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Religare Mutual Funds

As of September 2018, Mutual Funds from Religare have an average asset base of 107 billion INR. This asset management firm aims at serving the investment needs of different individual investors along with institutions and corporates through the medium of mutual funds and by curating sub-advised portfolios for them. At the moment, it has a presence across the nation with more than 1800 locations spread in approximately 500 different towns and cities.

It also offers access to more than 100 schemes and has something suited for each investor, so that they can get maximum results depending upon the way their assets can be managed. Religare is one of the top leading asset management companies in the world and has helped a lot of people achieve their portfolios for better wealth management

Types of Funds Offered by Religare Mutual Fund

In order to be an ideal asset management entity, a company needs to offer a variation of products for all kinds of investors. Religare understands the importance of managing diversified portfolios and hence, provides the following types of mutual funds:

Equity Funds

Investors at Religare heavily invest in equity funds. An equity fund can be best described as a type of mutual fund that only invests further in stocks. It can be managed either passively or actively. Equity funds are also commonly referred to as stock funds. These stock mutual funds are then further divided into categories based on company size, the style of investment of the holdings based on the geography as well as the portfolio. The reason why more and more stock managers like to include this in the portfolios is sheerly because of the variety available. It would not be wrong to say that it is the most popular type of mutual funds and the ones available at Religare have always shown significant returns.

Fixed Income Funds

When you consider an average Indian millennial, who has recently started doing well in his career, having a surplus as an additional income still does not seem like an easy possibility. The salaries are small, and expenditures are more. But, a fixed income investment is a solution to these problems. These funds are mutual funds which are made to give you value returns intermittently. For example, the returns would either be quarterly, monthly or even half yearly for this type of fund. There is also flexibility when it comes to investing in these funds as the income is determined based on specific rates and may not be a fixed amount for everybody.

Hybrid Funds

Hybrid Funds are also referred to as balanced funds and are commonly known as asset allocation funds. As their name suggests, these funds aim at providing a blend of more than one underlying asset class of investment. It may include a combination of bonds, cash, and stocks too. These funds are well classified concerning their goals and may adopt either a moderate, conservative or an aggressive approach. It is ideal for people who do not like to put all their money in one type of stock and yet trust only one company when it comes to managing their assets. Hence, a hybrid fund cuts down on risks considerably as it maintains a well-calculated approach towards asset management.

Exchange Traded Funds

An exchange-traded fund is also referred to as an ETF. It is a specific type of marketable security which does not only track a stock index, a bond or a commodity, but a whole basket of assets. ETF is one type of share which has fluctuating prices throughout the day as they are regularly sold and bought. Although the working principle of an ETF may be categorized as mutual funds by many experts, they differ because their trading is similar to stock when seen on a daily basis. Additionally, ETFs have lower fees and a higher daily volume as compared to a mutual which makes it ideal for investment by individuals.

Funds of Funds

A fund of funds is also known as a multi-manager investment. It involves a strategy wherein a fund basically invests in many different types of funds. This helps in creating a portfolio which consists of underlying assets ranging from stocks, bonds and a variety of other securities. When an investor puts his money in a FOF, he is guaranteed a professional management service because of the efficient asset management carried out by the different experts for this fund. This also acts as the first step for divulging into individual investing on a full-fledged scale. Religare has expert managers who help your money to grow with the help of the right Fund of Funds.

Features of Religare Mutual Fund

There are various different features of Mutual Fund which are available through Religare which make it ideal for investment. Some of the most important reasons to consider before investing in Mutual Fund through Religare include:

Investment potential

One of the best things about investing in Mutual Fund through Religare is that there is a lot of investment potential for the Indian market under this asset management company. Since they offer a wide variety of investment options with different levels of risks, there is a choice of investment for every kind of interested investor. Also, since it is a well-known name in the asset management realm in the world, the growth and options keep getting added and it keeps up with the new products introduced in the asset market to give their customers the best possible returns.

Efficient Management Team

Religare Asset Management Company boasts of a really efficient management team. It is widely spread globally too and in India, it has a pan presence. The growth and spread of this company would not have been possible without experts managing the funds and investments of people. The best team with experienced managers are assigned to managing different portfolios, keeping in mind their expertise for different market products. Hence, your money is always in the best hands and you would surely get great returns for the same.

Consistent and Stable Growth

Religare was founded in the year 1984 and has grown phenomenally ever since its inception. More importantly, it has added various different products in its portfolio. The stable and consistent returns on different funds are backed by the trust of many investors who continue to put their money into the funds available through this leading asset management company. Religare keeps in sync with the performance of the market and takes various different measures for risk aversion, so that the investors do not lose any money. The consistency and stability that it has shown in terms of growth and returns make it a top option for investment.

Customer Support

Since India has embraced digitization recently, it was crucial for a company that was established in the year 1984 to have a strong customer support system. Religare has always had an impeccable customer support team which has helped traditional and amateur investors equally. Additionally, their easy accessibility on the online portal, on phones and even physical locations, makes it very easy for the customers to keep a track of where their money is invested.

Investment Objective of Religare Mutual Fund

Any mutual fund would invest and follow a certain path so that the stated objective is achieved. An equity fund will only invest in different equity shares so that long-term capital appreciation fund is achieved while a debt fund will only make an investment in government securities for corporate bonds to gain returns. The investment objective of Mutual fund can be divided under the following categories

Growth Fund

The primary investment objective of a growth fund is to attain capital appreciation, either by aggressive, moderate or conservative means. Mutual Funds offer options of all three kinds for investors who are averted to risk and for investors who are comfortable with taking risks for getting higher returns.

Regular Plan

Almost all the funds can be divided into regular plans or direct plans. With a regular mutual fund, you would have an expert supervising your investment and that is one of the most popular choices for investments by beginners.

Direct Plan

A direct plan is ideal for people who have some knowledge of the field and want to make the investments themselves. This does not involve any extra documentation and as such no commission is given to an external party because the investor is directly making the investment without a third party involved.

Dividend Option

While most people who invest in Mutual Fund through Religare like to opt for growth option because their investment objectives are concentrated on earning more returns, there is a chunk of investors that opts for dividend options too. Read the following to understand what dividend options really mean. Now, a mutual fund scheme- irrespective of it being a debt or an equity scheme, can declare a dividend from the portfolio's returns on the investments. These returns are basically realized profits which are gained after the instruments in the portfolio are sold at a price higher than they were purchased.

Dividends often excite investors and some investors who are aware of the market condition choose to apply for a mutual fund right before a date of declaration, so as to earn the dividend. Most of the times, these investors are retirees as they get a source of intermittent cash flows.

Why Invest with Religare Mutual Funds

Apart from it being a trusted name ever since its inception in the year 1984, the other reasons to invest in Mutual Funds through Religare include:

Convenience Investing in Mutual Fund through Religare is very easy. They have a robust system of investment where one can invest online, through any of the offices or even through the phone.

Flexibility Religare has a variety of options to offer to its investors. This makes your portfolio flexible and also gives you a good exposure to different funds with different investment objectives.

Tax Planning There are equity-linked schemes for people who want to save on taxes and want to earn returns on their income, thereby giving an investor the advantage of tax planning too.

Ease of Access Since it is available in 500 different cities and towns across India with 1800 offices, the physical accessibility of Religare is commendable. Additionally, it also has an efficient system which is set in place online and one can also call them in case of a query.

FAQs on Religare Mutual Funds

How do I buy a mutual fund plan online through Religare?

In order to buy a Mutual Fund Plan online through Religare, you can simply log on to their online portal, look at the products that you can buy and build a portfolio on their portal itself. The formality for KYC documents can also be completed online itself.

How do I contact Religare?

You can either visit their online portal and submit a query on Religareonline.com or call their toll free number on 1860-25-88888.

How do I login Religare Company website?

You would first need to sign up with your login credentials set up a password for yourself. After which, you would easily be able to access your portfolio online and make transactions too.

What is Religare Company's Contact Number?

The toll-free contact number of Religare Mutual Fund is toll-free number on 1860-25-88888.

What type of investor should invest in a smallcap scheme?

Investors who do not have risk aversion and like to play big can invest in small-cap funds as the returns may be more but the risks are higher.

Which mutual fund scheme should I invest through Religare?

The Dynamic equity fund growth is a good mutual fund scheme for investors to put their money in. It invests in trusted companies and has shown stable returns until now.

Why should I invest in mutual fund scheme through Religare?

Religare offers reliability and trust. Apart from that, it has a variety of options to choose from while tax planning benefits cannot be ignored either. Additionally, the experts here make trust worthy recommendations and you should definitely invest mutual fund schemes through them.