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Fancy Font Number Plate Could Invite Heavy Fines from RTO

Karan Sharma Karan Sharma 05 March 2020

As per the law, it is mandatory to display the vehicle registration number on the front as well as the back side of the vehicle.

Fancy Font Number Plate - RTO

If you are thinking of applying for a fancy font or additional messages to your vehicle number plate, hold that thought as it will attract a heavy penalty. As per the law, the registration number commonly known as number plate of a vehicle should be clearly visible and readable to the outsiders.

What is wrong with fancy number plates?

To begin with, a fancy font on a number plate makes it difficult for the people, law and traffic authorities to recognize the vehicle. In case of an accident or illegal driving of the vehicle, theft, etc. the primary identification marker is the vehicle registration number. If the vehicle registration number plate is decorated with graffiti, it becomes difficult to read as the vehicle registration number is not clearly visible.

Individuals engaged in criminal activities often use a fake or clouded vehicle number plate in order to confuse the law officials and lead them off their trail.

Is there a fine for fancy number plate?

Yes, there is a fine for using a fancy number plate. Traffic rules and regulations are maintained and implemented by the Regional Transport Office. When you purchase a new vehicle, you are required to register the vehicle at the respective RTO. Post registration and insurance, the RTO will issue a registration number and maintain a record of the ownership. The current fine is Rs. 1,000, as per Section 51 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules and Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Is there a specific format for the number plate?

Yes, the RTO has created a specific colour combination which is required to be followed:

TypeBackground ColourColour for Registration number
Private VehiclesWhiteBlack
Transport CommercialYellowBlack
Temporary RegisteredYellowRed
Rental CabsYellowBlack

Details of RTO Mumbai

RTO Office Code: MH-01

  • Address: Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Pin code – 400034.
  • Contacts: +91-22- 24944600, +91-22- 24932337, +91-22- 24944601, +91-22- 24944602.
  • Fax: +91-22- 23534603
  • Working Hours: 10AM–5:30PM

RTO Office Code: MH-47

  • Address: Dy. Regional Transport Officer, Wing-A Link Rd, Kandarpada Anand Park,
  • Dahisar West, Near Borivali, Mumbai
  • Pin code: 400068
  • Contacts: +91-22- 26366957, +91-22- 26362252, +91-22- 26319821, +91-22- 26323315
  • Working Hours: 10AM–5:00PM

In conclusion, it is advisable to use a clean and clear vehicle number plate so that it is easier for law enforcement agencies to recognize the vehicle.

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