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Future Generali Flexi Term Plan

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan is an online term insurance plan offered by Future Generali. The objective of the plan is to maintain the continuation of financial flow in the absence of the life insured. The plan provides long term cover to secure your family's future. It offers different death benefit payout options to suite individual requirements.

It offers you the flexibility to choose death benefit from multiple payout options

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan can be purchased online thus reducing unnecessary hassles. It has three different options for death benefit payout, that are lump sum payment cover, fixed monthly payment cover and increasing income protection monthly cover. It is a pure term plan covering death risk and does not pay anything on maturity.

Features of Future Generali Flexi Term Plan

  • It is an online term plan and can be purchased instantly from the company's website
  • It has 2 coverage options. The options are basic life cover and Income Protection
  • If insurer survives the term then nothing is payable on maturity
  • It has option to add additional accident rider to the base policy which offers accidental death or disability benefit.
  • Lower premium for non- smokers and female lives
  • Discount on premium for choosing higher sum assured
  • Plan provides long term cover up to age of 75 years

Future Generali Flexi Term Plan Benefits

Death Benefit – Basic Life Cover Option: Offers payment in lump sum as death benefit.

Death Benefit – Income Protection Option: Payment of monthly fixed income or increasing income are available as death benefit.

Maturity Benefit: There are no benefits payable on the maturity of the plan.

Eligibility Criteria of Future Generali Flexi

Basic Life CoverIncome Protection
Entry Age (In years) 18-55 25-55
Policy Term Minimum -10 years Minimum 10 years (subject to min maturity age of 45 yrs of the person insured)
Maturity Age Maximum - 65 years (Smoker)
Non Smoker - 75 years
Maximum - 65 years
Premium Payment Mode Equal to policy term Equal to policy term
Premium Payment Frequency Annual and monthly Annual and monthly
Min Basic Sum Assured 50 Lakh for Basic Life Cover 50 Lakh for Basic Life Cover

Plan Options by Future Generali Flexi

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan offers two different plan options to fulfill the individual requirements of the life insured.

Option 1 – Basic Life Cover

This option has a lump sum payout. For Example - If Rs 1 crore term plan is selected then upon an eventuality (death of the life insured) whole lump sum death benefit of Rs.1 crore will be paid to the nominee.

Option 2 - Fixed Income Protection

This option has a fixed monthly income death benefit protection. In this the life insured can secure the financial income flow for his family in his absence. For example – If the life insured gets a fixed monthly income of Rs.50,000 (which can be his monthly salary). In case of an eventuality (death of the life insured) the nominee will get fixed Rs.50,000 monthly till the time the life insured would had attained the age of 60 years or for 120 months whichever is higher.

Option 3 – Increasing Income Protection

To fulfill the life stage financial requirements in accordance to the annual inflation, this plan offers increase in monthly income payout option. The income increases at an annual simple rate of 10% of the original monthly income amount chosen at inception. The benefit will be payable till the time the sum assured have attained the age of 60 years or 120 months whichever is higher.

For example – If the life insured aged 35 gets a plan of monthly income of Rs. 50,000 under increasing income protection and passes away at age 41. His family will start receiving Rs.80, 000 considering Rs.5000 inflation every year which amounts to Rs.30, 000 increase for being in the 6th year of policy term. In the subsequent years as per the policy the monthly income will keep increasing Rs.5000 every year. The payment will end when the life insured would complete 60 years. So in the final year the monthly payment will be 1, 70,000 considering Rs.5000 increase every year from age 35 to age 60.

Additional Riders of Future Generali Flexi

Future Generali Accidental Benefit rider option is available in addition to the base plan to enhance the cover.

The Accidental benefit rider has two options:

Option 1: Accidental Death Protection

If the life assured has an accident caused by outward, violent and visible means and results in the death within a period of 180 days of the occurrence of the incident then this rider benefit shall be payable.

Option 2: Accidental Death and Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Protection

On top of the accidental benefit mentioned in the above rider this rider also has disability protection benefit. The benefit shall be payable if the Life Assured is regarded as Totally and Permanently disabled as a result of accidental bodily injury, resulting solely and directly from an accident caused by outward, violent and visible means. The disability must last without interruption, for at least 180 consecutive days and must be deemed permanent by a panel of medical practitioners.


  • Self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • Injury arising from riots or adventure sports
  • Injury arising out of nuclear reaction, radiation or chemical contamination


  • The rider will terminate immediately on payment of the rider sum assured


  • Gives additional sum assured of the rider against accidental death
  • Financial protection if the life assured gets disabled due to an accident

Other Details of Future Generali Flexi

Surrender Value: This plan doesn't offer any surrender value. Grace Period

Grace period of 30 days from the premium due date to pay missed premium (15 days in monthly premium payment mode). During these days, the policy will be valid and any claims will be subject to deduction of due premiums.

Tax Benefit: The premiums paid are eligible for tax benefit as may be available under Section 80C, 80 CCC (1), 80D and 10(10D). The tax benefits are subject to change as under the prevailing income tax laws.

Free-Look Cancellation: The company offers a free look period of 30 days. You can return the policy to the company for cancellation and get refund of the policy premium. The company will deduct proportionate risk premium for the period of cover, stamp duty charges, cost of medical examination (if any).

Lapsed Policy Reinstatement: If the premium due remains unpaid by the end of the grace period, the policy gets lapsed and no life cover will be provided to you during lapse period. You can revive the policy within two years from the date of the last unpaid premium. The policy will be terminated for no value at the end of the revival period.

Future Generali Flexi Exclusions

The following are the exclusions of Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan. No benefit will be payable in respect of any conditions arising directly or indirectly.

  • Self-inflicted injury, suicide, war/invasion, injury during criminal activity with criminal intent or death whilst under the influence of drug unless prescribed by the doctor, alcohol, or narcotic substances.
  • Riots, civil commotion, rebellion, war (whether war be declared or not), invasion, hunting, mountaineering, steeple chasing or racing of any kind, bungee jumping, river rafting, scuba diving, paragliding or any such adventurous sports or hobbies.
  • Accident while the life assured is engaged in aviation or aeronautics in any capacity other than that of a fare-paying, part-paying or non-paying passenger, in any aircraft which is authorized by the relevant regulations to carry such passengers and flying between established aerodromes.
  • Nuclear reaction, radiation or nuclear or chemical contamination.

Future Generali Flexi Review

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan is an online term plan. It is a very simple plan to understand with multiple payout options and an accidental and disability protection rider attachment option. Future Generali Life Insurance Company has a claim settlement ratio of 90% which is growing every year. With easy to understand features and benefits, Flexi Online Term Plan is a good buy.