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EPFO Login

Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is an organisation set up by the Government of India under the Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. It is the world's largest social security organisation, in terms of both clientele and financial transactions undertaken.

The EPFO offers three schemes through which it serves its large user base. These schemes are:

  • Employees' Provident Fund Scheme (EPF).
  • Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS).
  • Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI).

Over the years, EPFO has transformed itself to become a more user-friendly and nimble organisation. By simplifying its processes and moving its entire business operations to a digital platform, it has created a single point of interaction for all its stakeholders. This has enabled EPFO to address the changing needs of its clientele and serve them efficiently.

One such initiative is the EPFO online services offered on the EPFO website for its members, to address all the EPF related claims and grievances.

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How to Register at EPFO Portal?

In order to get access to EPFO portal, you first need to get your UAN activated.

Steps to Get Your UAN Activated

  • Visit the EPFO portal.

  • Click the link "Activate UAN" below the member login area. From there you will be redirected to the page containing the form.

  • To continue, you need to fill out the details of any of the given documents such as UAN, Aadhar or PAN Card details.

  • Fill in the compulsory fields (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile No. and the Captcha code).

  • Click on the "Get Authorization Pin" button to continue.

  • After that, tick the "I Agree" field and enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click the "Validate OTP and Activate UAN" button.

Following the successful completion of the process, your UAN will get activated and you will be able to use the EPFO portal services.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive your UAN as login ID and password as a message to your registered mobile number.

You can then attempt your first login and change your password of your choice and convenience.

Steps to Login EPFO Member Portal

Following are the steps, through which you can log in to EPFO Member Portal.

For Employees

  • First, the member needs to visit the EPFO website
  • Under "Our Services" on the menu tab, click on "For Employees". It will redirect you to the For Employees page.
  • Under the "Services", Click on the "Member UAN/Online Service (OCS/OTP)".

You will then get redirected to the member interface page where you can log in using your UAN and Password. The member should also enter the captcha code given below, to make a successful login.

For Employers

  • First, the employer should visit the EPFO website
  • Under "Our Services" on the menu tab, click on "For Employers". It will redirect you to the For Employers page.
  • Under the "Services" menu, select "Online ECR/ Challan Submission/ OTCP"

You will be redirected to the unified portal for employers, where under "Establishment Sign In" area, you can log in by entering the username and password. If you want to sign in as the employer, click "Employer Sign-In" button.

e-KYC on EPFO Login

The EPFO has made it compulsory for employee member to link their EPF account with Aadhar and other relevant documents. For this purpose, EPFO through employee's UAN account, has made provisions to update the KYC details online.

Steps for e-KYC Update

  • Login to employee's member interface page using this link-
  • Login by entering your UAN, password and the given captcha.
  • After successful login, under the "Manage" option in the menu tab, click on "KYC".
  • Then select the document type you want to update from the list displayed. Enter the document number and name as per the document.
  • Then, click the "Save" button.

Once you have clicked the Save button, your KYC details will be saved under Pending KYC until it is verified from the concerned authority. And after its successful verification, the document will be marked as verified.

EPFO Password Reset

The password reset option is available to members in case you forget your password. Below are the steps that you need to follow for a successful password reset.

  • Click the "forgot password" option, present in the bottom left area of the sign-in window.
  • Now, enter your UAN and the given captcha code.
  • Then, you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.
  • After successful OTP verification, you can reset your password.

Once you have set your new password, you can log in once again by entering UAN and the new password.

Services offered by EPFO

EPFO offers a multitude of services to its members. These services are again grouped under various categories:

For Employees

Member Passbook Service

It is a document through which an employee can check EPF balance, view total contribution made during the period in both EPF and EPS account.

The document shows contribution made every month and also interest earned during the period.

Member UAN/ Online Services

Through UAN member portal, you can submit claims for online withdrawal, transfer, updating KYC related information and know your claims status.

It also provides Missed call and SMS alerts facility to check the PF balance.

EPFiGMS (Grievance Redressal System)

It is a customised grievance redressal system by EPFO to solve all PF account-related complaint. Through this system, your grievance will be redirected to the concerned department for prompt and smooth action.

Pensioner's Portal

Pensioner's Portal service was launched in March 2018, for providing all pension-related information like pension payment order number and details, pensioner's passbook information, details regarding submission of pensioner’s life certificate, etc.

For International Workers

EPFO also extends social security benefit to migrant workers, who have shifted to another country for work-related functions. For this purpose, the Government of India has signed multiple agreements with 19 countries including Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Republic of Korea and Norway.

A foreign worker registered with EPF can make a contribution of 12% on the full salary, whether it is remunerated in India or outside India. The employer also contributes an equal sum, with the total contribution being 13.61% of the total wages of the employee. It also issues Certificate of Coverage to International workers.

Employee Help-Desk

EPFO ensures support to employees through its help-desk and toll-free no. 1800-118-005. On the member portal, the employee can select a particular problem that he/she is facing with respect to his/her EPF account.

  • UAN Activation
  • KYC Pending
  • Claim Status
  • Viewing the Passbook

For Employers

Online Registration

The employer can register their establishments online through EPFO portal by providing details like name of the establishment, PAN, contact details and other relevant details.

ECR Challan Payments

Facilitates payments and filing of Electronic Challan cum Returns (ECR) through the e-Sewa portal. It includes details of the wages and contributions of new and existing members.

It also relieves the employer from filing monthly and annual return reports and saves from loads of paperwork.

Online EPF Claim Settlement

Employers can directly approve various transfer claims during job changes, online/offline withdrawal request, and an update of the bank account details of the employees through the unified member portal for employers.

Under the online transfer claim portal (OTCP), the employer can view all the claim settlement request under one head, which makes it convenient for employers to verify and approve the claims.

Online Transfer of EPF subscription

Establishments with a banking relationship with State Bank of India can easily transfer the monthly subscription amount to the EPFO via online transfer.

For organisations not having a banking relationship with SBI, can use the TRRN (Temporary Return Reference Number) generated at the EPFO website for online EPF amount transfer.

Employer Helpdesk

EPFO has a separate help-desk for both employer and employee for resolving all their queries, either through helpline number or via email.

FAQs on EPFO Login

How to transfer a claim file through EPF portal?

The procedure to transfer a claim file through EPF portal is very simple and fast. Following are the steps you need to perform to file a transfer claim.

  • Login to the EPFO portal (member interface) using your activated UAN and password
  • After logging in, under "Online Services" on the menu tab, click on "One Member- One EPF Account (Transfer Request)"
  • Verify your personal details and details of your present employment
  • Your PF account details from both Previous Employer and Present Employer will appear. Tick the "Previous Employer" option and click "Get Details" button
  • Then, tick the Previous Employer or Present Employer for attesting the claim form based on the availability of authorised signatory holding DSC. Also, enter your Member ID/UAN.
  • In the next step, click on "Get OTP" button to receive OTP to your registered mobile phone number and validate your Transfer Claim. The employer will then digitally approve your transfer claim request from the unified portal of the EPFO.

You then need to fill up Form 13 with relevant details and download it in PDF format. Following that, within the period of 10 days, you need to submit the physical signed copy of the online PF transfer claim form to your present employer.

What is the employer’s and employee’s contribution towards EPF?

Both the employer and the employee make a monthly contribution of 12% of the employee's basic salary and dearness allowance. The employee can make an excess contribution of up to 100% of their basic and dearness allowance.

But, the employer's contribution towards EPF is fixed at 12% from which 8.33% goes towards the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) and rest 3.67% goes to Employees’ Provident Fund.

With regards to EPS, the employer's contribution can only be Rs. 1,250 or 8.33%, whichever is lower towards the pension scheme. The difference or the excess amount in EPS is contributed to the EPF by the employer.

Can a member pay an excess of the mandatory 12% towards EPF?

Yes, an employee can make an excess of the mandatory 12% contribution towards the EPF. For this, the employee needs to subscribe to the Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) account and should be applied through the employer.

The maximum contribution allowed under VPF is 100% of the Basic Salary and Dearness Allowance. The plan is fully optional for employees and there is no obligation to make any mandatory contributions.

But, once the contribution under VPF has started, it cannot be terminated mid-way and has to be continued for a full term of 5 years. The VPF facility can only be availed by those who receive their monthly income through salary.

The application for VPF account has to be submitted through your employer and once approved, your current EPF account will serve as VPF account.

Can the member change his/her date of birth or age on the EPFO portal?

Yes, a member can modify his/her date of birth on the EPFO portal, but has to be done prior to the Aadhar verification.

Once the Aadhar verification has been done by the EPFO, the details cannot be modified. In that case, you need to change your date of birth details in your Aadhar through Aadhar data correction form.

Can an employee join EPF directly?

No, an employee cannot join the EPF directly and has to get registered only through the employer. Through this way, EPFO establishes your employment in an establishment covered under the provisions of the Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.