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India's Top Three Mutual Funds Bought and Sold in May

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 25 July 2019

The top performing mutual funds in India in May 2019 have earmarked the basic nature of investments in India along with the basic trend. Read on to know more about them

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You must have heard of this phrase very often- ‘Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks’. This is definitely true as all the instruments of mutual funds are closely related with the capital market. However, mutual funds have a varied diversified portfolio and hence, you can choose your investments according to your risk appetite.

Since the capital market is volatile, the highs and lows greatly affect the performance of these instruments. This fluctuation in the capital market can be observed on daily as well as monthly basis. However, this is true mostly for equity oriented mutual funds and not for debt oriented ones.

This article will highlight the top performing mutual fund in India during the month of May.

Overview of month of May 2019

Here is a quick synopsis of the performance of mutual funds in the month of May 2019 and how it affected the performance of various mutual fund instruments of the capital market.

  • The investment in the domestic mutual fund sector witnessed its asset under management reaching the mark of Rs 25.43 Lakh Crore. Compared to May 2018 this year, the AUM increased from Rs 23.43 Lakh Crore to Rs 25.43 Lakh Crore.
  • Investment in debt instruments saw turbulence which resulted in a decline in the share of investments in debt instruments and in the share of debt market AUM in the mutual fund’s total AUM.
  • The percentage of investments done by retail investors has been on a continuous rise. Last year in May 2018, individual investors held 52.1% market share of asset, while this year in May 2019, the market share of assets held by individual investors is 54.1%.
  • The NSE Nifty 50 companies gained a little less than 1% in the month of May 2019, while Nifty Bank Index was a sectorial gainer. The month of May also witnessed a decline of investments in equity mutual funds i.e. 9.6%.
  • As per the data released by AMFI, the mutual fund sector witnessed an outflow of Rs. 50 Crore during the month of May 2019 predominantly by liquid funds.

Thus, the above performance of various capital market instruments led to leading mutual fund houses buying and selling new investments. Similarly, by overviewing the top performing mutual funds in India, fund managers decide on increasing and decreasing the overall stake in the investment portfolio of the company. Let us now have a detailed overview on the top-performing mutual fund in India during the month of May 2019.

Here is a list of the stocks bought and sold by the top 3 mutual funds houses in the month of May 2019:

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

ICICI Prudential fund house is one of the top performing fund houses in India. The portfolio of ICICI Prudential Mutual fund in May 2019 included: Equity assets of Rs. 1.17 Lakh Crore invested in 625 securities, the portfolio had highest exposure of 24.1%, followed by utilities at 10.1%

ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds Portfolio

New BuysSharesSold offShares
IndInfravit TrustRs 1 CroresHDFC Standard LifeRs 78100
Triveni EnggRs 8 Lakhs--
Orient RefractoriesRs 1.1 Lakhs--
JMC ProjectRs 53200--
Increased StakeSharesDecreased StakeShares
NTPCRs 3.2 CroresBharat ETF 22Rs 10.6 Crores
ONGCRs 2.9 CoresPower GridRs 7.5 Cores
Tata PowerRs 2.3 CroresICICI BankRs 2.16 Cores
Idea CellularRs 2.1 CroresIDFCRs 47 Lakhs
WiproRs 93 LakhsDaburRs 46 Lakhs

HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC mutual fund house portfolio looked as under in the month of May 2019. The total equity assets managed by the fund house was worth Rs. 1.3 Lakh Crore which was invested across the market in 395 securities. Out of the entire portfolio, the investment in financial companies was around 31.7%, while investment in industrial sector was around 14.8%.

Following is a quick overview of what the fund manager of HDFC mutual fund bought and sold in the month of May

HDFC Mutual Funds Portfolio

New BuysSharesSold offShares
Indostar CapitalRs 14 LakhsReliance NavalRs 29 Lakh
GMR InfraRs 13 LakhsReliance InfraRs 12 Lakh
Hindustan ZincRs 4.5 LakhsMRPLRs 4.8 Lakh
MindtreeRs 46800Precision CamshaftRs 3.2 Lakh
GSPLRs 15000Sanghvi MoversRs 2.2 Lakh
Increased StakeSharesDecreased StakeShares
Vijaya BankRs 1.27 CoresTata MotorsRs 97 Lakhs
Tata ChemicalsRs 51 LakhsNetwork 18Rs 82 Lakhs
Axis BankRs 45 LakhsDelta CorpRs Rs 76 Lakhs
ITCRs 42 LakhsGammon InfraRs 58 Lakhs
HPCLRs 41 LakhsICICI BankRs 55 Lakhs

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

The fund and asset managers of Aditya Birla Sun Life mutual fund house held total equity assets worth Rs. 81 Crores. This total equity asset amount was invested across 505 securities across the capital market. Out of the entire portfolio held by the fund managers of Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, they invested 30.2% in financial companies, followed by investments in consumer discretionary of around 13.1%. Following is the brief synopsis of what fund managers bought and sold in the month of May

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds Portfolio

New BuysSharesSold offShares
Indostar CapitalRs 7.2 LakhsReliance NavalRs 7.65 Lakhs
PC JewellersRs 1.39 LakhsTorrent PowerRs 1.6 Lakhs
--Narayana HrudayalayaRs 1.05 Lakhs
--Just DialRs 82600
--Unichem LabsRs 16300
Increased StakeSharesDecreased StakeShares
PTC IndiaRs 86 LakhsICICI BankRs 88 Lakhs
HindalcoRs 43 LakhsPower GridRs 69 Lakhs
Tech MahindraRs 39 LakhsIOCRs 60 Lakhs
CG ConsumerRs 36 LakhsIDFCRs 55 Lakhs
Petronet LNGRs 31 LakhsIGLRs 54 Lakhs

In all the above mentioned AMCs, it is important to note that the sale and purchase of the mutual funds is done on the basis of top-performing mutual funds in India in the previous month.

After extensive research, the fund manager of the fund houses purchases new investments or sells existing investment by keeping in mind the interest of the investors. Similarly, the fund managers increase or decrease the existing stake of the purchased of shares and stocks, if the performance of these shares and stocks is in sync with the interest of the investors. Thus, above is the list of top performing mutual funds in India and the details of what India’s top three mutual funds bought and sold in May 2019.

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