns at regular intervals of let say 5 years.

Let the percentage for obtaining Survival benefit be 20% of the total sum assured.

So, now Hema will be getting Rs.4 lakhs after the 5th year, 10th year, 15th year and 20th year.

On the maturity i.e. after the 25th year, she will get the remaining amount which will be Rs. 4 lakhs (Rs.20 lakhs-Rs.4 lakhs *4) and any additional bonuses.

However, if Hema dies in the 12th year; then as per the policy her nominee will get Rs.20 lakhs and the additional bonus even though she must have received the Survival benefits of Rs.8 lakhs.

Need for a Money Back plan

  • Money back policy should be purchased by people who need money at specific intervals of time.
  • In simple terms, a Money back policy is a saving plan which provides the Survival benefits on a regular basis, maturity benefits at the end of term and also the Accrued bonus as an additional advantage.
  • There can be unpredictable and unprecedented situations when you would need financial back up and these Money back plans are a great help during those period.
  • By the help of Money back policy, the amount saved can be used as a fund in many important tasks like business investment which is done on regular terms or education of children, etc.
  • These policies can be used as a means for tax saving because the premiums that are paid and the amount obtained as Survival benefits are tax exempted. Hence, this can be a tax-saving tool as well.

Selection of a Money Back Policy

Certain factors need to be considered while selecting a Money back plan. These factors affect the amount of returns you are obtaining and other benefits as well.

  • Investment Time period The amount of years you are planning to invest in the policy is important to determine your returns from the policy.
  • Financial Goals Your long term financial planning, the purpose for which you are purchasing the policy etc. needs to be clear while you are selecting the policy.
  • Total Sum Assured The total amount of money you are investing is a crucial factor in selecting the policy as it affects the percentage for payout calculation.
  • Payouts Your policy selection also depends on the type of payout you opt for.

Best Money Back Policies in India

We can list down some of the best Money Back Policies in India.

  1. LIC Money back Policy-20 years.
  2. SBI Life Money Black Gold.
  3. LIC Money Back policy for children.
  4. Bajaj Allianz cash Assure.
  5. Reliance Super Money Back plan.

However, the key to purchase a good policy is to compare the different features like premiums, payouts options, etc. by using the comparison tool online and then select the ones which are suitable for your requirements.

Hence, Money Back plans make one of the favored options for investment among investors due to its benefits, liquidity offered, regular returns etc. But however, there are certain opinions on Money Back plans which claim them to be somewhat expensive in nature. So, a Money Back plan is useful depending on the planning which you have made for the returns that you are obtaining like re-investing or some big purchases etc. which can be of some financial help for you and your family.

Here's a quick read that shall give you reason enough to believe that money back policies are the best investment option.

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