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How to buy Gold Coins and Bullions Online?

The internet world is taking over every sector and you can easily invest in life insurances or mutual funds without stepping out of the home. To your surprise, there is an easy way of investing in gold or silver coins and bars through the online platform and sell them when the need arises. The article further discusses how it is easy to buy gold coins, the uncomplicated facilities of online service and bullions online and vital things to keep in mind before investing.

Making Investments on Gold Coins and Bullions

Now gold mutual funds or paper gold, gold ETFs and allocated gold accounts are present, but nothing can replace the necessity of physical gold (coins, bullions and bars). The demand for gold coins and bullions are only 1 quarter of the market demand, but the new decade is learning its high value. India is world famous for gold investment; however, other Asian countries are showing equal interest in gold investments. If you buy gold coins and bullions, you are investing in the purest form of the yellow metal and the rate is fixed after checking the 24K gold rate. It is important to note that the rate of purest gold varies from country to country. The size of the gold coins in India generally ranges from one grams to fifty grams. Since they have been the purest form of gold, it is wise to keep them in a bank. In addition to the context, the protection of the physical gold is quite challenging to the investors. Similar to gold coins, gold bullions are a great solution to hedge against investment.

Buying Coins and Bullions of Gold from Bank

Nationalised and private sector banks have come forward to sell gold coins and bullions now. For 24K gold, the denomination range is generally around 10 grams, 8 grams and 5 grams. Before buying the gold from the official bank website, you should check the denomination range. Collaborating with MMTC, Stock Holding Corporation presents gold coins of 24 karat/999 fineness and the denomination starts at one gram. Apart from the nationalised banks, it is safe to invest in the MMTC which is government accessed public sector for gold sale. You can also invest in non-banking financial organisations, Stock Holding Corporation of India and online e-tailers. The nonfinancial companies do not provide huge denomination like the banks. For 24KT gold/999 fineness, the denomination is low (around 0.5 grams only). Even the nonfinancial companies sell gold coins in different designs; the figures of Indian gods are embossed on the coins as a sign of good luck.

How to Buy Gold Coins and Bullions Online

The service offers a hassle-free way of opening account only if you have a working internet connection. After accessing the online account, you can transact on the platform within a strong security framework. There is no brokerage charge to be paid. Moreover, if you are facing any issue, you can get in touch with the customer service representative at any given time.

As gold coins and bullions are available in the online market, you only need to follow simple steps to strengthen investment profile,

  • At first, choose your preferred bank and open an account to get gold coins and bullion best price.
  • Select the ‘buy’ option to start from the lowest price.
  • Then purchase gold coins or bars as per your need.
  • Get the product delivered at your doorstep or picked up from the bank branch. Investing in gold coins and bullions sales on the online platform is a good idea because the price is competitive. Many of the websites have come up with enticing cashback offers which are great for first-time buyers. Even if you are not sure about the legitimacy, you can only order 10 gm of gold coin. However, many services may also charge a little extra for storing the gold coins and bullions. They may impose a validity period, till which storing of gold is allowed.

Is Buying Gold Coins and Bullions Online a Safe Idea?

You might have been familiar with the traditional way of buying gold coins or bullion from a physical retailer, but the digital world is completely safe, too. The companies selling gold coins and bullions are certified and have a strong reputation in the market. For making sure whether you are investing in the right place, always check the customer reviews. The facility asks for certain documents to ensure that authentic customers investing in the digital gold program. Take a look at the required steps to follow,

  • Registration with the company by creating a username and password.
  • Enter name and delivery pin code. The service may be available to enlisted areas only.
  • Provide proof of address (electricity bill which is not older than 3 months, Aadhaar card, Voter ID or Passport).
  • Submit proof of identity (Aadhaar/Voter ID/Passport/PAN). Also, NRIs have to furnish their details with a copy of passport. In case, the gold coin bullion value goes beyond the value of Rs. 2 lakhs and Rs. 50,000, you may be instructed to submit PAN card and KYC norms.

In case, the gold coin bullion value goes beyond the value of Rs. 2 lakhs and Rs. 50,000, you may be instructed to submit PAN card and KYC norms.

Things to Remember before Buying Gold Coins

The online shopping experience of gold coins and bullions slightly differs from that of a physical one. If you are a first-time buyer, you may take a look at the significant factors before investing.

  • Denomination : The denomination is a huge factor when you are purchasing the gold coins online. As previously discussed, the gold coins price may vary in banks and non-financial institutions and the addition of denomination is variable, too. The current rate (till October 2018) of the smallest gold coin of 0.5 gram is between Rs. 1,600 and Rs. 1,700. But the gold selling service fixes the denomination on the chosen coin and bullion.
  • Hallmarking is Important : One of the most important parameters of deciding whether you should purchase the gold coins and bullions is BIS-hallmarked. Bureau of Indian Standard, popularly known as BIS makes sure that the customers do not fall for fraud gold cases. If the gold is certified by BIS, you will see the logo embossed on the product. Logo of hallmarking and assaying centre, BIS logo, jeweller’s identification number and mark, and purity in fineness and carat - these are four parts of approving that the gold product has passed hallmark benchmark. In the last year, the association has added the year of making as another important component to check before purchasing. Following the BIS regulations, the hallmarking is chosen for certain karat of gold. But you can choose the BIS approved approach for the gold testing centre to assess the purity of the gold.
  • Understand Purity : Fitness and Karat are two factors of deciding how pure the gold coin is. Generally, Karat is used for measuring gold purity and 24 Karat is the purest form of gold. Now if you choose 22 Karat gold, there will be 2 parts of zinc, silver or other metals and 22 parts of gold. World Gold Council has referred to the fact that gold contains impurities and alloy. Therefore, fitness is considered to find out how pure the gold is. Fitness indicates the weight of gold and the entire weight of the gold coins and bullions (including impurities and alloy). Generally, the fitness result of 24 Karat comprises of 999.9 pure parts.
  • Sell and Earn Financial Security : If you buy gold coins and bullions from a nationalised bank, you will not be able to sell to the bank again. As per the RBI regulations, you can now only purchase the gold product from a bank. When you are facing financial issues in life, you can sell the coins to any jeweller according to the resale amount trending in the market. The resale amount is the current prevailing market amount you have invested in the online platform.

Gold Coins vs. Gold Bullions

Majority of investors rely on investing bullions more than the coins because the former is available at a very low price. However, the saleable nature of the small gold counterparts gives more points to gold coins than bullions. The coins come with multiple denomination ranges and you still can obtain the money for this feature while reselling. The flexibility and ease of storing are other features which make the gold coin a better investment option. Gold bullions are hard to melt or reshape as per your need. The price of the bullions is subject to market trend and the rate of premium gold bullion is only increasing over the course of time. As the trading facility is easily availed for the coins, the waiting period for finding a suitable buyer is shorter. The gold bullions are only great for the customers wishing to start investments in the lowest range.