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Silver Rate in Bangalore

Silver does not cost as much as gold; however, its demand is no less. Silver jewellery and articles are quite often bought by Indians. Considered highly auspicious, many households use silverware and even gift them to dear ones during festivities. The price of silver in India varies across cities on account of local market factors such as its demand and supply, taxes and transportation charges. This article sheds light on how lucrative investments in silver are in Bangalore and its rates over the recent months.

Factors Affecting Silver Rate in Bangalore

Some of the factors that affect the price of silver are:

  • Inflation - Investors view silver (as an investment) a great hedge against inflation. When the currency value goes down, silver assures protection against losses in purchasing power. However, it is important to note that with the rise in demand, the silver rate will also increase.

  • Demand and supply - The demand-supply equation of silver is among the reasons that make this precious metal very valuable. While the supply is limited, demand remains constant. Now, any perceived or actual increase or decrease in the supply or demand will affect rates. For instance, if a strike disrupts mining at a major producer, silver prices may see an increase over the short term.

  • Interest Rates - Base interest rate is an indication of overall market conditions. Considering that investments in silver are not made to get a current return, some individuals will choose interest payments in place of long-term appreciation of silver holdings. Thus, the market price of silver tends to have an inverse association with the level of interest rates.

How to Invest in Silver in Bangalore?

Given that silver is an appreciatory commodity, it is better suited for long-term investors. There are various ways to invest in silver - here is a look at a few of them:

  • Silver bars or coins (bullions) - One can buy silver coin or bar from any authorized store or even from a bank.
  • Silver jewellery and ornaments - Indians prefers silver ornaments as much as gold. It is essential to look out for sterling silver with the 925 hallmark. This serves as evidence that the silver is 92.5% pure.
  • Silver stocks - Buying shares in silver stocks can help diversify one’s investment portfolio. This is a popular way of investing as silver (as a long-term investment) helps guard against the volatility in other sectors.
  • E-silver - Through the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL), users are able to trade in E-Silver. The NSEL enables investors to park money into silver (in smaller denomination) and hold it in demat form.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Silver in Bangalore

Taking into consideration the fact that silver - in its purest form - is very soft, zinc, copper or nickel are added to give it strength. While copper makes silver harder, it has a tendency to tarnish, because of which the jewellery darkens as it often comes in contact with water, air or other elements. Since the year 2003, some jewellers have started to mix platinum, which is harder and resistant to tarnish. However, this raises the ornament’s price. The best silver sold is sterling silver, which comprises of 92.5% of the precious metal. It would be stamped as .925 or just 925. Refrain from purchasing jewellery that has less than this purity level.

Many jewellers have reported that most fraud cases take place in silver jewellery and wares. Buyers are therefore advised to only buy these from jewellers of repute, with credible buyback policies. Silver is resold based on its weight. As the metal is often melted for the purpose of its reuse, one may lose out on the making charges. The only exception is if an individual has antique silver jewellery.

6 Months Silver Rate in Bangalore

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for July 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st July rateRs.40,578
31st July rateRs.44,965
Highest rate in JulyRs.44,965 on July 31
Lowest rate in JulyRs.40,560 on July 9
Overall performanceRising
% Change+10.81%

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for June 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st June rateRs.39,600
30th June rateRs.40,500
Highest rate in JuneRs.40,500 on June 29
Lowest rate in JuneRs.39,450 on June 2
Overall performanceRising
% Change+2.27%

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for May 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st May rateRs.40,500
31st May rateRs.39,500
Highest rate in MayRs.40,700 on May 3
Lowest rate in MayRs.39,360 on May 25
Overall performanceFalling
% Change-2.47%

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for April 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st April rateRs.40,647
30th April rateRs.40,000
Highest rate in AprilRs.40,863 on April 10
Lowest rate in AprilRs.40,000 on April 23
Overall performanceFalling
% Change-1.59%

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for March 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st March rateRs.43,300
31st March rateRs.41,500
Highest rate in MarchRs.43,300 on March 1
Lowest rate in MarchRs.41,100 on March 8
Overall performanceFalling
% Change-4.16%

Trend of Silver Rate in Bangalore for February 2019 (rates per kg)

Silver Rates1 Kg
1st February rateRs.41,450
28th February rateRs.43,300
Highest rate in FebruaryRs.43,700 on February 26
Lowest rate in FebruaryRs.41,300 on February 4
Overall performanceRising
% Change+4.46%

What is the GST on Silver in Bangalore?

The GST that is applicable on silver is 3%. This rate is applicable on i) Silver (including silver plated with gold or platinum), unwrought or semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form, ii) Base metals or silver, clad with gold, not further worked than semi-manufactured, iii) Articles of goldsmiths’ or silversmiths’ wares and parts thereof, of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal, etc. (Source: GST Council)

How to Buy Silver after Checking its Price in Bangalore?

The different ways by which one can buy silver include:

  • Silver bars or coins (bullions)
  • Silver jewellery and ornaments
  • Silver stocks
  • E-silver

What is BIS Hallmarked Silver Rate in Bangalore?

Silver jewellery hallmarked by the Bureau of Indian Standards shall bear the BIS logo. This serves as evidence that the purity of the silver has been verified in one of the bureau’s licensed laboratories. It is however important to note that BIS hallmarking is not mandatory - not all jewellers offer hallmarked BIS jewellery. Some offer their in-house hallmarking of jewellery which is not verified by the national standards body of India. Prior to buying silver jewellery, it is essential to check with the jewellers whether or not they offer BIS hallmarked ornaments.


A versatile precious metal, silver, offers myriad uses and investment opportunities. Also, considering that it is more abundant than gold, it is more affordable per ounce as compared with gold. Investing in silver can help individuals diversify their portfolios. It is best combined with gold investments as well as any stocks or bonds, regarded worthy of the risk involved.

FAQ's On Silver Rate in Bangalore

What is per gram Silver rate in Bangalore?

According to the website of Good Returns, the per gram silver rate is Rs. 49.16 (as on 27 August 2019).

What is 10 grams Silver rate in Bangalore?

According to the website of Good Returns, the rate for 10 grams silver is Rs. 491.65 (as on 27 August 2019).

What is 100 grams Silver rate in Bangalore?

According to the website of Good Returns, the rate for 100 grams silver is Rs. 4,916 (as on 27 August 2019).

What is 1 kg Silver rate in Bangalore?

According to the website of Good Returns, the rate for 1 kg of silver is Rs. 49,160 (as on 27 August 2019).