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Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund, abbreviated as RMF, is one of the leading and one of the fastest growing mutual fund houses in India. Previously named Reliance Capital Mutual Fund, it was renamed Reliance Mutual Fund on 11th March, 2004.

It started as a trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, sponsored by Reliance Capital Limited (RCL) and Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited (RCTC) being its Trustee. It belongs to the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) group. RMC registered itself with SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) on June 30, 1995, its registration number being MF/022/95/1.

Currently, it has established its presence in over 160 Indian cities during 20 years of its existence. It boasts of 632 schemes and has Rs. 2,40,445.37 Crore corpus under management and 83.99 lakhs folios as on 30th June, 2018.

It offers an extensive range of robust and innovative product portfolio with the objective of meeting the unique financial goals of every investor. It helps investors to contribute to the capital market with their innovative range of mutual fund schemes and enjoy great returns on their investments.

It is managed by one of Reliance Capital Limited's subsidiary - Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited (RCAM), which contributes 93.37% of the paid-up capital to RMF. The balance capital is held by minority shareholders.

Types of Funds offered by Reliance Mutual funds

Growth / Equity Oriented Funds

This Fund focuses on the capital growth of the investment and is best-suited for medium to long term gains. Here are some of the most high-performing mutual funds under this category along with their fund type:

  • Reliance Vision Fund - Open-ended equity fund that offers growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Top 200 Fund – Open-ended diversified equity fund that aims at growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Quant Plus Fund – Open-ended equity fund with growth plan and option
  • Reliance Index Fund - Nifty plan – Open-ended index-linked fund that provides growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance NRI Equity Fund – Open-ended diversified equity fund with growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Banking Fund – Focused on the banking sector, it is an open-ended scheme offering growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Pharma Fund – It is an open-ended scheme that focuses on the pharma sector, as the name suggests
  • Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund – As evident from the fund name, this open-ended diversified scheme focuses on the power sector
  • Reliance Nivesh Lakshya Fund – Open-ended debt equity mutual fund scheme
  • Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund – Open-ended equity-linked tax-saving scheme with growth plan and growth option

Income/Debt Oriented Fund

Such funds from Reliance MF aim at generating regular income flow through investments in fixed income securities like Government securities, bonds, debentures and several other money market instruments. Some funds under this category with high performance are:

  • Reliance Low Cap Fund – Open-ended Income Scheme specialising in growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Floating Rate Fund - A short-term open-ended plan with Income Scheme customised as a growth plan and growth option
  • Reliance Short Term Fund – Open-ended Income Scheme with growth plan and growth option for short-term capital gains
  • Reliance Medium Term Fund – Open-ended Income Scheme for medium-term investments focusing on growth plan and growth option. However, there are no assured returns.
  • Reliance Gilt Securities Fund – Open-ended Government Scheme in securities and available as growth plan and growth option

Reliance Liquid Funds

Reliance Liquid Funds are customised to ensure easy liquidity. Its objective is to enable investors to preserve capital in a single bouquet. It can be increased with a moderate income. This fund is best suited for making short-term investments for excess money on safe instruments like government securities, treasury bills, commercial paper, deposit certificates, inter-bank call money, etc. Returns on Reliance liquid funds are moderate because the primary focus is on capital preservation. Some of the best performing liquid fund schemes are:

  • Reliance Liquidity Fund: Open-ended liquid fund scheme
  • Reliance Liquid Fund: Open-ended liquid fund scheme
  • Reliance liquid Fund – Cash Plan: Open-ended liquid fund scheme

Reliance Balanced Funds

This Fund’s portfolio offers a range of balanced fund schemes that seek to strike the right balance between predicted market risks and expected returns.

The following are some high performing balanced funds from Reliance MF:

  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Balanced option: Open-ended equity fund
  • Reliance Equity Savings Fund: Open-ended fund

Gold Funds

Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund is primarily an equity-targeted fund that invests in 24 carat gold, stored safely in government-authorised warehouses.

Here are a few gold funds based on their performance:

  • Reliance Gold Savings Fund: An open-ended fund from gold exchange traded Fund scheme

Sector Funds

Reliance sector funds are tailor-made for investors who plan to invest in mutual funds of specific fields like banking, pharma, power, entertainment, IT, FMCG, etc.

Tax Saving Funds

Tax-saving funds from Reliance MF are classified under two categories of schemes – Equity-linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) and Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (RGESS). With these funds, investors can avail tax benefits under Section 80C (for ELSS) and Section 80CCG (for RGESS) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Key Features of Reliance Mutual Fund

The following are the factors that make investing in this schemes a lucrative option for investors:

Safe investment instrument

The long legacy of Reliance Mutual Fund in the financial industry since 1882, makes their schemes robust instruments to invest in. Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited (RNAM), the result of its joint collaboration with the global insurance company called Nippon Life Insurance, further boosts its investment portfolio. Nippon Life Insurance holds 49% of stakes in RFM. RNAM has been appointed as the Asset Management Company (AMC) of RMF by the Trustees of RMF vide Investment Management Agreement (IMA) dated May 12, 1995 amended on August 12, 1997, January 20, 2004 and February 17, 2011 in line with Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996.

Expertise Team of Fund Managers

Reliance MF is equipped with a team of recognised professionals who are accomplished in the investment industry. The Fund Managers are supported by a team of specialists who too are experts in their own field.

Extensive distribution network

Apart from its presence in 160 locations across India, it has also established networks in other countries like United Kingdom, Mauritius and Singapore.

Creating market trends

RMF specialises in offering innovative mutual fund investments. It was the first investment company to launch Gold Savings Fund, which is an open-ended Fund of Fund (FoF).

Tax Benefits

Certain schemes enable investors to avail tax benefits under Section 80C (for ELSS) and Section 80CCG (for RGESS) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Customer service

An expert customer service team is trained to guide investors with their queries and clarifications.

Other Value-added Services by RMF

  • Assists investors in analysing their financial goals: RMF’s value-added services include a Goal Planner tool that helps investors evaluate the long-term investment planning basis their financial goals and risk appetite.

  • Enable investors align their risk appetite to financial goals: The tech-enabled Risk Analyser tool assists investors to analyse the risk that they are comfortable with in accordance to their financial objectives.

Best Reliance Mutual Funds

Scheme Name of Schemes1-Year Return %3-Year Return %5-Year Return %
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Institutional-Growth0.758.529.43
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct-Growth1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct-Dividend1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct-Bonus1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct-Automatic Annual Reinvest Option1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct Defined Maturity Date - Growth1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund Direct Automatic Capital Appreciation Payout option-Dividend1.749.6310.54
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund -Growth0.658.419.32
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund -Dividend Monthly0.658.419.32
Reliance Gilt Securities Fund - Bonus0.658.419.32

The Team – Fund Manager at RELIANCE MF

The Fund Management Team at Reliance Mutual Fund comprises of the following expert professionals with an extensive record of accomplishments in this industry.

Ashwani Kumar – Mr. Ashwani Kumar holds an experience of over 18 years in the financial services sector. He has been the Fund Manager at RMF and is currently in charge of the following funds.

  • Reliance top 200 funds
  • Reliance vision fund
  • Reliance tax saver (ELSS) fund

Omprakash Kuckian - Mr. Omprakash Kuckian, with an experience of more than 22 years as a Fund Manager, has held leadership positions in organisations like HDFC Securities Ltd. and Canbank Financial Services Ltd, among others. He manages the following funds:

  • Reliance arbitrage advantage fund
  • Reliance NRI equity fund
  • Reliance focused large cap fund
  • Reliance quant plus fund reliance gold savings fund
  • Rshares gold ETF r shares banking ETF
  • R*shares CNX 100
  • R*shares nifty
  • R*shares dividend opportunities EFT
  • R*shares consumption ETF
  • R*shares sensex ETF
  • R*shares nv20 ETF
  • Reliance index fund - Nifty plan
  • Reliance index fund - Sensex plan
  • Reliance regular savings fund - equity option

Sailesh Raj Bhan – Mr. Sailesh Raj Bhan boasts of an experience of more than 19 years in equity research and fund management. He is in charge of some of the highest performing schemes like:

  • Reliance top 200 funds
  • Reliance equity opportunities fund
  • Reliance media & entertainment
  • Reliance pharma fund

Samir Rachh – Mr. Samir Rachh, armed with a graduation degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and an experience of over 25 years, specialises in mid-cap and small-cap stocks. Sanjay Parekh - Mr. Parekh’s proficiency in this industry, complemented with an experience of more than 18 years in equity research and fund management, makes him a capable manager of these schemes at RMF:

  • Reliance banking fund
  • Reliance regular savings fund - balanced option
  • Reliance equity savings fund
  • Reliance monthly income plan
  • Reliance retirement fund- wealth creation scheme
  • Reliance retirement fund- income generation scheme

Sunil Singhania – Mr. Sunil Singhania, with a professional background spanning over 21 years and extensive experience in the selling side in the Indian equity market, is one the most well-recognised fund managers in India. He manages the following funds:

  • Reliance mid & small cap fund
  • Reliance growth fund
  • Reliance small cap fund
  • Reliance diversified power sector fund

Amit Tripathi – Mr. Amit Tripathi has the rare accomplishment of being one of the youngest Fund Managers at the age of 28 years and has been working with Reliance MF for about 9 years. He is associated with the fixed income team and has managed the following funds through volatile and challenging capital gains market.

  • Reliance regular savings fund - balanced option
  • Reliance monthly income plan
  • Reliance floating rate fund - short term plan
  • Reliance money manager fund
  • Reliance medium term fund reliance liquidity fund

Anju Chhajer – Ms. Anju Chhajer introduces a fresh perspective as a Debt Fund Manager at Nippon Life Asset Management Limited. With an industry experience of over 16 years, she manages these funds:

  • Reliance japan equity fund
  • Reliance us equity opportunities fund
  • Reliance equity savings
  • Reliance money manager
  • Reliance banking & PSU debt fund
  • Reliance medium term fund
  • Reliance liquid fund - cash plan

FAQs on Reliance Mutual Funds

How do I buy Reliance Mutual Fund plan online?

There are 2 options in which you can invest in Reliance Mutual Fund schemes - online and offline.

Online process

You can invest with and without signing up on the website.

For investing in this Fund after signing up on the website, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Reliance MF
  • Click on the ‘Register’ option at the top right corner
  • After you have registered with the username and password of your choice, you can login with these details
  • Select the mutual fund scheme that you want to invest in, along with other details such as the number of units you would like to purchase
  • Make an online payment to complete the online investment process If you want to access the fund schemes without logging into their website or are a first-time investor, you can invest in this schemes through the following steps:
  • Select the ‘Invest Without Login/First Time Investor’ option and mention your PAN number
  • If you are KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant, you can start investing. Otherwise, you have to complete the KYC process to start investing
  • After you have selected a scheme, make an online payment to complete the process

Offline process

If you prefer making your investments offline, here is the process for you to follow:

  • Visit the nearest RMF branch or get in touch with one of their distributors for the application form
  • Submit the completed form at the branch or to your distributor, along with the supporting documents

For assistance, you can contact the customer service executives at 1800 300 11111

How do I contact RMF Company?

You can contact Reliance Mutual Fund in one of the following ways:

Postal address: Reliance Center, 7th Floor South Wing, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz(E) Mumbai-400055


N-111-112-114, 1st Floor, North Block, Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road, Bangalore- 560 042.

Phone: 022-33031000/30301111 Email: customer_care@reliancemutual.com

How do I login to Reliance Mutual Fund Company website?

You can follow these simple steps to log into the official website of RMF:

  • Visit the official website of Reliance Mutual Fund
  • Click on the ‘Register’ option at the top right corner
  • After you have registered with the username and password of your choice, you can login with these details

What is Reliance Mutual Fund Company's Contact Number?

The contact numbers of Reliance MF are 022-33031000/30301111

Which Reliance Mutual Fund scheme should I invest?

Depending on the type and duration of mutual fund scheme that you want to invest in, here are some high performing funds that you can choose from:

Reliance Small Cap Fund (previously named Reliance Money Manager Fund): It is an open-ended equity scheme with growth plan and growth option

Reliance Low Duration Fund: It is an open-ended short-term debt that invests in money market and debt instruments Reliance Liquid Fund (previously named Reliance Liquid Fund – Treasury Plan): This is suitable for those looking for an open-ended liquid scheme with a growth plan and growth option