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Long-term Motor Insurance to Gain Traction Soon

Janhavi Shinde Janhavi Shinde 31 March 2017

With increasing demand for the long-term two-wheeler insurance these days, insurance companies may soon start selling multi-year motor insurance too. Read further to know how you would benefit from this new development.

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Insurance companies have recently given a nod to sell long-term motor insurance policies for cars. At present, long-term insurance product is available only for two-wheelers for a three-year term. With this new development, policyholder’s will not have to renew the insurance contract each year. The insurance companies would be renewing the contract for a maximum of three years cover.

“We are currently considering whether to offer long-term policies for private cars. Claims in the car insurance category are under control and therefore the introduction of long-term car products would be profitable for the policyholder’s”, as reported by the underwriter of an unnamed insurance firm.

The number of uninsured two-wheelers plying on the Indian roads has been on the peak as customers usually forget to renew their policies each year. Buying a multi-year policy would reduce the risk of the vehicle being uninsured.

Long-term motor insurance will save you from renewing your policy every year, and the hike to the third party premium each year. Moreover, insurance companies do provide discounts on premium if you avail a long-term motor insurance. You can now drive safely by enjoying long-term financial protection to your cars for three years.

However, there won’t be any change in policy terms for commercial vehicles. As commercial vehicles face a higher claim every year, it won’t be feasible to opt for a policy, where premium cannot be changed annually. Loss ratio of motor third-party premiums has been reported to exceed by 150%.

Janhavi Shinde
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