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How to deposit money online in post office PPF Sukanya Samriddhi?

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 02 January 2020

The Indian Postal Department has introduced its banking wing called the India Post Payment Bank and has revived itself to come in line with the leading banks in India.


Indian Post Department is considered to be the backbone of India’s Communication Network since its very inception i.e. over 150 years. The Department of Post has played a vital role in India’s economic development with its extraordinary products like Public Provident Fund, Recurring Deposit, National Saving Certificate, etc. In the recent years, the Department of Post has introduced its new leg called the India Post Payment Bank, which is to be a banking partner to millions across the country. This is the latest step towards the country’s endeavour on financial inclusion of the mass.

The Journey

With the introduction of the India Post Payment Bank, customers can easily carry out basic banking transactions like depositing money, viewing balance, transferring money etc. in the different products of the postal system.

The Indian Post touches many lives across India and its digitization has further enhanced its ways to reach the new Indian consumers. Post Office in India offers top-notch products and schemes to its customers. With the schemes like Public Provident Fund, Sukanya Samriddhi Account, Recurring Deposit etc. the post is offering assistance towards future financial planning.

India Post Payment Bank

In the earlier days, customers had to visit the nearest post office branch to carry out basic transactions. However, the scenario is quite different in today’s world. With the introduction of India Post Payment Bank, everything can be transacted online.

Thus, with the establishment of the IPPB (India Post Payment Bank), all that you need to do is visit the nearest post office once for the basic registration process. After that, you can easily carry out all transactions like transferring money in various schemes, viewing the balance of your account or in various schemes etc. online.

PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi

With the launch of the IPPB, i.e. India Post Payments Bank, transferring money in your post office savings Schemes like Public Provident Fund, Sukanya Samriddhi Account or Recurring Deposit has become very quick and easy. IPPB offers a user-friendly online platform to carry out the transactions smoothly and within minutes.

What is Post Office Sukanya Samriddhi?

If you are a proud parent of a girl child and wish to accumulate a corpus for her future financial needs, then you may consider opening a Sukanya Samriddhi account for the same.

You can open the Sukanya Samriddhi Account with your nearest Post Office and then deposit money in a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual mode as per your convenience.

How to deposit money online in a Post Office PPF or Sukanya Samriddhi?

Now, with the establishment of IPPB, you can transfer or deposit money online in Post Office PPF Sukanya Samriddhi Account by following the below-given steps:

  1. In order to deposit money online to various schemes of Post Office, you first have to add money from your savings bank account to the savings account of India Post Payment Bank.

  2. Once you have successfully transferred money in your IPPB savings account, the next step is Login to your IPPB account with your valid credentials.

  3. Once you log in to the IPPB account, you need to transfer the money to the designated scheme.

  4. The online money deposition can be done for various Department of Post Products like Recurring Deposit, PPF or Sukanya Samriddhi.

Sukanya Samriddhi

i. If you wish to transfer money to your Sukanya Samriddhi account, then you need to mention your Sukanya Samriddhi account number

ii. Then, enter the ‘Customer ID’ provided by Department of Post and the password to login.

Recurring Deposit and PPF

You can follow a similar procedure for depositing money online for Recurring Deposit Account and Public Provident Fund Account. The IPPB gives freedom to deposit money online hassle-free and quickly.

  1. You can transfer money in your IPPB account by Net Banking, cash deposit or by cheque. Net Banking is one of the best and the most convenient ways as IPPB supports payment gateway of all leading banks.

  2. Another way to deposit money online in your IPPB account is through mobile banking app introduced by IPPB. This mobile application is very easy and within a few clicks, you can deposit money online in your PPF account, Sukanya Samriddhi Account or Recurring Deposit account.

  3. For depositing money online to you Sukanya Samriddhi account via IPPB mobile app, you first need to transfer money to your IPPB account.

  4. Once money is transferred to your IPPB savings account, then using the IPPB mobile app, you need to enter valid credentials of your Sukanya Samriddhi account i.e. enter your Sukanya Samriddhi account number and ‘customer ID’ provided by the Department of Post.

  5. Making contributions to your Sukanya Samriddhi Account has become easier and convenient due to IPPB mobile app and internet banking facility.

  6. Once you have chosen the scheme in which you want to deposit money online i.e. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, then you need to mention the amount that you wish to deposit online.

  7. Upon entering the amount, your online transaction shall take place and IPPB will notify you of the success status of deposit transaction made online through IPPB mobile app or IPPB online account.

  8. You can now easily opt for the online mode to deposit money in various post office investment schemes of Indian Post.

  9. With the introduction of IPPB, online platform customers can now make regular payments through post bank’s basic savings account.

  10. The online account of IPPB is fully equipped as you can also transfer funds from other bank accounts to your India Post Payment Bank Account via internet banking or using the mobile application.

However, it is highly recommended to check and recheck all important details of money transfer like your account number, post office scheme account number, customer ID etc. before sending the money or before depositing money online.

Most important aspects of the Sukanya Samriddhi Account

The Sukanya Samriddhi Account is specifically designed for the girl child and to encourage parents to take care of her financial needs. This account can be opened in the name of the girl child only by her parents or her legal guardian. Only one SSA account per girl child can be opened and a maximum 2 accounts can be opened in the name of 2 different girl children.

The account can be closed after completion of 21 years; however partial withdrawal subject to a maximum 50% of the balance can be done when the account holder i.e. the girl child attains 18 years of age. The scheme is very lucrative and every parent having a girl must open the Sukanya Samriddhi Account for their daughter to give her the gift of financial security.

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