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HDFC Life ULIP Plans

Unit Linked Insurance Plans by HDFC Life are investment cum insurance plans. The investment component is subject to the risks linked to capital markets. The insurance provider offers a variety of ULIP products to suit varying needs (risk appetite and financial goals) of policyholders/investors. There are products available for retirement planning, child’s education or marriage and investment purposes.

About HDFC Life: HDFC Life is among the top life insurance companies in India. It provides a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet different life stage needs of customers. Some of its offerings include Protection, Savings & Investments, Pension and Health.

(Note – All the information contained in this page has been sourced from the official website of HDFC Life.)

Benefits of HDFC Life ULIP Plans

  • ULIPs by HDFC Life provide the opportunity to create wealth for the future.
  • They enable individuals to develop a disciplined savings habit that in turn helps them (policyholders) secure their future financial goals.
  • There is choice of different funds for investment purpose.
  • ULIPs provide protection to the life assured’s family and ensure all expenses are covered in case of the individual’s absence.

Types of HDFC Life ULIP Plans

Some of the ULIPs offered by HDFC Life are as follows:

HDFC Life Click2Invest ULIP- This is an online unit linked plan that offers market linked returns, charges minimally, provides the policyholder's family with financial protection and meets the individual's investment needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Age at entry0 years (30 days)65 years
Age at maturity18 years75 years
Single: Rs. 24,000
Annual: Rs. 12,000
Half-yearly: Rs. 6,000
Quarterly: Rs. 3,000
Monthly: Rs. 1,000
No limit, subject to Underwriting

HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth- This is a unit linked, non-participating,life insurance plan. It comes with the Premium Waiver option, whereby individuals can financially secure their child's or spouse's future. There is investment flexibility with 10 funds, and unlimited free switches are permitted.

Eligibility Criteria

ParametersInvest PlusPremium Waiver OptionGolden Years Benefit Option
Age at EntryLife Assured: 0 years (30 days) to 60 years
Life Assured: 0 years (30 days) to 60 years
Proposer: 18 years to 65 years
Life Assured: 0 years (30 days) to 60 years
Age at Maturity18 years to 75 years18 years to 75 years99 years
Minimum Premiums
Single: Rs. 24,000
Quarterly: Rs. 3,000

Annual: Rs. 12,000
Monthly: Rs. 1,000
Half-yearly: Rs 6,000

HDFC Life Classic One- This is a Unit Linked Single Premium Life Insurance Plan. It offers life cover for two individuals, where a lump sum of 10 times the single premium is paid out on the second death of the two lives covered. HDFC Life Classic One also offers loyalty additions that will help boost the fund value.


For Single Life

Age at entry (last birthday)0 years40 years
Age at maturity (last birthday)18 years50 years

For Joint Life

Age at entry (last birthday)18 years80 years
Age at maturity (last birthday)28 years90 years

HDFC SL ProwGrowth Flexi- This is a savings-cum-insurance unit-linked plan that provides financial security to the life assured's loved ones. It provides flexibility to select one of two benefit options: i) Life Option = Death Benefit ii) Extra Life Option = Death Benefit + Accidental Death Benefit.

Eligibility Criteria

Life Options

Min-max entry age14-65 years
Maximum maturity age75 years
Min-max policy term10-30 years

Extra Life Options

Min-max entry age18-55 years
Maximum maturity age70 years
Min-max policy term10-30 years

HDFC SL Crest- This ULIP helps to achieve investment goals in a period of 10 years along with providing financial protection for the policyholder's family. Premiums can be paid for 5 years to receive market linked returns for 10 years.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry ageCriteria
Entry age
Minimum: 14 years
Maximum: 55 years
Maturity age65 years
Policy term10 years
Premium Payment Term5 years

HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium- This ULIP is designed to accumulate savings for the future of one's child, even in the individual's absence. There is flexibility to choose from 4 funds to suit the policyholder's risk appetite: Income Fund, Balanced Fund, Blue chip Fund and Opportunities Fund.

Eligibility Criteria

EligibilityLife OptionLife and Health Option
Minimum entry age18 years18 years
Maximum entry age65 years55 years
Maximum maturity age75 years65 years

HDFC SL ProGrowth Maximiser- This is a single premium ULIP with a cover of 10 years. It provides flexibility to invest among 4 fund options available, namely Income Fund, Balanced Fund, Blue chip Fund and Opportunities Fund.

Eligibility Criteria

Min-max entry age14-65 years
Policy term10 years
Maximum maturity age75 years

(Source: HDFC Life website)

Documents Required

To buy a ULIP, an individual will be required to submit certain documents that will serve as proof of identity and residence. The documents that are generally acceptable include:

  • ID Proof- PAN card, Passport, Voter ID card, etc.
  • Address Proof- Passport, Driving License, Voter ID card, etc.

FAQs On HDFC Life ULIP Plans

How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Applicants have the option to pay their premiums either through the company’s website or by visiting one of its branches. Other than cash and cheque payments, the other options include Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bill Pay etc.

How to check policy status of HDFC Life ULIPs?

To view the status of the policy, users need to sign in to the insurer’s web portal using their login credentials.

How to renew an HDFC Life ULIP?

To renew an insurance plan, policyholders will be required to pay the renewal premiums. Users are advised to go through the product brochure to understand the renewal process of each plan.

What is the claim settlement process for HDFC Life ULIP?

Individuals have the option of either filing an insurance claim online or by visiting one of the insurer’s branch offices.

How to cancel an HDFC Life ULIP?

To cancel an insurance policy in the free look, users have to fill up a form, requesting the same, and submit it at a branch office with the policy document.