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Lalithaa Jewellery Gold Schemes

Lalithaa has an array of jewellery design. As one of the leading makers of gold, diamond and platinum jewellery, clients of Lalilthaa can avail both contemporary and classic designs from the world of jewellery. Lalithaa is one of the best manufacturers of birthstone jewels and silver artefacts. All these items come well within reach when we consider the amazing saving schemes that are offered by Lalithaa. This scheme allows clients to have a smart, safe process that is used for buying gold and in investing towards gold. The policy is also popular as Lalithaa Gold Saving Plan. Clients can contribute to their account every month and gather enough funds to buy jewellery they want.

Gold Schemes Offered By Lalithaa Jewellery Stores

Golden Tomorrow

Here is a better way to channelize the potential of your old jewellery. Lalithha’s innovative Jewellery Scheme allows you to exchange your old jewels for new and at no extra cost. Besides exchange, you also have the option of enrolling in this scheme by making a onetime payment to take home the jewellery of your choice. Besides, you will receive credit in rupees or units of gold in grams that gets credited as per payment made for the 22 carat gold rate prevalent on that day.

Features of Golden Tomorrow Scheme

  • One may start an account at the base price of Rs. 1,000 and in Rs. 1,000 multiples.
  • Each monthly instalment paid is converted to gold at the price prevailing then.
  • The policy demands 16 months payment with the 17th instalment coming from Latithaa on maturity.
  • One may utilise this money for buying gold coins of 916 purity when the money matures.
  • Instalments have to be on time and cannot be extended forward.
  • No sort of advance instalments is accepted.
  • Payments can be made by cheque, cash, demand draft (DD) or pay order.

Eleven Month Scheme

Reap the twin benefits of getting 1 instalment free from Lalilthaa Jewellery besides redeeming any gold jewellery of your choice at just 50% of the applicable V.A. Charges that get levied after completion of the scheme in 11 months. The paid amount is credited in cash or grams of gold along the prevailing 22ct gold rate for that day. With an active history of pro customer approach, the scheme is bound to help you achieve your goal of buying jewellery in a way that suits you. This is a unique scheme that allows you to purchase jewellery using affordable instalments, also helping you save money.

Features of the Eleven Month Scheme

  • The gold is added to the account at the standard rate of that particular month. This way, one remains protected against the rise in gold rates. Free gold is available, one month after the payment on the 16th instalment is done.
  • For the accumulated gold weight, there are no charges on wastage for the first 14% upon select jewels. When the weight is more than the normal, certain charges on wastage will be applicable for the excess weight.
  • No making charges for Signity, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Platinum artefacts.
  • VAT is borne by Lalithaa jewellers

FAQs on Lalithaa Jewellery Gold Schemes

What tax benefits comes from this gold scheme?

The taxation depends on the investment, and hence consult a tax advisor for the same.

Can I invest Rs. 5,000 in this scheme?

Yes. You may invest Rs. 5,000 in this scheme and take back the best in market returns.

Can I invest to accumulate 100GMS of gold under this scheme?

Yes, you can invest to accumulate 100GMS of gold under this scheme. Lalithaa Jewellery Scheme offers highly effective returns and accumulation investments.

Can I exchange the gold accumulated for designer jewellery?

Yes. Lalithaa believes in providing its consumers versatility in what they trade for accumulated value.