Axis Bank SIP Plans

Axis bank was promoted in 1993, jointly by Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (SUUTI) earlier known as ‘Unit Trust of India’ Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), National Insurance Company Ltd., The New India Assurance Company Ltd., The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. and United India Insurance Company Ltd. It is an eminent private bank in India with the title of the third largest private sector bank. They offer mutual fund products to the individual investors in the following domain like fund, debt, equity and also hybrid funds. They provide service to the corporate banking, asset management, retail banking, agriculture banking, and many more. The headquarters of Axis bank is in Mumbai and it is present in various countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai (at the DIFC), Shanghai and Colombo. The Company has its representative offices at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dhaka and Sharjah and an overseas subsidiary at London, UK.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an easy way to start investing with a minimum amount of money, as it will save a certain amount of money every month. Axis bank has some great mutual funds with SIP modes, and investment in these requires some basic information from the investor to initiate a scheme.

Benefits of Investing in an Axis Mutual Fund Scheme through SIP

Investors have the assurance that their investment will take its shape to a plan which will deliver good returns. From this SIP plan, the investors get a lot of benefits in the future because of its systematic investment process and they generate more wealth in coming days. It can be said that SIP is an automated system of market timing mechanism which gets you more units when the price is low and less units when the price of the unit gets higher. Therefore, without any issue, it provides you an average cost of share and purchase of mutual fund units and increase the returns. It actually evens out your investment during the ups and downs of the market which can happen anytime.

The approach of SIP towards investment in quite intellectual. You invest less in absolute terms when the market is expensive, and you invest more when the market is cheap. This is known as smart SIP which also estimates how much money you will need to collect for some goals in your life, like retirement planning. This helps you calculate how much money you will need to invest according to your portfolio’s value and also the value plus minus to keep the portfolio on track to maintain your goal.

SIPs helps you practice discipline in your saving habit by investing small amount every month on a regular basis which will never strain you. They also give you the power of compounding, which indicate that the earlier you start saving, the faster your money will multiply. Over time, the steady income will be exceptional. It gives you the scope to invest in a mutual fund of your choice from a variety of sectors associated with large companies like in the IT, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and more to expand your portfolio with minimum investment.

Disciplined Investments

One must have seen that though the individuals who draw a high salary or can generate high yearly income, not many of them can actually save wealth in over a long period of time. This inconsistency between earning and saving is mostly due to lack of discipline in the average investors. When the investors subscribe to the SIP plan of the Axis Mutual Fund of their choice, they automatically start saving from the investment. This disciplined way to invest safeguards the investor from wasting and to create in the long run.

Rupee cost average benefit

The basic theory of making profit is to buy something at a cheap price and sell it in high rates. This theory works for mutual funds investment too, just like the merchant trades. Here in mutual funds, the investor books profit from his mutual fund investments which is known as capital appreciation. He has to buy at low rates and sell at high prices. ‘The timing of the market’ which means the approach of waiting for lower rates needs a perfect moment and it is not easy to achieve that right moment for any new investor. Here, the Axis bank SIP provides benefits the investors to time markets and helps to get maximum returns for the most novice investors.

Flexible Investment Tenure

Axis SIP gives an opportunity regarding the investment tenure to the investors, the starting point of which is as brief as 6 months. There is no maximum limit on the duration of the investment tenure and the investors can keep the service active as long as they want. They can also modify their SIP duration and the total money after completion of the primary tenure of the minimum SIP. The investors can change their strategy regarding investment, according to the market changes by this unique opportunity.

Flexibility Investment Amount

Axis Mutual Fund SIP is one of the best options for the novice as well as expert investors from any domain due to its flexible investment plans. Axis SIP plans vary from one another as some have a minimum investment amount as low as Rs.500 and few have higher requirements for the minimum SIP amount usually Rs.1000. There is no maximum limit on the number of accounts of Axis SIP you create and the total sum of money you invest per month in those accounts. This feature is something unique which is not available in most of the other investment plans.

Benefit of Long Term Investment

If you stay invested for a longer period, you can get the benefit of compounding easily as it is the way to become wealthy through investment. You can achieve this through the sip investment for a longer time. The benefits of compounding is a great way to achieve the target of gaining wealth faster through a long term investment plan. They can also earn additional interest during the coming years, which helps the investors to get closer to the investment target way faster.

Minimum Efforts to Gain High Returns

Axis Mutual fund SIP is a way to get high returns through their systematic plan and allowing unlimited benefits of using the SIP account. Thus, you get maximum return through minimum effort.

Best Performing Axis Mutual Funds

Axis has the opportunity of open-ended mutual funds and below are just a few of the mutual funds that have strongly performed in different marketplaces. Axis MF AMC are discussed for your convenience to choose from:

Axis Focused 25 Fund

This open ended equity scheme has the objectives of investing in the equities and also the equities derivable not exceeding 25 companies which are available at the derivatives. Based on the market cap of companies, the Axis focused 25 fund will choose the best 25 companies from 200 named company of the Indian domestic stock exchange. The Axis bank focus 25 funds is mostly invested in the large cap companies with less insurance to the Midcap companies. During the unstable market condition, the large cap companies can manage the losses much better than its peers. The Midcap allocations play a vital role by ensuring major growth and also provide high Return of Investment to the investors when the market seems to be compelling.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund

The Axis Equity Fund provides an open-ended scheme which offers long term capital appreciation to the investors, through which they earn high returns through the equity investment of the fund. The investment is made through the diversified portfolio, which mainly gives the view of equity investments. According to the objective of the fund it is mostly directed towards the equity and equity derivative investment for the large cap companies. They also provide a smaller allocation towards the Midcap companies apart from this large cap investment, which gives a potential high return during the bullish time of the market. This is a diversified equity fund which invests in a high-quality large cap investment and it follows the investment approach that is bottom up. It might be the most suitable and long term investment for retirement and more.

Axis Midcap Fund

The Axis Asset Management Company Limited offers the open ended equity scheme known as the Axis Midcap Fund for the investors who are looking for long term capital appreciation. As the investment is made predominantly on the equity and the investment related to equity, the invested amount is at moderately high risk for the mid-size companies. The larger companies can get the benefits of the best of both worlds as the scheme is mostly focused to them. This is designed for the investors to provide higher risk of profitable investment option in possibly high growth. Around 30% of the portion of the assets are invested in the large cap companies along with the Midcap ones. The investors get the benefit of superior return through different great portfolio system.

Axis Regular Saver Fund formerly known as Axis Income Saver Fund

This is a hybrid fund, which is managed by the Axis Mutual Fund AMC and is a debt oriented fund, which is among India’s one of the best performing funds. The main objective of this fund is to create a consistent income for the investors through investment. The hybrid nature of the fund has a vital equity investment in the large cap companies which is spread in different domains like automotive, financial, service, healthcare, engineering, construction and many more. The fund has some low rated bonds, which provides higher interest rate.

Axis Equity Saver Fund

The investors who are looking for a balanced portfolio of investments can opt for this hybrid mutual fund. It predominantly invests in the equity and the instruments related to it. The market capitalization regulates the size of the equity fund. The investors get the benefit of income distribution and capital appreciation through this fund in the sectors of money market instrument, debt investments equity and equity related investments. The fund balances the returns verses risk as it adjusts the percentage of each type of investment. However, it does not provide any guarantee on the achievable profit for the investors.

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Eligibility Criteria for Investment in Axis Bank SIP Plans

You have to provide this key thing to invest in the Axis Bank SIP Plans

  • Complete the KYC (Know your customer) which is a one-time identity verification process.
  • Submit the Aadhar and PAN card
  • Address proof documents

How to invest in Axis Bank SIP Plans?

You can start with the minimum amount of Rs.500 and then gradually invest higher amounts every month as SIP is the simplest way to maintain a disciplined way to grow your wealth. You can invest offline by going to the Axis Bank branch near your location and talk to any authentic axis bank associates. You can also opt for online investment management of Axis Bank. The online investment provides an enriching customer experience and helps you chalk out your investment plan based on market conditions.

FAQs on Axis Bank SIP Plan

How do I buy a mutual fund plan from Axis Bank Online?

You can go to the official website of the bank and enter your customer ID details with a PAN card number and date of birth to buy a mutual fund plan from Axis Bank online.

How do I contact Axis Mutual Fund Company?

You can reach out to the customer care unit of the branch over the phone. The mutual fund house has 2 toll free numbers 1800-221-322 and 1800-3000-3300 which is accessible during working hours.

How do I log in Axis mutual fund company website?

The existing investors can log in through email ID or PAN card number and the new investors can create an account first by entering name, enter the PAN card number, date of birth, enter the mobile number and email ID and then proceed to choose the mutual fund scheme.

What is the best Mutual Fund Plan through Axis Bank that I should invest in?

There are some good options to choose from Axis mutual fund plans with SIP investments. You can choose them according to your eligibility and need like Axis Focused 25 funds, Axis Equity fund, Axis long term equity fund, Axis Midcap fund, Axis equity saver fund and Axis Regular Saver Fund, formerly known as Axis income saver fund.

Why should I invest in mutual funds through Axis Bank?

There are several benefits of choosing mutual funds from Axis Bank under the SIP option as the investors can rest assured that their investment will gain adequate returns through this scheme. Also, they can also get the assurance of generating wealth through the steady systematic investment.

Is there any charge on my transaction?

There are no charges for transaction, except the GST as applicable. It should be verified with the bank itself.

What is the Net Asset Values of my scheme?

The NAV is the certain number of units to the investors based on the current market rate. The NAV of all the schemes is declared by Axis Mutual fund everyday on its website and various other platforms.

How do I redeem the units of mutual fund purchased through Axis bank?

The mutual fund units can be redeemed both by online and offline methods, only in the business days.

Do I have to pay any charges of redemption?

There are no charges levied for redemption except the exit load applicable on the scheme, if any. However, it should be discussed with the Axis Bank associates.

Can I hold the units of mutual funds purchased through Axis Bank in demat form?

Yes, the mutual funds purchased from Axis bank can be held under a demat account.

Who cannot invest in the schemes of Axis Bank SIP Plans?

Those who do not have all the required documents or not a resident or non-resident Indian cannot invest in the schemes of mutual fund.

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