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Prince Jewellery Gold Scheme

Prince Jewellery is a name that has gained reputation for its sheer focus on excellence in designs for all ‘career women’. Besides, the brand is known for providing opportunities for all young and upcoming designers through their outlets. People here take pride in being the pioneers of the concept of having the lightest jewellery in this business. PC Varghese started the jewellery business at Ponkunnam, Kottayam, Kerala in the year 1933. The enterprise was advanced by J Cheeramvelil. A new jewellery outlet was initiated besides a manufacturing unit in the city of Thrissur in Kerala in the year 1958. Currently P Jose, son of J Cheeramvelil supplements the jewellery business in the country.

Prince Save N Gold

This is also one of the gold savings schemes from the house of Prince Jewellers. As per this scheme, every monthly advance payment has against it certain grams of gold that get credited to the customer’s account at largely prevailing prices. Like this one may buy the gold straight through a monthly criteria at present rates instead of buying at the end of the policy term. This helps the customer to protect the investment from fluctuating gold price. A basic advance needs to be paid regularly starting from the time of opening of the account till the plan matures. The advance cannot extend beyond the 11 months duration.

Benefits of Prince Save N Gold Scheme

  • With the Prince Save N Gold scheme the system of monthly advance payments can be utilised every month before the 10th. This could be cash in of the prince showrooms. For your convenience, there is also Demand draft / Local Cheques facility available throughout the week. The amount in question is payable by cash, or by cheques, DD, Debit and credit cards.
  • As a Prince customer one may participate in Prince Save n Gold via the online service where ever they are available. When opening the account via online, details from the id proof need to be supplemented and at closing time, the original proof of identity needs to be provided for a complete verification.
  • Advance payments on Prince Save n Gold need to be completed inside a 11 month period from the date of initial payment advance. In no situation this should go beyond the 11-month period.
  • When a user discontinues prior to completion of 11 months, he/she may buy jewellery in return of the weight accumulated thus far.

Features Of Prince Save N Gold Scheme

  • In case of Prince Save n gold, the user member makes 11 months advance payments at a minimum of INR1000 and in multiples of INR500/ against a fixed monthly advance.
  • This advance cannot be extended beyond 11 months. The payment is based upon gold weight where the 11th month advance payment needs to be finished in a 11-month duration starting from date of initial advance without fail.

Prince Save N Diamond

Diamond is a woman’s best friend. Women prefer owning diamonds and buying them without facing any hassles, prince has got a much required scheme. This scheme offers the customer to choose an amount of his or her choice for monthly advance payment at the time of enrolment. One receives passbook so as to track the payments. Plan duration is 11 months. After finishing 11 months of regular payment of monthly instalment amount, the customer is entitled to buy a diamond jewellery piece of his/her choice during the 12th month of the scheme. Members may discontinue scheme when they are uninterested in it. When they decide to stop in 6 months, they won’t be eligible for benefits.

Benefits Of Prince Save N Diamond Scheme

  • High Quality: With prince Save n Diamond, the craftsman's quality of index reaches beyond everything else. The diamond is checked and rechecked, ensuring only the very best goes into the making of a design. All our diamonds are 100% certified by international accreditation agencies.
  • Total Integrity: Be sure that your hard-earned money deserves the best. Quality diamonds, exclusive designs and well-trained personnel who understand your needs add up to the unique shopping experience.
  • Good Value: Prince Diamonds come with a unique buyback guarantee and certificate for each and every diamond you buy.
  • Full Trust: A heritage of more than 85years, award winning designs and dressing countless women by being a part of their journeys have all made Prince Jewellery a name to trust.

Features Of Prince Save N Diamond Scheme

  • INR5000 less per carat on diamond.
  • No wastage (VA) on diamond jewellery.
  • 25% off on making charges.
  • 10% off on uncut diamonds.

New Year 2017 Jewel Plus

  • New Year 2017 Jewel Plus is one of the gold savings schemes based out of the prince jewellery house.
  • The tenure of the scheme is 11 months.
  • The customer has to pay a minimum fixed amount as instalment over a period of 11 months, post which they will be entitled to purchase jewellery of their choice. One has to pay 11 months instalment amount without fail. Instalment amount can be paid before 10th of every month by any of the following modes – cash, demand draft, local cheque, debit card, credit card, ECS, post-dated cheques at one of the stores of Prince Jewellers.
  • Additional charges will be levied if the value of jewellery exceeds advance payment. For example: If a customer chooses to pay an instalment of INR5,000 per month, for 11 months, the accumulated money will be INR55,000. If the selected jewellery items cost is INR70,000, then the member is eligible for no additional charges on INR55,000. Additional charges will be applicable only on the balance amount of INR15,000 (INR70,000-INR55,000).

Benefits of New Year 2017 Jewel Plus Scheme

  • Currently, gold is an important factor in the daily life when it comes to raising one’s status. To fetch gold, one should have relevant financial power.
  • It is really difficult to buy gold at once. In this situation, “Prince Jewel Plus” will provide you with gold with no difficulty at all, post 11 months using your advance payments.
  • Prince Jewel plus, the member has to make advance payments for 11month with a minimum of INR1000/and, in multiples of INR500/, with a fixed monthly advance payment.
  • Payment advance should not be extended beyond 11 months. The 11th month’s advance payment needs to be made within 11 months from the date of the first advance payment without fail. This has to be strictly followed and nobody can super pass this.
  • Once 11 monthly advance payments are complete, within time, you become eligible for a purchase. No additional charges except for some design codes.

Features of New Year 2017 Jewel Plus Scheme

  • Monthly advance payments need to be remitted before 10th of any month via cash in any of the showrooms. We accept demand draft’s local cheques on all week days.
  • Amount is payable by cash, or with at par cheques, or demand drafts, debit cards, credit cards, otherwise charges for bank service will have to be collected on the actual credit card. One may use automatic electronic system for payment of instalments so that you may avoid monthly visits to the showroom for purpose of remitting monthly advances.
  • We also accept cheques that are post-dated in favour of ‘PRINCE GOLD AND DIAMONDS Pvt. Ltd.’ for the complete duration for convenience. Paying online or using NEFT can also be done and the receipt is sent through E-mail/SMS.

FAQs on Prince Jewellers Gold Scheme

Why is a gold investment policy interesting?

Gold is a precious metal. Any kind of jewellery made out of gold has a great value attached to it. In India, gold is passed from a generation to the next. Yet, purchasing gold is not easy for the common man. A lot if saving is required for before one could head for the purchase of the yellow metal. To ease out the customer from facing such kind of hassles, most of the jewellery houses, offer gold savings schemes to benefit the customer on a monthly basis regularly for a particular period of time. After this they may purchase an ornament of their liking. The Prince jewellery offers many gold savings policies, each meant to suit the customer’s need.

What is available to a person investing in Prince Jewellers Gold Scheme

The bangle collection at Prince jewellery is composed of gold, semi-precious stones, emerald, pearl, ruby etc. There is a wide active selection of silver under the Mili Brand that displays ornaments such as earrings, bracelets, photo frame.

How is the ancient secrets collection by Prince Jewellers?

Prince jewellery has Ancient Secret in the collection. This is an exotic, classic and trendy jewellery collection that is wearable on traditional as well as modern attires. Under the Silvetta collections, consumers can easily locate a wide assortment of gifting ideas utilised for special occasions. The collection comprises silver metal, with a good appeal, encouraging immediate purchase by buyers.