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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Ltd. has been in India for over 20 good years now. The official workspace was setup in 1996 to list their mutual fund business in India. Since then, the mutual funds offered by Franklin Templeton have received positive sentiment from the investors.

Franklin Templeton has around 600 investment professionals in more than 28 nations all across the world.

Mutual Funds Offered by Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton offers a wide range of mutual funds namely in the categories of ELSS, Equity, Fixed Income, Liquid, Hybrid and International Funds.

Top 10 Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

Fund NameCategoryNAVNAV Change1 year %
Franklin Build India Fund(G)Equity - Infrastructure41.580.056007.69
Franklin India Bluechip Fund(D)Equity - Large Cap42.90.117410.77
Franklin India Bluechip Fund(G)Equity - Large Cap482.541.320510.77
Franklin India Corp Debt Fund-A(G)Debt - Income62.380.030805.40
Franklin India Corp Debt Fund-B(G)Debt - Income62.380.030805.40
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund(G)Hybrid - MIP54.10.006403.91
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund-B(G)Hybrid - MIP54.10.006403.91
Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund(G)Debt - Income62.870.027106.24
Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio FOFs(D)Equity - FOF38.260.032505.59
Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio FOFs(G)Equity - FOF81.320.069008.20

Features of Franklin Mutual Fund Schemes

  • The specific areas in which Franklin Templeton invests are public equity and fixed income markets.
  • It also offers tax benefits products under ELSS and other tax saving schemes.
  • Franklin Templeton Family Solutions is another exclusive investment service offered to investors to help them plan and invest as per their own financial goals. It invests in various mutual funds, ranging from child’s future to retirement planning.
  • For Franklin equity and equity related funds, trading volumes, transfer procedures and settlement periods are important factors to be considered while designing the product.
  • Franklin mutual funds investing in foreign securities have risks associated with currency movements and have restrictions on repatriation of the funds. As a result, performance of the relevant index will have a direct bearing on the performance of the index schemes.
  • The transparency/liquidity levels are kept at par with established large companies and the investments is done exclusively in companies with sound corporate governance.

Fund Managers at Franklin Templeton

  • Anand Radhakrishnan, Chief Investment Officer - Franklin Equity India.
  • Roshi Jain - CFA Vice President, Portfolio Management Equity
  • Janakiraman Rengaraju - CFA Vice President, Portfolio Management Equity
  • Chetan Sehgal - CFA (Executive Vice President, Managing Director India, CIO)

Why Choose Franklin Templeton Investments?

Mentioned below are five reason why you should invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds.

  • The fund house is well known for protecting investor interest.
  • It helps investors find potent shares that have tremendous potential for a good rate of return.
  • It provides investors with access to undervalued and discounted assets in order to reduce risk.
  • The company provides funds with low volatility.
  • The company provides tax saving mutual fund schemes (ELSS).

FAQs on Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

How much of my returns will be given to my nominees?

While specifying multiple nominees, the investor can also choose to specify what percentage of the investment will go to which nominee. For example, one could have three nominees - a spouse and two children, with the spouse getting 50% and the children getting 25% each. Every fund house has a nomination form that needs to be filled out to specify or change the nomination on a folio.

Is it necessary for me to add nominees to my portfolio?

It is not mandatory to add nominees, but you should add nominees to your portfolio as in your absence, the fund will continue to generate returns for the respective nominees.

How do I buy Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund plan online?

Simply visit franklintempletonindia.com/investor/customer-services/account-services/online-services to register an account with Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. Post registration, you can start investing online via systematic investment plans.

How do I contact Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Company?

You can contact this fund house at 1800 425 4255 if you are an investor. For distributors, the no. is 1800 425 9100. You can email them at service@franklintempleton.com or locate their office at unit No.202/203/204, 2nd Floor, Dalamal Tower, Plot No. 211, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021.

What documents are mandated to make a case for nomination?

For nominees, you would require an additional nomination form. The form needs to be signed by all the unit holders in the folio. For all the nominees, the name and address has to be provided including PAN.

Can the investor in any way alter the nominee details?

Yes, alteration of nominee information can be achieved through the nominee modification form.

How to redeem Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds online?

There are two modes through which one can redeem units in Franklin Templeton Investments. Through the offline mode, the investor will primarily be required to fill in the ‘redemption request form’ and subsequently submit the same at a Franklin Templeton Investor Service Centre anytime before 3:00 pm during the day. According to the Net Asset Value (NAV) as of the time and date when the request was received, the transaction will be processed. In case the investor has chosen ‘Jointly’ as the mode of holding, then all the existing holders will be required to sign the form requesting redemption. Through the online mode, the investor will simply be required to log in to the main website in order to redeem units.

How to download Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund account statement?

You view your account statement for any period. Email or take a print of your account statement from franklintempletonindia.com/investor/customer-services/account-services/online-services