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Future Generali Life Insurance

Future Generali Life Insurance Company one of the highly established insurance companies not only in India but also beyond. The company offers a handful of policies in regards to life insurance, hence the need to give it a trial.

Future Generali has sourced over 12 lakh policies since inception

The company operates in 75 locations across India which makes it able to reach out to a large audience in need of life insurance. All products presented by this company are easy to understand and offers clients easy and friendly time when seeking assistance.

Benefits of Buying Future Generali Life Insurance

Over the years, Future Generali Life Insurance Company has been very keen in ensuring that customers leap enough benefits and that their security is assured. The prime benefits of buying life insurance from this company include:

  • Simplified Claim Procedure- No doubt that most people worry about the duration it will take for their claim on insurance to materialize. Future Generali Life Insurance Company provides clients with the friendliest yet easy claim process. No time to waste.

  • Close Connection with Clients- With 75 points of operation in India, Future Generali ensures a strong connection with clients. This means that any need can be easily addressed from your nearest operation point of the company.

  • Variety of Plans and Offers- The company provides prospective and existing customers a wide range of plans to choose from. This is in regards to the varying needs and requirements of individuals.

  • Flexibility- The company provides flexible and friendly terms to customers. The manner in which premiums are paid is flexible enough. Additionally, assorted plans featured in the company offer ample room for customer flexibility.

  • Assured Security and Authenticity- The company is among the most trusted insurance companies in India. This grants clients the sense of security. You are assured maximum security for your funds.

  • Operation Round The Clock- The company provides its services round the clock. You can opt to appear in the company in person. You can also opt to make a call and have your problem addressed. Alternatively, you can get the services that you need in the Future Generali Life Insurance Company’s online portal. You are at liberty to choose the friendliest way of connecting with the company.

Types of Future Generali Life Insurance

One of the strong points of Future Generali Life Insurance Company is the many plans it offers clients. The company has been introducing new plans often. The old ones still exist. The bottom line is that the wings of Future Generali Life Insurance Company keep spreading hence offering ample coverage to all. Among the plans that you might be interested in include:

Exclusions of Future Generali Life Insurance

The company shall nullify the validity of the insurance cover in instances of:

  • Intentional Death- Death as a result suicide is not considered natural hence not valid for compensation within the first policy year.

  • Breach of Contract - In case the terms and conditions of the company are violated, the contract may not be considered valid.

Claim Process of Future Generali Life Insurance Company

Future Generali Life Insurance Company does not prompt a long process of placing a claim. In just 3 steps, you will be able to process your claim:

  • Step 1: Intimation

This is where you are required to fill a claim form and attach all the required documents including death certificate(in case of death of the insured), medical certificate, and account details. The form should be submitted to the closest branch for the purpose of launching the claim formally.

  • Step 2: Processing

Upon submission of the required documents, the claim process begins immediately. There may be communication between the claimant and the company during the process for the sake of clarification.

  • Step 3: Decision

This is the final stage where the company takes the mandate of deciding if the claim is valid or not. Direct credit to the claimants account is made upon confirmation that the claim is valid.

For further assistance here are the contact details of the company:


Contact number: 1800 220 233 1860 500 3333 022 67837800

Review of Future Generali Life Insurance Company

The claim settlement ratio of Future Generali Life Insurance Company stands at approximately 93.11% for the year 2017-18. The parent company under has managed to pull over IR 1,507 Crore. The investment team under the company has the privilege of managing assets worth Rs 2,800 Crore. This is an indicator that the company is strong enough to facilitate the needs of individuals, as far as insurance is concerned.

FAQs on Future Generali Life Insurance Company

Who Should Enjoy Claim Benefit?

The beneficiary or the nominee as stated in the company’s contract is the only person entitled to claim benefits. Beneficiaries vary from proposer to assignee, to life assured.

How Can I Get More Benefits From Future Generali Life Insurance Company?

It is simple. The higher the value of sum insured, the higher the prospective benefits.

How Can I Ensure That My beneficiaries Get The Claim?

It begins with making regular premium payments. Aside from that, you must ensure that personal details are updated and that they are correct.

What Are The Modes of Investment Recommended By The Company?

Among the recommended modes of investment include; mutual funds, ULIP funds, direct trading, and portfolio management schemes.

How Long Does It Take For a Policy To Mature?

It depends on the policy chosen. Each policy at Future Generali Life Insurance Company has its own specifications in terms of maturation duration.

What is the free-look period for a Future Generali Life Insurance policy?

The Future Generali Life Insurance Plan offers you a free-look period of 15 days, in case you aren’t too happy with the terms and conditions of the policy period and wish to cancel one. However, if you have purchased this plan through distant marketing modes, the free-look period would be 30 days.

Can the premium paying frequency be changed?

Yes, the premium payment frequency can be changed from monthly to quarterly, half-yearly or annually. However, this solely depends on the policy (terms and conditions) as well as the insurer.

When does a Future Generali Life Insurance policy lapse?

If you fail to make the premium payment during the grace period as per your policy terms and conditions, your Future Generali Life Insurance policy will lapse.

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