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Raheja QBE General Insurance

Raheja QBE General Insurance Company is a joint venture between the QBE Holding (AAP) Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of QBE Insurance Group Limited, Australia and Prism Cement Limited of Rajan Raheja Group. Raheja group’s success and experience and QBE’s global expertise in insurance makes for a great combination.

QBE has been given A+ credit rating by Standard & Poor’s Insurance Financial Strength

Prism Cement Limited owns a 74 percent of the organization while QBE Holdings owns 26 percent stakes of this venture. The Head office of the company is situated in Mumbai.

Interesting Facts of Raheja QBE General Insurance

  • Partner QBE has its presence in 45 countries dealing in financial business.
  • Certificate of Registration (Forms IRDA/R3) for Raheja QBE was issued by IRDA on 12th December, 2008.

Product Portfolio of Raheja QBE General Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Raheja QBE’s Personal Accident Insurance provides you and your family protection against the financial costs of unexpected accidents. The policy has defined benefits for the nature of the injury sustained by the insured in an accident during the policy tenure.

The policy plan has three different options to choose which are mentioned below. The compensation benefits depend on the nature of the injuries as mentioned below:

  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement & Permanent Partial Disablement
  • Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement & Temporary Total Disablement

Additional benefits which can be availed for extra premium:

  • Medical expenses extension
  • Hospital confinement allowance

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance policy offers substantial financial support so you can receive good treatment and care. The policy relieves you from the huge cost of medical expenses.

All individuals between the age of 1 day and 70 years can opt for this policy.

Sum insured is from INR 1 lakh to maximum INR 10 lakhs in this policy.

Health QuBE

Raheja QBE Health QuBE plan provides for health cover for you and your family so you can pay for expensive medical expenses and receive good care on your road to recovery. The policy can be customised to match your individual requirements. The policy has sum assured from INR 1 lakh to INR 50 lakhs.


This policy can be taken as an individual or family floater basis.

Family floater covers maximum of 2 adults and 2 children.

The premium will be calculated considering the age of the eldest member under the family floater policy. The policy covers all the persons from the ages of 90 days to 65 years. The maximum entry age is limited to 65 years. The minimum adult entry age for dependents is 18 years and the maximum entry age is 65 years.

Children up to 90 days until 5 years can only be covered provided either of his/her parent or legal guardian is insured under the same family floater policy.

Maximum age for Children to be insured under the policy is 17 Years.

You can have lifelong renewals under this policy.

The sum assured available under this plan ranges from Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.50 Lakh.

Variants offered by the Policy

The policy has following four variants. You can select a different variant/plan on renewal of policy.

Basic Plan: This is a basic plan covering health insurance benefits. The plan cannot be enhanced with add-on covers.

Comprehensive Plan: This plan contains in-built health insurance benefits and can be enhanced with sub limit waiver add-on cover.

Super Saver Plan: This plan also contains in-built health insurance benefits and can be enhanced with co-pay add-on cover.

A La Carte Plan: This plan contains in-built health insurance benefits and is flexible for enhancing add-on covers available depending on your individual requirements.

Motor Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This package policy offers comprehensive insurance for your automobile. It protects your financial investment in your vehicle by shielding it against heavy financial loss.

The policy offers coverage for not only mandatory third party liability but also damage to your vehicle against natural and man-made calamities.

The policy coverage can be boosted further by adding additional covers for extra premium. The add-on covers available are:

  • Loss of accessories
  • Personal accident cover to you or any named person (other than employees)
  • Personal accident cover to paid driver/conductor/cleaner
  • Legal liability to paid driver/conductor/cleaner
  • Legal liability to non-fare paying passengers

Claim Proces of Raheja QBE General Insurance

Raheja QBE is very much committed to providing excellent claims service to its valued customers to make their company the First Choice Insurer for its customers. Their aim is to provide friendly, fair and timely settlement of all valid claims.

How to Make a Claim

To register a claim you will require the following information.

  • Policy Number
  • Date and time of Loss
  • Location of damaged property
  • A brief description of the event giving rise to a claim
  • Name and Contact Number of person handling the claim

Claim Toll Free Number 1800 102 7723 or Mobile Number +91 70453 59601

Email at:

Claim Forms of various products are available on the respective web page on the company website.

Review & Contact Details of Raheja QBE General Insurance

Raheja QBE has a great partner in QBE Australia. The insurance products offer comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. They have a simple claim process which will make the claim process efficient.

Contact Details

Head Office address:

5th Floor, Windsor House CST Road, Kalina

Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400098 - India

Telephone: 022-42313888

Phone Toll Free: 1-800-102- (RQBE) 7723

Mobile: +91 70453 59601

Fax: 022-42313777


FAQs on Raheja QBE General Insurance

What are the exclusions in the personal accident policy?

For complete details, it is advised to refer the policy document. Some of the main exclusions are mentioned below.

  • Self-injury, suicide, venereal disease or insanity
  • Influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • Death due to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Breach of law with criminal intent
  • War and nuclear group of perils
  • On duty with armed forces
  • Injury/death while participating in adventurous activities
  • Adventure Sports
  • Terrorism

Why do I need a health insurance policy?

Today's fast paced lifestyle and rise in spreading of diseases and dangerous viral it is hard to guess when the illness will strike you or your family member. With rising medical care cost, it has become imperative to have health insurance in order to mitigate the sudden financial loss. Health insurance covers the costs of your illness and additionally offers many other benefits. Without Health Insurance you may find it hard to pay expensive medical expenses when you need them the most. Health insurance guards you financially against the huge medical expenses.

What is the exit age in cancer insurance policy?

If the policy has been in continuation without any break then there is no exit age for cancer insurance policy.

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