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A Hopeful rise in the 7th Pay Commission

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 03 June 2019

With the Modi Government holding the fort for the second time, Central Government employees are now hopeful of a rise hike in the minimum pay against the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission.

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Post the swearing in ceremony of the new Modi Government, now hopes have once again taken birth among the Central government employees that their demand of a hike in the minimum pay of the 7th Pay Commission might just be fulfilled.

Reportedly, while the hike in minimum pay was supposed to happen last year, it is assumed that no substantial decision was taken by the government because of certain valid reasons. However, now with Nirmala Sitharaman, the new Finance Minister of India taking charge, a new ray of hope has risen for many Central Government employees.

According to statistics, so far the Central Government employees would get a minimum pay of Rs. 18,000. However, they have now demanded an increase of Rs. 8000, which makes the overall revised pay to be Rs. 26,000.

There are several rumours making the rounds that the government might consider the complete hike in the minimum pay of the Central government employees. However, it is speculated that the government is considering a hike of Rs. 6000 only. So far, no news has confirmed the same.

In the past, Ex- Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh had held a discussion with officials concerned to elaborate on the matter, thereby giving a hint that the Modi government was giving this issue a serious thought and was concerned about the demand of the employees. However, the general elections had not lived upto the expectations of the Central Government employees then.

On the flipside, this commission had also recommended that the pay matrix be reviewed periodically, without waiting for long ten years. Also, the Central Government employees’ salary must be reviewed based on the Aykroyd formula, which takes into consideration the changed prices of the commodities that make up a common man’s basket.

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